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Location: Szczecin, Poland
Genre: Modern Metalcore
FFO: Northlane, Sleep Token, Bring Me The Horizon



Polish quintet Serpents blends modern metalcore with electronica, influenced by Nine Inch Nails, Spiritbox and Northlane. A genre-defying sonic experience.

Serpents, the Polish quintet formed in 2023, seamlessly merges modern metalcore and electronica, drawing influence from Nine Inch Nails, Spiritbox, and Northlane. With impactful singles like “Tangled,” “Self-made Suffering,” and “Hourglass,” Serpents captivates with a genre-defying sound, offering an immersive experience for fans of innovative and dynamic music.

Meet Serpents, the Polish powerhouse blending modern/post metalcore with electronica. Since their debut on the scene in Szczecin, Poland late 2023, this quintet has quickly carved a niche with a genre-defying sound. Drawing inspiration from Nine Inch Nails, Spiritbox, and Northlane, Serpents creates a high-powered musical landscape. Their three 2023 singles – “Tangled,” “Self-made Suffering,” and “Hourglass” –Mysterious, rhythmically intricate synthesizers weave and wind, creating a labyrinth of restrained feelings that steadily crescendo into an eruption of raw intensity and unbridled emotion, leaving listeners breathless and in awe. For fans of bands that blur musical boundaries, Serpents offers a fresh, immersive experience. With an innovative approach and a promise of diverse sonic textures, Serpents is poised to make a lasting impact on the global music scene.

Introducing Serpents, the electrifying quintet hailing from Szczecin, Poland, whose music seamlessly weaves together modern/post metalcore and electronica. Formed at the tail end of 2023, this innovative band has swiftly emerged onto the scene, captivating audiences with their genre-defying sound.

Serpents’ sonic journey is characterized by a fusion of modern metalcore and electronica, creating a distinctive musical identity that sets them apart in the vibrant Polish music scene. Drawing inspiration from a spectrum of influences, including Nine Inch Nails, Spiritbox, and Northlane, Serpents showcases a dynamic range of sounds and textures in their compositions.

In their short but impactful career, Serpents has unleashed three compelling singles upon the world, each a testament to their creative prowess. “Tangled,” “Self-made Suffering,” and “Hourglass,” all released in 2023, serve as sonic landmarks, guiding listeners through the band’s evolving musical landscape. The tracks not only reflect Serpents’ dedication to pushing boundaries but also offer a glimpse into the diverse palette of emotions and experiences encapsulated in their music.

For fans of bands renowned for their genre-blurring approach, where metalcore converges with atmospheric elements, Serpents provides a fresh and exhilarating listening experience. The band’s ability to seamlessly blend heavy, intricate guitar work with electronic elements creates an immersive atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression.

Serpents is more than just a band; they are architects of a musical realm where innovation thrives, and boundaries are shattered. With their dynamic sound, fueled by a rich tapestry of influences, Serpents is poised to captivate a broad audience, beckoning music enthusiasts from all walks of life to join them on an unforgettable sonic journey. Keep an ear out for Serpents as they carve their unique path in the global music landscape.


Serpents "The Void" single artwork



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