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V13 Promotions Turns One! V13 Promotions Turns One! V13 Promotions Turns One!

V13 Promotions Turns One!

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Celebrating a Year of Awesome Artists & Exceptional Growth

[Vancouver, January 3rd]V13 Promotions (“V13 Promo”), the trailblazing artist development agency, is delighted to commemorate its first year of groundbreaking achievements since its launch on January 31, 2023. From the outset, V13’s mission (much like sister music, entertainment & culture site V13 Media) has been committed to elevating artists, consistently adapting and innovating to rise to prominence within the music industry.

The agency is dedicated to supporting and advancing undiscovered talent, successfully growing and making meaningful changes in how artists are represented. Celebrating an extraordinary first year of innovation and growth, V13 Promotions is excited to launch a series of initiatives in January 2024, each designed to mark this milestone and set the stage for an even more impactful future.

Forthcoming Activities:

  • Collaboration with Digital Music News (DMN): Our recent guest blog on the site will be followed up by V13 Promo banners on DMN’s newsletter through the rest of January.
  • Special Month-long Offer: A 13% discount on all V13 Promo services is available for the month of January.
  • New Clients: Our roster will continue to expand with exciting new clients and campaigns rolling out in the coming weeks, including Garrett Neiles, Least We Got Shoes, Sean Lafontaine, Dom Rivers & Dre Taylor, Creature Creature, and Mark Winters.
  • Client Endorsements: People will hear from V13 clients themselves in our testimonial campaign this month, including Lone Kodiak, MAAFA, Locked In A Vacancy, Detective Frog, Taigenz, and Ryan Liberty Megan.
  • Expansion: Expect announcements shortly in both broadening personnel and range of services to better provide for market needs and client demands.
  • Website Relaunches: Following the success of V13 Media’s website relaunch, expect further relaunches for other companies in the PureGrainMedia network.
  • New Merch: Hot on the heels of the launch of, fans can expect new product lines and some tantalizing limited edition collabs.
  • New Ventures: Be ready for even more big V13 news in 2024. Watch this space…

As V13 Promotions proudly celebrates its first anniversary, we reflect on a year marked by significant milestones and transformative accomplishments. Our journey, driven by a passion for helping artists and a commitment to their development, has been both challenging and rewarding. Here, we take a moment to highlight the key achievements that have defined our inaugural year, showcasing our dedication to elevating talent and reshaping the landscape of media. From forging strategic partnerships to expanding our artist roster, each accomplishment is a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation in the ever-evolving world of music, entertainment & culture.

Year One Accomplishments:

  • Launch of Innovative Services: Successfully introduced a range of new services, including personalized artist branding and digital marketing strategies.
  • Expansion of Distribution Network: Grew its distribution list from ground zero to over 20,000 industry contacts, vastly increasing the reach for artists and brand partners.
  • Development of Established the V13 Store, offering a unique selection of merchandise, demonstrating a commitment to branding and fan engagement.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Proudly enhanced its network and capabilities through relationships with PR agencies Pressed Fresh Collective/Pressed PR and Atomsplitter PR, significantly boosting promotional reach and industry expertise.
  • Successful Campaigns: Executed numerous promotional campaigns, raising the visibility and reach of emerging artists, such as MAAFA, Ryan Liberty Megan, Detective Frog, and Locked In A Vacancy, with 130+ press placements.
  • Team Growth and Development: Expanded the team, fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration while nurturing individual talents and career growth (our ‘Love & Logic’ approach).
  • V13 Promo Website Launch: Launched a dynamic website, offering a premiere user experience in showcasing our artists and services.
  • V13 Media Website Revamp: recently relaunched with a fresh new look, demonstrating its constant drive to optimize and always improve.

Our first year was just the beginning. V13 Promo is poised for even greater achievements in the years to come. We thank our community for their support and invite everyone to stay tuned for what promises to be an exhilarating journey.


The V13 Promotions Team

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