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Detective Frog Unleashes “The Blob”, A Monstrous Collision of Garage and Desert Rock!

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Detective Frog Unleashes “The Blob”,  A Monstrous Collision of Garage and Desert Rock! Detective Frog Unleashes “The Blob”,  A Monstrous Collision of Garage and Desert Rock! Detective Frog Unleashes “The Blob”,  A Monstrous Collision of Garage and Desert Rock!

Detective Frog Unleashes “The Blob”, A Monstrous Collision of Garage and Desert Rock!

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[OCT 13, 2023 – LAS VEGAS, NV] — Brace yourselves for a musical experience that’s nothing short of apocalyptic. Detective Frog‘s latest offering, “The Blob,” has emerged like a fiery phoenix from the heart of the desert (even hotter than that, Ghost Cult Magazine premiered it yesterday – spicy!).

Imagine the remnants of an abandoned drive-in movie theater, its speakers crackling with forgotten tales of rebellion and twisted romance. Now, envision Detective Frog taking the stage in this post-apocalyptic arena, blending the haunting allure of Desert Rock with the raw, untamed spirit of Garage Rock.

“The Blob” is a sonic explosion, where the echoes of the past meet the recklessness of the present. Much like the titular Blob itself, this track is a relentless force, gradually engulfing your senses with its mesmerizing blend of haunting melodies and explosive riffs. It’s the soundtrack to a fever dream, where Middle America’s outlaw spirit collides head-on with the band’s electrifying energy.

The result? A musical spectacle that defies classification, leaving listeners both bewitched and bewildered.

Who would’ve thought getting straight up melted by an amorphous monstrosity would sound so good?

-Jacob Riddle, Detective Frog Guitarist/Vocalist

A vortex of swirling guitars, thunderous basslines, and feverish drumming propels “The Blob” into uncharted territories. Detective Frog continues to expand the boundaries of their genre, proving that they are no ordinary band. Their audacious experimentation and genre-defying sound have solidified their reputation as sonic mavericks, pushing the limits of what rock music can be.

Prepare for an immersive journey through time and sound. “The Blob” is available now on all major streaming platforms, offering listeners a chance to step into Detective Frog’s uniquely captivating world. It’s a visceral experience, a wild ride through the enigmatic minds of a band that thrives on unpredictability.

As Halloween (and the band’s inevitable release of their debut album, Vol. 1) approaches, embrace the eerie and surreal, and make “The Blob” a part of your musical adventure. With Detective Frog, there are no rules—only electrifying revelations.

Sink into the depths of “The Blob” and experience a new era of rock music.

Detective Frog “The Blob” single artwork


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As fearless musical explorers, Ghost Cult Magazine recognizes the seismic impact of this mesmerizing track and invites you to join them on this sonic adventure. Dive into the twisted realm of “The Blob” and uncover a musical experience like no other.

It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine (“Invisible Man” Song Premiere)

The preeminent website with a heart made of Lovecraftian-style gold ever so kindly featured the devastatingly handsome trio’s latest track, “Invisible Man,” having recognized the insanely crucial appeal it’s about to have on the world. (News)
The band’s recent activity made waves in the music news circuit, with featuring their tour dates and spotlighting the band’s recent review by serial reviewer Randy Radic.

Hanging at the Back (Playlist)

“Phantom of the Community” found its way onto the curated playlist of Hanging At The Back, “A music blog with a different perspective,” showcasing the band’s irreverent sound to a wider audience.

CTRL Plus Space,, Moosic Entertainment, (News)

The good people at these sites all recognized the eldritch appeal of the wondrous trio, and said as much in spreading news of their single, “Phantom of the Community,” a move that has pleased the Dark Ones.

The Loft Sessions (Playlist)

Shortly after jumping in the sack with V13 Promo, Detective Frog’s recent single “Phantom of the Community” earned a spot in The Loft Sessions’ curated playlist, whose selections are celebrated for their raw energy and their finger on the underground pulse.

If you want to see YOUR outlet on this list, get in touch with us.

About Detective Frog

Welcome to the sandstorm stirred by Detective FrogJacob Riddle, Bill Lizard, and Ricky Business—emanating from the sinful grounds of Las Vegas. Imagine Queens of the Stone Age jamming with Ween in a haunted theater, attended by The Cramps and Misfits as raucous spectators.

Jacob emanates enough machismo on chords to captivate the screaming hordes of the band’s fans, the self-anointed, ‘Froglodytes.’ Ricky’s drumming radiates enough anarchic energy to earn a firm nod from Dave Lombardo. Bill is the backbone, picking with enough technical proficiency to warp his guitar into Dali paintings.

They’ve stormed smokey punk bars and witches’ festivals, tearing through songs like “Pale Teeth” and “Mummy Dearest,” culminating in the masterpiece “Phantom of the Community,” set to headline their Halloween 2023 album, Vol. 1. Each single is a scene from a movie Tarantino wishes he directed—a punk rock Pulp Fiction.

You’re standing at the crossroads: will you turn back to the mundane or step into the surreal? Follow Detective Frog. Ride this hallucinogenic wave before it becomes a tsunami.

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