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MAAFA Releases 2nd Single “Welfare” Ahead of Long-Awaited Debut Album

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MAAFA Releases 2nd Single “Welfare” Ahead of Long-Awaited Debut Album MAAFA Releases 2nd Single “Welfare” Ahead of Long-Awaited Debut Album MAAFA Releases 2nd Single “Welfare” Ahead of Long-Awaited Debut Album

MAAFA Releases 2nd Single “Welfare” Ahead of Long-Awaited Debut Album

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BROOKLYN, N.Y. (June 9, 2023) – Prepare to witness a seismic event in hardcore punk history as trailblazers MAAFA continue their warpath with the release of their second single “Welfare” today, which premiered Thursday, Jun 8th over at Kill The Music. This scorching track arrives hot off the heels of May 19th’s “Deficit” single drop, setting the stage for their highly anticipated debut full-length album Because We Are, due for release on the momentous occasion of Juneteenth.

MAAFA, the Afro-Progressive Hardcore punk ensemble, has risen from the ashes of the past half-decade since their 2017 self-titled demo, ready to ignite a revolution with their long-awaited full-length debut album Because We Are. Brace yourselves for an electrifying vortex of raw energy and unyielding spirit that will redefine the hardcore punk scene and transcend the boundaries of heavy music as a whole.

Led by the visionary force of Afro-Brazilian bassist Flora Lucini, MAAFA’s founder, composer, and vocalist, this sonic powerhouse has captivated audiences worldwide, leaving them awestruck and inspired. Lucini’s indomitable presence has resonated throughout the hardcore punk scenes of Washington, DC, New York, and beyond, forging a path that has seen her give voice to the voiceless.

“‘Welfare’ speaks on class inequality, capitalism, different forms of race/gender privileges and the urgency of reparations,” Lucini shares. “Atrocious systems like American Chattel Slavery during the middle passages (or “The Maafa”) are one of the greatest factors to how white colonialism & capitalist supremacy has accumulated (and continues to accumulate) the wealth & power they stand on: the exploited labor of Black people & POC for generation after generation.”

Because We Are stands as a testament to MAAFA’s unwavering commitment to their community and their unyielding determination. This highly anticipated tour de force serves as a profound manifesto of resilience, inviting listeners on an introspective pilgrimage through the depths of the human experience. To stoke the anticipation for this sonic marvel, MAAFA unleashes the electrifying force of their single “Welfare.” from Because We Are.

Brace yourself for a sonic onslaught that reverberates through your veins, a blood pact that offers a mere taste of the immersive journey that awaits within the album’s depths. Razor-sharp guitars, thunderous drums, and Lucini’s commanding vocals combine to create an unstoppable force, setting the stage for an album that will establish the band as unrivalled pioneers, surpassing all pretenders in their path.

As the world prepares for the release of MAAFA’s debut album on Juneteenth, their undeniable talent, relentless spirit, and groundbreaking sound will establish them as the vanguard of a new era in hardcore punk. Join the revolution, feel the power, and embrace the magnificence that is MAAFA.

Because We Are Track Listing:

1. Origém (Intro)
2. Welfare
3. Deficit
4. Libation
5. A Luta Continua (Interlude)
6. Filha Da Luta
7. Not Your Exotic
8. For The Culture (ft. Christylez Bacon)
9. Dichotomy
10. Blindspot

Release Date: June 19, 2023
Record Label: Fuzz Therapy Records

MAAFA “Welfare” single artwork
MAAFA “Welfare” single artwork

About MAAFA:

The word ‘Maafa,’ Swahili for “disaster” or “catastrophe,” has been used by scholars and activists for decades to refer to the transatlantic slave trade and its resulting impact on the African diaspora. Hardcore punk outfit MAAFA adopted the moniker to both acknowledge the impact of that era, and also reshape it, to make it a signpost for the subversive message and sonic onslaught the band has become known for.

Based in Brooklyn, its roots in Washington, D.C., MAAFA is expanding the limits of the hardcore punk genre across all state lines with their masterful infusion of traditional African instrumentation. The results are fierce and raw: captivating rhythms underscore sophisticated, layered strings with the trademark abrasiveness of D.C. and N.Y. Hardcore. Guiding these arrangements are band leader and vocalist Flora Lucini’s poignant lyrics. Moving from Brazil to Washington, D.C., and eventually settling in New York, Flora’s trajectory in life carried her across political and geographical boundaries. Throughout these different environments, a few things remained shined through in their importance: the power of pedagogy, music, and resistance.

Through their fiery blend of sophisticated musical arrangement, heaviness of hardcore, and defiant lyricism, MAAFA has amassed a devoted following. Their growing fanbase is captivated by their unique blend of genres and uncompromising artistry. With an incendiary stage presence, their performances leave audiences spellbound and yearning for more; with their message, their platform inspires audiences to act.

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