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Headline: Authors of Fate is an amalgamation of seasoned veterans from the heavy metal bands Kaustik, The Slow Forward, Killix, and Ruach. Collectively these musicians have performed throughout California extensively, toured the U.S., filled in for acts in Europe and Australia, and played shows with numerous notable metal bands over the years. Their mission is to create aggressive heavy music that is genuine and professional, layered in technical prowess, as well as a lyrical depth that explores the darker philosophies of the human condition and social toxicity

plaguing the current world. They write music that appeals to them, as fans of a diverse catalogue of heavy genres, to give the audience an outlet to channel and release the rage and sorrow that builds within us all. Authors of Fate brings a unique sound that blends genres, while staying true to the aggression and intensity of extreme metal. A.O.F. plan to tour extensively in the near future and already have several new projects in the works. See you all in the pit.

Location: Los Angeles, California
Genre: Blackened Metalcore, Death Metal, Hardcore, Thrash
FFO: Deadbody, Revocation, Trap Them, Black Breath, Hatebreed, Dying Fetus, Every Time I Die



Unleashing the dark heart of metalcore. 

Raw, relentless, & wrapped in gallows humor.

Dive into the chaos with Authors of Fate, where blackened metalcore meets a sardonic twist. Imagine the ferocity of Dying Fetus clashing with the raw energy of Black Breath, all wrapped in a dark, humor-laced performance that’s as unforgettable as it is intense. Not just a band—a revolution.

Hailing from Los Angeles’ underbelly, Authors of Fate is a metalcore behemoth, blending blackened riffs, death metal’s brutality, and hardcore’s raw energy. Fronted by Elan Mlagenovich‘s strategic guitar onslaught, Robert Brunelle‘s hellish vocals, Levi “Gizmo” Henderson‘s punishing bass, Bob Skau‘s explosive drumming, and Joe Williams‘ necromantic riffs, this band is a force of pure, unbridled chaos. Forged from the dark corners of metal and the raw edges of punk, their music hits with the intensity of a sledgehammer, wrapped in a dark shroud of gallows humor. Their latest assault, “Seat’s Taken,” produced by Taylor Young (Nails), is a visceral experience, a declaration of war against societal vanity. Joining forces with punk legends D.R.I., Authors of Fate isn’t just performing; they’re igniting a rebellion. Brace yourself for an intense ride with Authors of Fate—metalcore’s dark harbinger.

From the tumultuous heart of Los Angeles, Authors of Fate storms the heavy music scene with a sound as relentless as a sledgehammer. This metalcore powerhouse, featuring Elan Mlagenovich‘s masterful guitar and strategy, Robert Brunelle‘s demonic vocals, Levi “Gizmo” Henderson‘s aggressive bass, Bob Skau‘s thunderous drums, and Joe Williams‘ dead-raising riffs, is a force of organized chaos, unhinged aggression, and unapologetic irreverence. Their music, a potent mix of blackened metalcore, death metal, and thrash, is a visceral punch with a dark, gallows humor twist.


Authors of Fate’s journey began with seasoned members from diverse metal and punk backgrounds, united by a vision to create intense heavy music. Their influences range from the darkest metal to raw punk, crafting a unique, eclectic sound. Live, they transform, shedding their sardonic social media presence for an intense, raw performance energy, merging the technicality of Dying Fetus with the ferocity of Black Breath.


Their latest EP, “Seat’s Taken,” produced with Taylor Young of Nails fame, showcases an intensified, authentic sound—a sonic middle finger to societal ego, encapsulating their blend of raw power and articulate aggression. As they join forces with punk and metal legends Dirty Rotten Imbeciles (D.R.I.) on tour, Authors of Fate is carving a legacy of rebellion and raw, unbridled energy. 


Poised for domination, Authors of Fate is a testament to metalcore’s enduring power, promise, and potential to surprise. Get ready—it’s going to be loud.

Emerging from the chaotic heart of Los Angeles comes Authors of Fate, a band that’s about as subtle as a sledgehammer to the face, wielding their brand of metalcore like a weapon of mass disruption. 


Comprised of metal veterans—Elan Mlagenovich shredding the guitar while moonlighting as the group’s master planner, Robert Brunelle‘s vocals, which can only be described as a demonically possessed preacher, Levi “Gizmo” Henderson slapping the bass like it owes him money, Bob Skau demolishing drums, and Joe Williams, the guitar maestro creating riffs that could summon the dead—Authors of Fate is an unstoppable force.


