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Jazz Rock Band The Erly to Launch New Track, “Flame The Main”

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Jazz Rock Band The Erly to Launch New Track, “Flame The Main” Jazz Rock Band The Erly to Launch New Track, “Flame The Main” Jazz Rock Band The Erly to Launch New Track, “Flame The Main”

Jazz Rock Band The Erly to Launch New Track, “Flame The Main”

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The Erly will release their new jazzy single on Wednesday, September 20, ahead of their upcoming LP: Culture Fever

Niles, MI (September 20, 2023) – Michigan-based Disco quartet, The Erly, are dropping their new song “Flame The Main” on Wednesday, September 20. “Flame The Main” is the fourth single to be released from The Erly’s upcoming album, Culture Fever, which will be available on November 3, 2023. The music video for “Flame The Main” will be released within the next few months following the song’s release.

“Flame The Main” sounds like the dive bar in town that stays open until the sun comes up. It smells like an ashtray and tastes like a shot of bourbon followed by lager. It sounds like a vintage Cadillac echoing off the buildings of main street at 4am. It has sonic essence of a riverboat casino, and echoes like the shouts of shady characters clutching to their questionable aspirations and vices. The band wrote “Flame The Main” about someone who is thrown into a scene of turmoil, which leads to a plethora of self-destructive activities. Avoiding important issues, drug/alcohol abuse, chasing intangible dreams, and insecurity are all themes explored within this new rock track.

In order to convey their message in the right light, The Erly made sure to include an abundance of attitude within this single. The drums have a slight swing, the guitar shimmers in the heat, and the organ roars. The vocals are crusty, yet humid. The horns are blasting and in your face.

“From horns and intertwined keyboards to auxiliary percussion and strong lead vocals, this is the most layered track we have created to date. The heart of this single is a live band sound, strategically enhanced by nuanced bells and whistles of the recording process.”

The Erly, Disco Band

The Erly’s drummer Fran Gleason is featured on vocals for this track, and even inspired the name, “Flame The Main.” The phrase”Flame The Main” was a common phrase from Gleason’s family back in Bradford, PA in reference to cruising down main street in the 1970s. Produced by Nick Rapley, the song features a horn section and various key changes, as well as many unique percussion elements such as a bottle of Snoop Dogg’s wine.

“Flame The Main” is a main character song, transporting listeners to Los Angeles in the 70s – the era of hot rods and radio classics. The chorus beckons a cruise down a main drag preferably at sunset or the dead of night.”

The Erly, Disco Band

The Erly by Kelsie Herzog
The Erly

About The Erly:
Michigan-based Indie-Soul group The Erly combine sonic elements from the ‘60s and ‘70s Rock, Pop, and Funk, creating a fresh “Modern Disco” sound and vibe of their own. Fueled by collaboration, friendship, and timeless good vibes, the quartet would fit right in at Woodstock ‘69 or at the indie nerve center that is SXSW. Most of The Erly’s music features clean guitar work, layered vocals, and groovy undertones that energize even their most solemn-sounding tracks. The band is composed of Drummer Fran Gleason, Bassist Collin Mattiford, Guitarist Trevor McDonald, and Keyboardist Alyssa Serviss, with all 4 members featured on vocals. The Erly was created in 2018 when Mattiford and Gleason decided to expand upon their pre-established musical duo. Since their formation in 2018, The Erly has released two full albums and four singles with more music on the way. “Paralyzed” dropped mid-August and “Flame The Main” is slated to launch on September 20th, both of which will be featured within The Erly’s upcoming record, Culture Fever – available on November 3rd, 2023.
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