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Nessa P Illuminates Bakersfield’s Nightlife in Her Vibrant Music Video

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Nessa P Illuminates Bakersfield’s Nightlife in Her Vibrant Music Video Nessa P Illuminates Bakersfield’s Nightlife in Her Vibrant Music Video Nessa P Illuminates Bakersfield’s Nightlife in Her Vibrant Music Video

Nessa P Illuminates Bakersfield’s Nightlife in Her Vibrant Music Video

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Jake Flores Directs Dazzling Video, Teasing Her Anticipated EP “Only Love

[San Francisco Bay Area, CA – March 28, 2024] – Today marks the release of Nessa P‘s music video for her acclaimed single, “Only Love (feat. Kahsii Autamese),” a fun-filled adventure that brings to life the song’s deep exploration of love, vulnerability, and the power of letting go. In this video, directed by the talented Jake Flores, Nessa P takes viewers on a heartfelt journey through downtown Bakersfield, showcasing the vibrant arts community that has played a pivotal role in her artistic development. Accompanying this exciting release, Nessa P’s music video premiered on Music Crowns, amplifying the reach of her captivating storytelling and musical prowess.

When asked about the making of the “Only Love” music video, Nessa P spoke about the hard work and rewards behind the scenes, saying, “Making a music video is a lot more work than you think; it’s physically demanding and really rewarding. I learned a lot from this shoot, there’s a whole art to this side of the business that I’m excited to explore. 

The visual treatment of “Only Love” elevates the track from an auditory experience to an adventure through the creative soul of Bakersfield. It’s a celebration, a vibrant cavalcade of camaraderie and creativity that bursts from the screen. The video is more than just a depiction of the fun and freedom of a night out; it’s an homage to the interconnectedness of her artistic community. Each frame is packed with genuine interactions, showcasing the real, unfiltered joy of creative minds coming together.

Nessa P

Collaborating with director Jake Flores, whose creativity and dedication shine through, they brought to life a vision of spontaneity and community spirit. As Nessa explains in her own words, “Jake Flores is really easy to work with, we didn’t get to complete all of our ideas, but we had a lot of fun. He has a vision for his projects and it was really cool to see this impromptu video come together.

The video is a celebration of the creative spirit that Nessa tries to cultivate in her community of Bakersfield. Special nods to her promotion team and local vintage store, Bakersfield Vintage, underline the deep connections and gratitude Nessa P holds for those who have supported her journey.

Nessa P

Nessa P serves as both the star and the thread that connects these varied encounters, her presence a constant beacon of light and energy that draws the viewer deeper into the night’s adventures. The choice to feature local artists and creatives lends an authenticity to the video that cannot be manufactured. It feels real because it is real; these are the people and the places that shape the cultural landscape of Bakersfield, brought to life through Nessa P’s eyes.

“Only Love” is more than a song—it’s a message of peace and understanding in relationships, beautifully captured in this latest music video. Nessa P invites everyone to experience the love and community spirit that guides her work. Join her in celebrating this release and the continued journey of love and music.

Dive deeper into the world of Nessa P and ensure you’re part of her musical journey. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to pre-save her upcoming EP here and secure your copy early by pre-ordering here. For more immersive experiences and to stay updated with her latest releases, subscribe to Nessa P’s YouTube channel. Join us in celebrating the art of “Only Love” and be the first to witness the unfolding of an extraordinary musical narrative.

Nessa P

About Nessa P

Journeying from the sun-kissed realms of California, Nessa P is an electronic force to be reckoned with, channeling the heart and soul of ODESZA and the vibrant rhythms akin to Kygo. Each song she crafts is not just music but a heartfelt narrative. Influenced by the enigmatic beats of Flume, the jubilance of David Guetta, and the unapologetic exuberance of Diplo, her tracks are playful yet profound, a true reflection of her artistic spirit.

From her roots in California to the global stage, Nessa P’s music evolution is a tale of passion and perseverance. It all began with an encounter at the age of 14—an unexpected brush with dance music that ignited a lifelong passion. This love eventually converged with the inspirations she absorbed from her surroundings, birthing the unique Nessa P sound.

Through her recent tracks, she delves into themes of love, adventure, and self-discovery, encapsulating the raw emotions that many of us experience but often find hard to articulate. For those just meeting Nessa P, she’s an artist, producer, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist and somehow deftly juggling these various roles out of her studio in the Bay Area of California. As a writer, she spotlights under-recognized talent; as a teacher, she passes knowledge to working-class students. In her studio, she collaborates with rising artists and produces genre-fluid original tracks. Through her multifaceted industry involvement, Nessa lives authentically while uplifting her community.

Be it through her vibrant beats or compelling backstory, Nessa’s invitation is clear: join the journey, feel the rhythm, and become part of the tale she weaves. If you’re here for the music, her tracks will draw you in with passages of vulnerability and defiant resilience. If you’re here for the stories behind each song, you’ll discover someone chasing dreams without compromise. Wherever your entry point, with Nessa P you’re in for an experience that authentically captures the emotional spectrum of being human.

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