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One Hundred Moons Unveils Mesmerizing Video for Soundgarden’s “4th of July”

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One Hundred Moons Unveils Mesmerizing Video for Soundgarden’s “4th of July” One Hundred Moons Unveils Mesmerizing Video for Soundgarden’s “4th of July” One Hundred Moons Unveils Mesmerizing Video for Soundgarden’s “4th of July”

One Hundred Moons Unveils Mesmerizing Video for Soundgarden’s “4th of July”

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Visionary Shoegaze/Dream Pop Quartet Reimagines ’90s Classic with Nostalgic Visuals

[Toronto, ON – March 22, 2024] — Toronto-based Shoegaze/Dream Pop ensemble One Hundred Moons sets the stage ablaze once again with the release of the music video for their latest single, a captivating rendition of Soundgarden‘s classic track “4th of July.” This mesmerizing cover enjoyed an exclusive premiere on Canadian Beats recently while the accompanying music video premiered on The Spill Magazine It is a standout addition to their highly anticipated EP, “TAKE TWO,” which promises a nostalgic yet refreshingly contemporary spin on ’90s favorites, including another soon-to-be-unveiled gem.

In the latest visual offering from Toronto’s shoegaze connoisseurs, One Hundred Moons, the band elevates their haunting rendition of Soundgarden’s “4th of July” to an electrifying new dimension. Their music video, a kaleidoscopic journey through the essence of ’90s nostalgia, is a revved-up, psyched-out standout that defies conventional categorization, mirroring the audacious spirit of its audio counterpart. It’s an homage that pays its respects to the era of late-night television interference and the golden age of MTV, blending frenzied fever dreams of screen wipes and transitions with a modern twist.

One Hundred Moons video still

As the video unfolds, viewers are plunged into a visual cacophony of 90’s-inspired aesthetics; from explosions of geometric patterns that pulse in harmony with sinister synths to a whirlwind of static TV and vibrant clouds of color. Every frame of the video is infused with movement, an ever-shifting collage that perfectly complements the band’s sonic exploration. It’s a time capsule cracked open, spilling out the essence of a bygone era reimagined through the lens of One Hundred Moons.

The moment the rhythm section joins in, it’s impossible not to find yourself nodding along, enveloped in a vibe that can only be described as tiki torches flickering under a starlit July sky. This crescendo into the climax is a clear testament to why One Hundred Moons has captivated audiences and critics alike over the past few years.

One Hundred Moons video still

Where the original Soundgarden track wielded the gritty, sludge-laden tones akin to Crowbar and Melvins, One Hundred Moons takes a daring leap, weaving synths so sinister they border on the satirical. That is until Jen Vella’s dulcet vocals enter the fray, steering the track from its grunge roots into a mesmerizing hybrid that channels the spirit of Portishead and Beach House. It’s in this audacious pivot that the true genius of One Hundred Moons shines brightest, marking their “4th of July” as a transformative journey from bygone rock to a shoegaze dream pop soundscape — one that’s entirely their own.

This music video is more than a visual accompaniment; it’s a declaration of One Hundred Moons’ ability to reinterpret, reinvent, and resurrect the quintessence of the ’90s for a new era. Prepare to be captivated by a video that’s as much a feast for the eyes as the song is for the ears, solidifying One Hundred Moons’ place as trailblazers in the contemporary music scene.

“4th of July” is only available on SoundCloud for now – expect it and the second, soon-to-be revealed single that will complete the EP to be made available on all streaming platforms on April 4th, 2024.

One Hundred Moons video still


About One Hundred Moons

ONE HUNDRED MOONS is a Toronto-based psychedelic band that has emerged in the Canadian music scene. Comprising of four members – Collin Young, Jen Vella, Justin Hunt, and NJ Borreta – this quartet crafts ethereal compositions that take listeners on a mesmerizing sonic journey. Their music is characterized by cascading walls of reverb drenched guitars, enchanting vocals, and hypnotic rhythms. Drawing inspiration from both the shoegaze luminaries of the past and the electronic experimentation of the future, ONE HUNDRED MOONS paints a vast textured soundscape.

Formed in the heart of Toronto’s eclectic music community, 2021 saw them unleash their immersive live experience. In the world of post-rock, they stand out from the crowd immediately, pushing the boundaries of what the genre can achieve.

ONE HUNDRED MOONS invites you to join them on a cosmic journey through their otherworldly melodies and introspective lyrics. Prepare to be spellbound by the atmospheric compositions that linger in your mind long after the last note fades.

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