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Cliffs + Caves to Release New Track, “You Can’t Stop

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Cliffs + Caves to Release New Track, “You Can’t Stop Cliffs + Caves to Release New Track, “You Can’t Stop Cliffs + Caves to Release New Track, “You Can’t Stop

Cliffs + Caves to Release New Track, “You Can’t Stop

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The Mother-daughter Americana duo lean into Contemporary Christian music with new single launching October 13

Houston, TX (October 13, 2023) – Mother-daughter Americana duo Cliffs + Caves are releasing their new inspiring single, “You Can’t Stop” next Friday, October 13th. The new track leans heavily into Contemporary Christian music influences, nicely complementing themes of faith and worship Cliffs + Caves often tap into.

“You Can’t Stop” includes several themes tied to biblical references, serving as an ode to God and his grace. The mother-daughter duo wanted to write a song for the body of Christ to sing together, rejoicing in God’s love and plan for his people. One of the key messages conveyed in this song is remaining steadfast in the midst of whatever tragedy is at hand. “You Can’t Stop” is a reminder that nothing can hinder God’s plan for His people.

Our eternity is secure in His grace and mercy – so we will never stop singing to the one who gave us life.

Cliffs + Caves, Mother-Daughter Americana Duo

Cliffs + Caves "You Can't Stop" single artwork by Kirby Trapolino

Lindsay Justice sheds some light on the inspiration of “You Can’t Stop” below:

During the early months of Covid, churches were deemed “non-essential.” Even when public worship resumed, many people were instructed that singing wasn’t allowed. At the time, I found it so shocking that Target and Walmart could be found essential – yet our access to gather with our fellow believers to pray and study together was shut down. We wrote this song as a testament to God and his power. Nothing happening in our world can stop His word from going forth into the hearts and minds of people to the end of the earth.”

Even though our music has always been focused within the Americana/folk genre, my daughter Claire and I both have a very strong Christian faith that has been a consistent theme in our songs. I have been a worship leader with Community Bible Study for years and Claire has spent the past couple summers between college at Texas A&M serving as a worship leader at Camp OTX in Bandera. Our love for the Lord is so much a part of who we are that we wanted to release this worship song as an expression of our faith in Jesus and the great encouragement we have walking with fellow believers.”

About Cliffs + Caves:
Cliffs + Caves, the mother-daughter duo of Lindsey and Claire Justice, unabashedly share their deeply personal and relatable stories through songs that resonate with listeners of all generations. Best known in their home state of Texas for their unique blend of Contemporary Americana music, the pair showcases the musical ingenuity that is created when artistry runs in the family with intimate lyrics lilting intrinsically over smooth musical progressions. Their previous discography includes their 2017 debut EP, Hold On (recorded with Grammy-nominated producer Jamie Candiloro (Ryan Adams, R.E.M., The Eagles) and featuring performances by legendary Willie Nelson’s harmonica player, Mickey Raphael) and sophomore EP Capsize (produced by Chris Jacobie (Penny and Sparrow, Jarrod Dickenson, Duncan Fellows).

The original songs are a team effort with the duo individually contributing to the mastery of their lyrics and melodies. Moreover, twenty-year-old Claire being a multi-instrumentalist, not only composes the music for the tracks but also bestows a knack for songwriting. Their newer music further explores the duo’s ability to portray life through lyrics as they evolve into a more alternative Maggie-Rogers-esque sound while still maintaining their Americana roots and drawing inspiration from benchmark artists like Phoebe Bridgers, Lake Street Dive, and Patty Griffin. Stay tuned for what’s next from the duo!

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