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Headline: Three Strangers met by chance at a desert crossroads on a sanguine night. The resulting jam session became the humble beginnings of the greatest garage rock trio the world has ever seen. Ricky Business, lyrical genius and drummer extraordinaire. Bill Lizard, a guitarist so good they made him play bass. Jacob Riddle, writer of songs, shredder of axes, and vocalist renegade. Their powers collided to create a perfect storm of catchy riffs, harmonic melodies, progressive rhythms, and unbridled human coolness. Also they’re really hot.

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Genre: Garage Rock, Stoner Rock
FFO: Queens of the Stone Age, The Misfits



Yearning for the raw energy of live rock but with a twist that makes your oddball heart sing? Enter Detective Frog—the Las Vegas wonder that’s a head-on collision between Queens of the Stone Age and Misfits, with The Cramps riding shotgun and Ween fiddling with the radio. From the fanged allure of “Pale Teeth” to the enigmatic croon of “Phantom of the Community,” and most recently the surreal intrigue of “Invisible Man,” this is the band for the misunderstood, the outcasts, the eccentrics. The antidote for your aural agony drops this Halloween with Vol. 1. Your ears will thank you, but your neighbors won’t.

Welcome to the sandstorm stirred by Detective FrogJacob Riddle, Bill Lizard, and Ricky Business—emanating from the sinful grounds of Las Vegas. Imagine Queens of the Stone Age jamming with Ween in a haunted theater, attended by The Cramps and Misfits as raucous spectators.

Jacob emanates enough machismo on chords to captivate the screaming hordes of the band’s fans, the self-anointed, ‘Froglodytes.’ Ricky’s drumming radiates enough anarchic energy to earn a firm nod from Dave Lombardo. Bill is the backbone, picking with enough technical proficiency to warp his guitar into Dali paintings.

They’ve stormed smokey punk bars and witches’ festivals, tearing through songs like “Pale Teeth” and “Mummy Dearest,” culminating in the masterpiece “Phantom of the Community,” set to headline their Halloween 2023 album, Vol. 1. Each single is a scene from a movie Tarantino wishes he directed—a punk rock Pulp Fiction.

You’re standing at the crossroads: will you turn back to the mundane or step into the surreal? Follow Detective Frog. Ride this hallucinogenic wave before it becomes a tsunami.

Picture this: Jacob Riddle, Bill Lizard, and Ricky Business—the soulful renegades of Detective Frog—emerge from the desert of Las Vegas. It’s like if Queens of the Stone Age hosted a demented soirée and invited Misfits, The Cramps, and Ween as the musical guests. They don’t just walk; they swagger through a landscape littered with the bodies of conventional tunes. Their music is to your ears what Fear and Loathing was to the literary world.

Bill’s bass is the sonic equivalent of a Lovecraftian entity—both eldritch and irresistible. Ricky, a rhythmic trickster, got his kicks from a skinwalker at an early age and never looked back. Jacob uses his fingers and throat to keep the band’s screaming fans, the self-styled ‘Froglodytes,’ in rapturous ecstasy.

They cut their teeth in smokey punk bars and eclectic witches’ festivals. On Halloween 2022, “Pale Teeth” came snapping into existence. A siren call for vampires, it’s as mesmerizing as Lux Interior wailing into the night. January 23, 2023, saw the birth of “Mummy Dearest,” a blend of surf rock and mummy wrap. Their followup, “Phantom of the Community,” is the macabre doom of all community theater try-hards. And now with their latest cataclysmic sleeper smash, “Invisible Man,” the boys have manifested a harbinger of their upcoming album Vol. 1, a sonic feast to be unveiled on Halloween 2023. This trio is to music what Universal was to monsters – the dawn of a new age. And very spooky.

The last frontier is the band’s rehearsing lair—dank basements and DIY garages. Here, they argue over the next monster to score their sonic horror film, whether it’s a John Waters-esque tale of existential dread or a hardcore-infused banshee scream. And when they play, it’s like Dean Ween shredding the space-time continuum.

Listen, you have two choices: live your life in grayscale or add a Technicolor splash of Detective Frog. Follow these fellas if you want to be on the bleeding edge of the new punk frontier. Remember, everything else is elevator music.


Detective Frog "Vol.1" album artwork
Detective Frog “The Blob” single artwork
Detective Frog “Invisible Man” single artwork


Release: Oct 31, 2023

Release: Oct 13, 2023

Release: Sep 29, 2023

Release: Sep 01, 2023

Release: Jan 23, 2023

Release: Oct 31, 2022



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Ever wanted to know what the nuclear offspring of The Cramps, Queens of the Stone Age, and Thin White Rope would sound like? It’s desert rock, yes, but it’s more than that – it’s transcendental mysticism by way of b-rate horror films. It’s equal parts catchy, driving, and emotive, and a perfect contender for your Rock Me Up and Indie Rock Club playlists. It’s reminiscent of other recent unsung heroes making powerful, hook-driven, unapologetic rock today, like Fizzy Blood and Tuka State.

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