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Headline: Afro-Brazilian bassist, composer, and vocalist Flora Lucini (The 1865/Mass Appeal Records) is at the helm of MAAFA, a bold experiment in sound. Merging the raw intensity of hardcore punk with the intricate rhythms and percussive instrumentation found throughout the African Diaspora, Lucini has crafted what she’s dubbed “Afro-Progressive Hardcore.” It’s a thrilling new direction that challenges genre boundaries, extending an invitation to explore the uncharted territories of modern music.

Location: Brooklyn, New York
Genre: Afro-Progressive Hardcore
FFO: Dag Nasty, Bane, Absolution, Bad Brains



MAAFA, the Brooklyn-based pioneers of “Afro-Progressive Hardcore,” are smashing barriers in the hardcore punk scene. Led by the multitalented Flora Lucini, a professional musician, vocalist, and composer, the band seamlessly melds West African rhythms with hardcore’s unbridled fury. Unleashed on Juneteenth 2023, MAAFA’s debut full-length album, Because We Are, isn’t just a collection of songs: it’s a thunderous roar of defiance, a sonic tapestry interwoven with Flora’s upbringing, musical influences, and battles. 

The band’s name refers to the Swahili word for ‘catastrophe’, symbolizing the Middle Passage, leaving no room for subtlety on where they stand politically. As leaders in a movement resonating with Black punks, hardcore veterans, underground music enthusiasts, and social activists alike, MAAFA stands as a testament to the cultural importance of music. Their unique approach isn’t just changing a genre: it’s inspiring a generation to dream beyond the everyday and prepare the shape of punk to come. 

MAAFA’s pioneering fusion of traditional West African drums with hardcore punk’s raw intensity emerged as a new sonic landscape that challenges genre conventions. The band’s initial mark was made with their 3-song Demo in 2017, showcasing their unique blend of West African rhythms, particularly the djembe, with hardcore punk’s relentless ferocity. MAAFA’s accomplished session musicians further enriched this audacious approach.

On Juneteenth, 2023, MAAFA’s debut album, Because We Are, unleashed a wave of resistance and unity that reaches beyond the music world. It signifies a fusion of generations, cultures, and genres that transcends the traditional hardcore punk mold. The album’s powerful themes reflect Flora’s unyielding spirit, boundless optimism, and deep appreciation for fellow artists within the scene. Her charismatic leadership propels MAAFA forward, drawing together disparate elements to create a cohesive and powerful musical movement.

Flora’s personal journey has shaped MAAFA’s vision and direction. Her upbringing in Rio and the challenges of relocating to Washington, D.C. helped inform her commitment to breaking free from the genre’s constraints. Her exposure to eclectic influences, fascination with punk’s unconventional expressions, and guidance from influential figures like HR from Bad Brains have solidified her love for the genre’s intensity and unapologetic nature.

Flora Lucini’s passionate activism, musical brilliance, and connection to her Afro-Brazilian heritage inform MAAFA’s groundbreaking sound. Her early years were marked by a rich musical lineage intertwined with struggles for democracy and freedom. In particular, it was her diverse musical landscape, ranging from the influence of her jazz musician parents to the punk-rock sounds of the 90s, that solidified her future as a career musician.  

The migration of Flora’s family to Washington, D.C., ignited her passion for the defiant attitudes of hardcore punk, leading her to all-ages matinees, talent buying, and booking shows. Growing up in the company of legends like HR from the Bad Brains helped solidify her connection to the scene. A pivotal move to Berklee College of Music in 2011 marked the beginning of her exploration of the African Diaspora’s sonic history and the conception of MAAFA.

Away from the stage, Flora’s positivity and empathy are as impactful as her music. Far from the cynicism one might expect from the hardcore scene, Flora’s warmth and sincerity shine through. Her unwavering dedication to inclusivity and compassion, even to those who might oppose her, speaks volumes about her character. This approach informs not only her personal interactions but also the band’s mission, combining intense, aggressive music with a genuine care for humanity. It’s a balance that has helped MAAFA become a leading light in the hardcore scene. Flora’s philosophy of giving love to others in the face of their hate forms a beautiful paradox that underlines the band’s unique place in music: a cataclysmic sound with an embrace for all. 

The winds of change are blowing, and MAAFA, with Flora Lucini at the helm, is leading the way. Their indomitable spirit, unrelenting passion, and boundary-breaking artistry are reshaping the future of heavy music, inspiring a new generation to challenge conventions and forge new paths. MAAFA’s music stands as a beacon of transformation, uniting diverse voices and defying expectations, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of all who encounter their unique sound. With their innovative fusion and compelling vision, MAAFA is poised to revolutionize the hardcore punk scene and redefine the very essence of heavy music.


MAAFA ‘Because We Are’ album artwork


Track Listing:

1. Origém (Intro)
2. Welfare
3. Deficit
4. Libation
5. A Luta Continua (Interlude)
6. Filha Da Luta
7. Not Your Exotic
8. For The Culture
9. Dichotomy
10. Blindspot

Release Date: June 19, 2023
Record Label: Fuzz Therapy Records
Recording & Mixing: Chris Bittner, Mike Birnbaum @ Applehead Recording Studios in Woodstock, NY
Mastering: Chris Athens @ Chris Athens Masters in Austin, TX
Executive Producer: Flora Lucini

Released Date: June 9, 2023

Music and Lyrics Written and Arranged: Flora Lucini

Recorded & Mixed: Christ Bittner // Applehead Recording Studio
Woodstock, NY

Mastered: Chris Athens @ Chris Athens Masters

Executive Producer: Flora Lucini

Logo: Frank Lawson

Album Art Illustrated: Raeghan Buchanan “Peppermint Raygun”

“Maafa” Logo Illustrated: Frank Lawson

Release: May 19, 2023

Dec 19, 2020 – MAAFA (DEMO 2017)October 12, 2018



How do you rebel against Jazz musician parents? You choose a genre that only uses 3 chords and the truth.”
- Flora Lucini
Somebody told you that something's wrong with you. Somebody didn't show you what you needed when you needed it. And so you decided your response to that is to be an asshole to the world because that's how you protect yourself. My response was to be the love for others that I didn't get.”
- Flora Lucini
Our heroes are tangible to us in hardcore. That's one of the greatest gifts that this community gives you, and sets it apart from any other subculture.”
- Flora Lucini




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