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One Hundred Moons Transforms Spice Girls’ “Viva Forever” into a Shoegaze Odyssey

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One Hundred Moons Transforms Spice Girls’ “Viva Forever” into a Shoegaze Odyssey One Hundred Moons Transforms Spice Girls’ “Viva Forever” into a Shoegaze Odyssey One Hundred Moons Transforms Spice Girls’ “Viva Forever” into a Shoegaze Odyssey

One Hundred Moons Transforms Spice Girls’ “Viva Forever” into a Shoegaze Odyssey

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Dream Pop Virtuosos Revisit ’90s Nostalgia with Stunning Sonic Reimagining

[Toronto, ON – April 4, 2024] — Toronto-based psychedelic shoegaze outfit, One Hundred Moons, proudly unveils their ethereal rendition of the Spice Girls‘ beloved classic, “Viva Forever.” This release marks the second and final single from their eagerly anticipated two-track EP, “Take Two,” showcasing their unique ability to infuse iconic ’90s hits with their signature dreamy, reverb-soaked sound.

The group has been making waves since their mesmerizing cover of Soundgarden’s “4th of July,” enjoyed an exclusive premiere on Canadian Beats recently while the accompanying music video premiered on The Spill Magazine. One Hundred Moons rides that momentum now with their exploration of ’90s nostalgia with a fresh take on “Viva Forever.” The track is reimagined through cascading walls of sound, enchanting vocals, and hypnotic rhythms, transforming the pop anthem into a transcendent shoegaze masterpiece.

This choice of cover may raise eyebrows at first glance, but upon diving into the dreamlike soundscape they’ve crafted, it becomes clear that this track is a perfect match for their shoegaze/dream pop expertise. The original’s reflective tone and nostalgic air find a new home amidst the band’s subdued, reverb-laden instrumentation, making for a listening experience that’s both familiar and refreshingly new.

What sets One Hundred Moons apart, as showcased once again in this latest offering, is not just their boldness in song selection but their unparalleled musicianship and technical prowess. They’ve taken “Viva Forever,” a song already rich with emotional depth, and amplified its essence, wrapping it in layers of sonic texture that invite the listener to close their eyes and drift away on an ocean of reverb.

Their approach to covering 90’s hits on the “Take Two” EP transcends mere imitation, morphing these classics into something that belongs entirely to the present moment. It’s this blend of nostalgia and innovation that marks their work as a triumph. With each note, One Hundred Moons demonstrates a profound understanding of how to breathe new life into cherished tunes, ensuring that while the songs may echo the past, the listening experience is anything but dated.

It’s a testament to the band’s unique ability to traverse musical eras and genres with grace and sophistication. They remind us that the power of a song lies not just in its original form but in the potential for rebirth, reimagining what’s possible with a dash of creativity—and a whole lot of shoegaze flair.

“Take Two” serves as a bridge between generations, connecting the vibrant pop energy of the Spice Girls with the introspective, atmospheric qualities of modern shoegaze and dream pop. This EP not only celebrates the band’s musical influences but also showcases their versatility and creative prowess.

Fans can stream “Viva Forever” across all major platforms starting today. One Hundred Moons is set to embark on a series of live performances to promote “Take Two,” promising audiences an immersive experience into their dreamy, sonic universe

Join One Hundred Moons as they continue to redefine the boundaries of shoegaze and dream pop, reimagining classic hits with a modern twist. Their new EP “Take Two” is now available on all streaming platforms.


One Hundred Moons "TAKE TWO" album artwork

About One Hundred Moons

ONE HUNDRED MOONS is a Toronto-based psychedelic band that has emerged in the Canadian music scene. Comprising of four members – Collin Young, Jen Vella, Justin Hunt, and NJ Borreta – this quartet crafts ethereal compositions that take listeners on a mesmerizing sonic journey. Their music is characterized by cascading walls of reverb drenched guitars, enchanting vocals, and hypnotic rhythms. Drawing inspiration from both the shoegaze luminaries of the past and the electronic experimentation of the future, ONE HUNDRED MOONS paints a vast textured soundscape.

Formed in the heart of Toronto’s eclectic music community, 2021 saw them unleash their immersive live experience. In the world of post-rock, they stand out from the crowd immediately, pushing the boundaries of what the genre can achieve.

ONE HUNDRED MOONS invites you to join them on a cosmic journey through their otherworldly melodies and introspective lyrics. Prepare to be spellbound by the atmospheric compositions that linger in your mind long after the last note fades.

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