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Dean Guitars Endorsed Hail Sagan Releases Groundbreaking AI Video

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Dean Guitars Endorsed Hail Sagan Releases Groundbreaking AI Video Dean Guitars Endorsed Hail Sagan Releases Groundbreaking AI Video Dean Guitars Endorsed Hail Sagan Releases Groundbreaking AI Video

Dean Guitars Endorsed Hail Sagan Releases Groundbreaking AI Video

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The new Hail Sagan animated video for “Intermetal” is a fusion of raw energy, special effects, and revolutionary AI technology; it features stunning visuals meticulously crafted to mirror the intensity of the band’s heaviest song yet!

Journey on a sci-fi adventure through the multiverse that finds mind-controlled inhabitants awakening to the battle of ominous snake-like creatures.

The excursion is set to a modern thrash metal and hardcore blend that features vocalist Sagan Amery’s guttural and melodic vocals, along with guitarist Nick Quijano’s (formerly of Powerman 5000) menacing shreds.

Both Quijano and Amery recently received a full-featured endorsement with the legendary Dean Guitars and are prominently listed with the likes of Kerry King (Slayer), Jonathan Donias (Anthrax), Michael Amott (Arch Enemy), Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein (Misfits, Solo), and many others.

The lyric video follows the release of Hail Sagan’s second EP, Disclosure, earlier this year, which includes “Intermetal” and a mix of metal and hard rock tracks.

About Hail Sagan

Hail Sagan is an active rock/metal music project featuring powerhouse vocalist Sagan Amery and ESP guitarist Nick Quijano (formerly of Powerman 5000). The stage show features state-of-the-art electronics, along with many interactive surprises for the audience, that includes bubbles, balloons, and lasers.

They earned a top spot with their song, “Doors Will Open,” featured on the new demolition derby-themed racing video game “Wreckfest” which can be played on Playstation, Xbox, and Steam.

Both Sagan and Nick have an extensive background in music which allowed them to seamlessly infuse many genres that have heavily influenced Hail Sagan‘s sound. And they are very proud of their organic fanbase which has been growing rapidly over the past few years.

Nick has proudly held the position of direct support and/or headliner with his previous projects on stages such as “Download Festival,” “Hellfest,” “Rock AM Ring,” “Pink Pop Fest,” and “Aerodrome” to name a few.
He recently starred as the guitarist for the house band on Comedy Central‘s new television show “The Comedy Jam,” which had him share the stage with greats such as Rob Halford of Judas Priest, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, and many more.

The band has embarked on four headlining tours in less than a year and a half of active touring, and also served on direct support slots for well-known acts such as John 5 (Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson), Wednesday 13, Eyes Set to Kill, Mushroomhead, and “Make America Rock Again Fest” featuring Alien Ant Farm, Crazytown, and Tantric as headliners.

Hail Sagan Online

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For media inquiries, interview requests, and booking, please contact:

Lance Marwood

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