Their creative process is akin to a democratic dictatorship, led by Elan but fueled by each member’s passion and insanity, ensuring that every track is a collective piece of art. It’s organized chaos at its finest, a method to the madness that results in music that’s as unpredictable as it is unapologetic. But how did this band of brothers in metal come to be? Picture this: seasoned warriors from the realms of Kaustik, The Slow Forward, Killix, and Ruach, each bearing scars from battles past, coming together with a singular vision—to create music that’s not just heard but felt. Music that punches you in the gut, then offers you a beer.


Their influences are as eclectic as the band’s sound, drawing inspiration from the darkest corners of metal, the grittiest depths of punk, and the occasional existential crisis. It’s a melting pot of heaviness (and madness), resulting in a sound that’s distinctly, unapologetically their own.


Unlike the grimdark edgelords that pervade heavy music, however, Authors of Fate are decidedly less sEriOuS about their approach. They might delve into the darker aspects of humanity, but to them, there’s always room for a bit of humor — albeit the kind of pitch-black gallows wit found on the front lines. It’s the kind of bleak mirth that cuts deep, finding laughter in the macabre and the absurdity of life—much the same way their music confronts the grim reality we live in. They are a group looking to inject an even heavier, more menacing, and more unhinged sound to the heavy music scene, but served up with a vulgar wit that’d earn them a thumbs-up from George Carlin’s coffin.

When Authors of Fate step onto the stage, the atmosphere shifts dramatically. The sardonic tone that defines their social media presence falls away, revealing an intensity that’s both captivating and unnerving. Live, they’re an unstoppable force, merging the ferocity of bands like Black Breath with the technical prowess of Dying Fetus, creating an experience that’s not just a performance but a visceral assault on the senses. Their shows are where the true depth of their artistry shines, a place where their eclectic influences—from the suffocating intensity of black metal to the relentless aggression of powerviolence and thrash—collide in a spectacular fusion of sound and fury. 


Seat’s Taken,” their latest EP, is a sonic middle finger to the world’s egocentricity, crafted in the fiery forges of The Pit Studio with Taylor Young at the helm. Young’s involvement brings a level of intensity and raw power that only he could muster. Known for his raw, unfiltered sound with Nails, Taylor brings an authenticity to the production that’s as gritty as it is polished. His expertise in crafting soundscapes that are both aggressive and articulate elevates the EP, ensuring that the auditory assault Authors of Fate is known for hits with even greater impact. This collaboration is a match made in metal heaven hell, where the fusion of Taylor’s powerviolence sensibilities and the band’s unbridled blend of heavy results in a sound that’s not just heard but felt—a visceral experience that’s as raw as it is refined.


Join Authors of Fate as they hit the road with the legends of punk and metal, Dirty Rotten Imbeciles (D.R.I.). Touring with D.R.I. isn’t just about sharing the stage; it’s about sharing a legacy of rebellion, intensity, and raw power. For Authors of Fate, it’s where they get to stand tall, shoulder to shoulder with the giants.


With their sights set on domination—of the airwaves, the stages, and the dark hearts of metal fans everywhere—Authors of Fate is on a mission. A mission to bring their unique blend of metalcore to the masses, to create a space where aggression meets artistry, and to prove that heavy music can still surprise you.


Buckle up, folks. It’s going to be a loud ride.


Authors of Fate "Seat's Taken" album artwork
Authors of Fate "Leather Liver" single artwork
Authors Of Fate "Seat's Taken" single artwork
Authors Of Fate "You Will One Day Be Thought Of For The Last Time" album artwork


1. Tell Me Another (3:49)
2. Thorn in the Side (3:44)
3. Triggerman (3:53)
4. My Favourite Sins (3:44)
5. Bones (3:50)
6. You Will One Day Be Thought Of For The Last Time (3:21)

Release: December 3, 2022

Album recorded, produced, and mixed by:

Steve Evetts at Omen Room Studios

Mastered by: Alan Douches at West West Side Music


Authors of Fate by Kennedy Brown
Authors of Fate by Kennedy Brown
Authors of Fate by Kennedy Brown
Authors of Fate


Dumb music for smart people
If it don't pit, it ain't shit



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