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Nessa P is a multi-talented musician with a background as varied as her sound. With a minor in music from Bethany University, she’s no stranger to the academic side of her craft. Her musical journey has been enriched by living with professional musicians, contributing to live shows on multiple instruments. After a stint with her band Jezabel and drummer Melanie Verrico, Nessa embarked on a solo project, releasing singles like “FEEL,” “LIFE,” and “Space Parade” in 2023. These works indicate her shift from rock to an EDM-focused sound. She also owns Órale Audio studio, where she produces music for other artists.

Location: Bakersfield, California
Genre: Indie Electronic, Pop
FFO: AW, Purity Ring, Inas X



Electronic artist from California, crafting music that blends ODESZA‘s soulful depth with Kygo‘s vibrant rhythms. Her tracks, infused with Flume‘s enigmatic beats and Guetta‘s joy, narrate stories of love and self-discovery. Passionate, authentic, and always evolving, Nessa’s music is a journey in itself.

Emerging from the sun-drenched Bay Area of California, Nessa P blends the soulfulness of ODESZA with the pulsing energy reminiscent of Kygo. Her music is not just a series of notes; it’s a heartfelt journey. Evoking the same authentic vibes as Flume, she crafts songs that are both playful and poignant; each beat resonating with stories of real emotions. As a live performer, she connects on a deeply personal level, much like the intimate atmospheres created by artists like . Nessa isn’t just here to entertain; she aims to foster genuine connections through her music. With an ever-growing community of listeners eagerly awaiting her next move and an exciting year on the horizon, Nessa P is more than just a name in the electronic scene—she’s a friend sharing her world, one beat at a time. Come, feel the rhythm of her heart.

Journeying from the sun-kissed realms of California, Nessa P is an electronic force to be reckoned with, channeling the heart and soul of ODESZA and the vibrant rhythms akin to Kygo. Each song she crafts is not just music but a heartfelt narrative. Influenced by the enigmatic beats of Flume, the jubilance of David Guetta, and the unapologetic exuberance of Diplo, her tracks are playful yet profound, a true reflection of her artistic spirit.

From her roots in California to the global stage, Nessa P’s music evolution is a tale of passion and perseverance. It all began with an encounter at the age of 14—an unexpected brush with dance music that ignited a lifelong passion. This love eventually converged with the inspirations she absorbed from her surroundings, birthing the unique Nessa P sound.

Through her recent tracks, she delves into themes of love, adventure, and self-discovery, encapsulating the raw emotions that many of us experience but often find hard to articulate.

For those just meeting Nessa P, she’s an artist, producer, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist, deftly juggling these various roles from her studio in the Bay Area of California. As a writer, she spotlights under-recognized talent; as a teacher, she passes knowledge to working-class students. In her studio, she collaborates with rising artists and produces genre-fluid original tracks. Through her multifaceted industry involvement, Nessa lives authentically while uplifting her community.

Be it through her vibrant beats or compelling backstory, Nessa’s invitation is clear: join the journey, feel the rhythm, and become part of the tale she weaves. If you’re here for the music, her tracks will draw you in with passages of vulnerability and defiant resilience. If you’re here for the stories behind each song, you’ll discover someone chasing dreams without compromise. Wherever your entry point, with Nessa P you’re in for an experience that authentically captures the emotional spectrum of being human.

From the golden shores of California emerges an electronic producer whose artistry transcends the conventional. Nessa P, with the emotional depth of ODESZA and a pulsating energy akin to Kygo, weaves a symphony that resonates with the heart and electrifies the soul. Imagine the playful ingenuity of Flume meeting the passion of —that’s the captivating essence of Nessa P.

Nessa’s voyage from the sun-drenched boulevards of LA to global prominence is a compelling tale of evolution. Nessa P’s musical journey began in childhood when her passion for music provided sanctuary amidst a turbulent upbringing. Born Vanessa Rebecca De La Rosa in 1986 and raised in San Jose, California, Nessa was named after Vanessa Williams by her mother, who saw the musician as an inspiration. Despite lacking resources, Nessa taught herself piano and guitar, defying her father’s discouragement of her musical pursuits. At 16, desperate for an electric guitar, she raised money busking at school, later starting her first band out of the family garage.

After relocating to Bakersfield, financial realities led Nessa to drop out temporarily to support her father’s struggling plumbing business. Nevertheless, she soon formed a punk band, finding escape in lyrics even while soldering pipes on job sites. Seeking stability, Nessa moved between family members and cities before earning music scholarships to Bethany University. There, she soaked up knowledge, witnessing album recordings while questioning if her academic path was the right one.

Graduating college proved only the start of Nessa’s winding journey. Stints living with her grandmother and managing a drive-thru followed as she struggled to reconcile societal pressures with her desire for creative fulfillment. In the 2000s, Nessa returned to focus on collaboration, but her brother’s bandmates proved more interested in partying than music-making.

In 2018, amidst divorce and discouraging voices, Nessa experienced a watershed moment, realizing life was too short to abandon long-held dreams. Despite risks, she invested savings into a home studio, mentorship, and further developing her production skills. Nessa poured energy into her solo project, non-programma, embracing unconventionality in both her music and outlook. She co-wrote the questioning track “Shapes & Colors” with emerging talent Hoodrich Baco and found inspiration in artists like Alanis Morissette.

Today, Nessa deftly juggles various musical roles. As a writer for V13 Media, she spotlights the Bay Area’s underrecognized talent. As an audio production teacher, she passes on knowledge to students from similar working-class backgrounds. In her professional studio, she collaborates with rising artists and produces her own genre-bending tracks. Most importantly, through her multifaceted involvement in the industry, Nessa lives authentically while uplifting her community.

Nessa demonstrates versatility and vulnerability in her music. There’s a defiant spirit reminiscent of her youth, a sense that societal boundaries need not dictate possibilities. Whether achieving visibility at renowned festivals or continuing to funnel her experiences into cathartic songs, Nessa creates on her own uncompromising terms. She once eschewed the notion that women must depend on others, financially or otherwise. Now, proudly self-sufficient, Nessa invites everyone to live equally boldly.


Nessa P "(Gotta) Do This) single artwork
Nessa P "Only Love" single artwork


Run Time: 3:06

Release: Apr 16, 2024

Run Time: 2:46

Release: Feb 13, 2024

Run Time: 3:08

Release: Jul 21, 2023

Run Time: 4:35

Release: Jul 07, 2023

Run Time: 3:29

Release: Mar 31, 2023


Nessa P
Nessa P
Nessa P
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Nessa P


Whatever you can do to include others, do it; collaboration can go beyond a recording event , or even the musical world, and it may even affect the world at large. It is important to be intentional about what you curate.
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