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Alt-Rock Group Keepers of Humanity to Drop New Single, “Intersection”

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Alt-Rock Group Keepers of Humanity to Drop New Single, “Intersection” Alt-Rock Group Keepers of Humanity to Drop New Single, “Intersection” Alt-Rock Group Keepers of Humanity to Drop New Single, “Intersection”

Alt-Rock Group Keepers of Humanity to Drop New Single, “Intersection”

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“Intersection” is a tease of the anticipated upcoming EP ‘Pansori’ from the 4-piece San Francisco-based band

San Francisco, CA (September 8, 2023) – Emerging Alt-Rock Band, Keepers of Humanity are launching their new track, “Intersection” on Friday, September 8. This track gives listeners a taste of the Alt-Rock group’s upcoming EP, Pansori. Pansori will officially launch on October 8 under under Rockstone Records, and “Intersection” will be featured as the opening track. “Intersection” is a re-recording of the closing track of KOH’s self-released album Freedom in the Chaos (2019).

The lyrics behind this track represent a “cry for acceptance” from someone who has been relentlessly pushed by others to fit into a mold and be something they’re not. As the song progresses, the person experiencing this turmoil ultimately rejects the critical voices and emerges strong and confident in their authentic self.

I love rocking out to this song. Every time we play it, it’s like you’re hanging with your best buddies and having a blast.”

Jean Nanjo, Lead Singer ​- Keepers of Humanity

Keepers of Humanity
Keepers of Humanity

“Intersection” taps into feelings associated with leaving a bad relationship, racial discrimination, creative struggle, and more. A powerful line in the song, “let me be me,” reflects a long-awaited sentiment of peace after experiencing the trials and tribulations of life. Each member of the band has a uniqueness in the way they think and interpret music, all coming together to create an authentic, down-to-earth sound. “Intersection” is a celebration of individuality and homage to musicians who have made their mark by staying true to their ambitions.

Keepers of Humanity "Intersection" album artwork
Keepers of Humanity “Intersection” album artwork

“Intersection” is an upbeat, guitar-driven song reflecting sonic elements from famous bands such as Dire Straits and Black Keys. “Intersection” energizes listeners of all genres, opening with Steven Bonaccorso’s edgy hard-rock guitar riff, which is joined by Rudy Choy’s punchy finger-played bass lines, and a four-on-the-floor power drum beat backing it all. Jean Nanjo’s sweet, girl-next-door vocals tie all elements of the song together in harmony.

*”Intersection” will be performed as part of a set at KOH’s EP release preview show on September 20 at the legendary Golden Gate Park Bandshell in San Francisco, presented by Illuminate Live and SF RPD. Free, all ages.*

About Keepers of Humanity:

Keepers of Humanity is a piano-based Alt-Rock band from San Francisco, CA. They have an edgy, theatrical, and eclectic vibe, often reminding listeners of Kate Bush, Tori Amos, and Amanda Palmer. In 2019, Keepers of Humanity (KOH) self-released their first album, Freedom in the Chaos, and were subsequently invited to join indie label: Rockstone Records. The band will be releasing their follow-up EP, Pansori, on October 6, 2023 under the same label. KOH’s new single, “Intersection” will drop on September 8 and is featured on the upcoming EP as well.

The band members each hail from vastly different musical backgrounds, creating a unique, genre-blending sound. Lead singer Jean Nanjo is an intensively-trained classical pianist; Bassist Rudy Choy was a DJ in the 90’s hip-hop backpacker scene; Guitarist Steven Bonaccorso has a deep background in Folk music; and Drummer Alexi Robins is a chameleon, having experience with every music genre under the sun. Charming, upbeat, approachable, and always full of energy, each song KOH creates has a deeply personable and emotional essence, resonating with listeners who feel lost in any way. Introspection, uncertainty, chaos, hope, inner strength, and true love are all themes that KOH taps into when creating their songs and albums. To keep up with KOH, follow them on their social media channels linked below, and stay tuned for more announcements!


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