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Dom Rivers & Dre Taylor Release New Single “Looking For Love”

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Dom Rivers & Dre Taylor Release New Single “Looking For Love” Dom Rivers & Dre Taylor Release New Single “Looking For Love” Dom Rivers & Dre Taylor Release New Single “Looking For Love”

Dom Rivers & Dre Taylor Release New Single “Looking For Love”

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A Fusion of Nostalgic Vibes and Contemporary Beats

[February 16, 2024, Minneapolis] – The much-anticipated collaboration from the dynamic duo, Dom Rivers and Dre Taylor, is finally here with their latest single, “Looking For Love,” dropping today. This single, which premiered exclusively on Vents Magazine, marks a significant comeback for the duo, breaking the silence and setting the stage for their upcoming album.

“Looking For Love” is an ingenious blend of classic and contemporary sounds, creating a musical time capsule that resonates with both nostalgia and modernity. It’s a marriage of the shiny suit era of early 2000s hip-hop/pop collaborations with the introspective and innovative vibes of contemporary bedroom pop. The single artfully combines the reminiscent sounds of Frank Ocean and Drake‘s “Passionfruit,” channeled through the creative lens reminiscent of Kanye West‘s pre-Graduation era.

The song presents a unique juxtaposition of summer warmth and winter chills, perfectly encapsulated in its icy, downtrodden vocal hooks and fiery lyrical delivery. The duo traverses the theme of unrequited love with a backdrop of snapping snares and lo-fi interludes, creating a soundscape that is both sharp and spicy, yet smoothly melodious.

As the track progresses, listeners are taken on an auditory journey through highs and lows, with each verse and hook designed to evoke the best memories of a bygone musical era, while firmly planting its roots in today’s sound. The result is a song that’s far from the typical sappy love track – it’s a sharp, incisive hip-hop piece that demands attention and repeat listens.

Dom Rivers & Dre Taylor have once again proven their versatility and ability to push the boundaries of genre, creating a song that’s both reflective and forward-looking. “Looking For Love” is a testament to the duo’s artistic growth and their unerring knack for blending diverse musical elements in production that is pushing the envelope.

Don’t miss out on experiencing “Looking For Love.” The single is available for streaming and download across all major platforms. Be sure to check out the media kit for more information on Dom River & Dre Taylor and their groundbreaking new release.

Looking For Love Song Credits

Producer: Dom Rivers

Composer: Dom Rivers, DeAundre Taylor, Eli Mendez

Mixing Engineer: Vanessa Silberman

Mastering Engineering: Vanessa Silberman

Cover Art/Visual Artist: Jamaal Durr

Recording Engineer: Dom Rivers, DeAundre Taylor

Dom Rivers

About Dom Rivers

Dom Rivers, the heartbeat of Minneapolis’s music scene, is a producer, artist, and the visionary founder of Gnarly Odds. His music, a rich tapestry woven from the threads of hip-hop, indie, and soul, tells stories of resilience and aspiration. Inspired by the likes of Kanye West and J. Cole, Dom crafts sounds that transcend traditional genres, reflecting his journey from tragedy to triumph. With his hands on the pulse of the industry and a bewildering knack for innovative production, Dom is intent on shaping a movement. His work embodies the spirit of a true creator – bold, authentic, and pushing the boundaries of sound and storytelling.

Website | Instagram | X | YouTube | Spotify | Apple

Dre Taylor

About Dre Taylor

Dre Taylor is a Salt Lake City native who’s carving a unique path in the hip-hop world from his base in Minnesota. Known for his authentic storytelling and lyrical depth, Dre’s music resonates with the soul of J. Cole and intensity of Tupac. His journey in music is marked by heartfelt narratives that speak to both personal experiences and wider societal themes. From performing at local shows to crafting verses that mirror life’s complexities, Dre’s artistry is a blend of raw emotion and polished skill. He’s a beacon for those seeking catharsis and connection in music. Dre Taylor is on a mission to leave a lasting mark on the hip-hop community and beyond.

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Click Here for Dom & Dre’s Official V13 Promotions Media Kit

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