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Creature Creature Drop Explosive Anthem “YOUNGSTARS!”, 2nd Single Off Upcoming EP

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Creature Creature Drop Explosive Anthem “YOUNGSTARS!”, 2nd Single Off Upcoming EP Creature Creature Drop Explosive Anthem “YOUNGSTARS!”, 2nd Single Off Upcoming EP Creature Creature Drop Explosive Anthem “YOUNGSTARS!”, 2nd Single Off Upcoming EP

Creature Creature Drop Explosive Anthem “YOUNGSTARS!”, 2nd Single Off Upcoming EP

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Riding High Off Momentum of “The Noise (Feat. Billy Lunn)” Louder Than War & BBC Premieres

[Brighton, April 1, 2024] — In an industry where the waters of musical innovation can often seem stagnant, Creature Creature, Brighton’s pop-punk darlings, are injecting some much-needed vitality with their latest single, “YOUNGSTARS!“, out today. Channeling the emotive resonance of The Get Up Kids and the reflective lyricism of Dashboard Confessional, “YOUNGSTARS!” is a fervent ode to the tumultuous journey of youth, brimming with melodic exuberance and an unabashed zeal for life.

In “YOUNGSTARS!”, Creature Creature crafts a sonic riposte to the tired clichés often foisted upon today’s youth, weaving a narrative that celebrates the undimmed fervor of the young souls fighting against the odds. Scully, the band’s lyricist and vocal powerhouse, channels a blend of defiance and introspection, crafting an anthem that serves as a clarion call to the misunderstood and the stereotyped. It’s a track that doesn’t just hit; it resonates, echoing the sentiments of a generation yearning to be heard on their own terms.

The instrumentation, a collaborative alchemy between Zeus (guitar) and Seb (keys), finds a new protagonist in Dave‘s bass lines—propelling “YOUNGSTARS!” into the pop-punk stratosphere with an authenticity that’s palpable. This track is imbued with the spirit of rebellion, yet it carries a wistfulness, a bittersweet acknowledgment of the trials and triumphs that sculpt the essence of youth.

Creature Creature has carved a niche for themselves, marrying the raw exuberance of pop punk with nuanced storytelling, a combination that’s as refreshing as it is rare in today’s musical landscape. “YOUNGSTARS!” emerges as a vibrant manifesto of youth’s undying spirit, a track replete with infectious hooks and an earnestness that’s palpably genuine.

Following the buzz created by their earlier single “The Noise,” which saw the collaboration with punk royalty Billy Lunn of The Subways and premiered on the revered Louder Than War, Creature Creature has unmistakably upped the ante. “The Noise” served not only as a testament to their burgeoning prowess but also marked a resilient comeback post-pandemic, laying the groundwork for their much-anticipated EP.

“YOUNGSTARS!” arrives at a pivotal moment for Creature Creature, promising to resonate with millennials steeped in the lore of pop punk and emo, as well as a new wave of listeners seeking solace in the authenticity and raw emotional energy that defined a generation. It’s a track that doesn’t merely aim to entertain but to connect, to resonate, to echo the shared experiences of growing up, falling down, and rising again.

Creature Creature stands on the brink of something more than musical relevance; they’re on the cusp of becoming a cultural phenomenon. As “YOUNGSTARS!” readies for release, it heralds not just a new chapter for the band but a reinvigoration of the pop punk ethos for a new era. In a world craving authenticity, Creature Creature delivers in spades, proving once again that some sounds are indeed timeless. Keep your ears to the ground – the reverberations of “YOUNGSTARS!” promise to be nothing short of revolutionary.

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About Creature Creature

In early 2020, Brighton’s alt-rock/punk band Creature Creature was primed for success. With their debut album Two Finger Tantrum ready, the band, comprising Scully (lyrics/vocals), Zeus (guitar), Seb Cole (keyboard/keytar/backing vocals), Dave Cobley (bass), and Matt Hill (drums), was set for extensive touring and publicity. However, the COVID pandemic brought their momentum to an abrupt halt, leading to a string of show cancellations and a lukewarm reception for their album in a world overshadowed by the pandemic.

Undeterred, Creature Creature saw this period as an opportunity for introspection and strategic planning. They emerged more resilient, ready for a comeback with their new EP, symbolizing their journey of persistence and renewal. Their music, inspired by the likes of Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Royal Blood, IDLES, and Dinosaur Pile-Up, showcases a diverse blend of rock and punk, evident in singles like “Video Nasty,” “Mean Streets (Reprise),” and “Broken Windows.”

Praised by Rocklifestyle Magazine as ready to become rockstars and dubbed “the new flag bearers of rock” by The Brighton Magazine, Creature Creature has earned critical acclaim for their depth and dynamism. Their live performances, irrespective of audience size, are known for their energy and authenticity.

In summer 2022, a pivotal collaboration with Billy Lunn from The Subways marked a turning point for the band. “The Noise EP,” born from this collaboration and produced by Feeder’s Tommy Gleeson is a testament to their hard-fought journey. Now, Creature Creature is not just making a comeback; they’re determined to redefine the rock landscape they once thought had turned its back on them.

Explore Creature Creature’s journey and music through their website and social media, where their resilience, authenticity, and dynamic energy continue to captivate and inspire.

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