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Indie Artist Horseshoes to Release New Single, “LA”

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Indie Artist Horseshoes to Release New Single, “LA” Indie Artist Horseshoes to Release New Single, “LA” Indie Artist Horseshoes to Release New Single, “LA”

Indie Artist Horseshoes to Release New Single, “LA”

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The Indie-Rock singer is set to release this new track on Friday, September 22 and will be available to stream on all major platforms

Washington, DC (September 22, 2023) – Indie-Rock artist Horseshoes is releasing a new song, “LA” on Friday, September 22. “LA” explores the dissonance between authenticity and superficiality, and how we are supposed to navigate those themes throughout our lives.

“LA” acts as a deep five into the feelings one experiences when feeling the pressure to do what they’re told. Over a tumultuous sonic journey with strong lead vocals, classy piano riffs, and soft instrumentals, this track concludes with the notion that it is better to just be who you are rather than try to conform to who others want ​you to be.

Authenticity and staying true to oneself is the silver lining within this song, which I hopes listeners can resonate with.”

Horseshoes, Indie-Rock Artist

Picture a clear and sunny day in Los Angeles where no one seems to have a care in the world. Now picture a crowd of those people smiling and laughing, and imagine the one person who feels stuck in a pool of people who don’t understand what it feels like to be depressed. Horseshoes highlights the reality of struggling to force yourself to be happy, just because being unhappy doesn’t seem to fit the norm.


Depression in the sun

And it’s raining down roses on everyone

Watch them wither on the ground

Detached at the stem, never knew when you became unbound

The angels are overcome
They’ve seen it all before but now you’ve come to settle the score

The oasis is in a drought

They said “keep it moving, don’t shout, get clever and figure it out”

Calm and steady when you’re ready

Please strike a pose

Early morning sun’s a warning

To do what your told

But I’d rather die
Than spend a life time

Trying to become

Some other guy

About Horseshoes:
Austin Greaves is a Washington DC-based musician who performs under the name Horseshoes. He released his debut album, “Desert,” in June of 2022, which was followed up with a single “Come With Me,” released in October 2022. You can stream Horseshoes’ recently released singles “Hide and Seek” and “Say What You Mean” on all platforms now. Horseshoes will also release his new track “LA” on Friday, September 22. To stay updated on all announcements and updates, follow Horseshoes on his social media channels linked below.

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