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Lone Kodiak Unveils Sentimental Visuals for “Obvious States”

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Lone Kodiak Unveils Sentimental Visuals for “Obvious States” Lone Kodiak Unveils Sentimental Visuals for “Obvious States” Lone Kodiak Unveils Sentimental Visuals for “Obvious States”

Lone Kodiak Unveils Sentimental Visuals for “Obvious States”

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From Debut Album ‘If We Have A Future’

[LOS ANGELES, February 14, 2024] – Indie rock band Lone Kodiak are set to unveil the highly anticipated music video for their latest single, “Obvious States.” The release comes hot on the heels of their debut album, If We Have A Future, which was released on vinyl February 9th, 2024, captivating audiences with its raw emotion and lyrical richness.

The “Obvious States” video, which premiered on Living Life Fearless, is a visual masterpiece that intricately weaves together footage from Lone Kodiak frontman Dainéal Parker’s wedding against the breathtaking backdrop of the rugged cliffs of the Scottish Highlands. The juxtaposition of personal intimacy and vast openness of the landscape serves as a powerful compliment to the themes explored in the song’s poignant lyrics.

“Obvious States” is a fitting accompaniment to the album as it delves deep into the complexities of modern existence, offering a poignant commentary on love, hope, and disillusionment. Against a backdrop of impassioned melodies and pulsating rhythms, the song contrasts the existential notions of disillusioned predictability and pensive uncertainty.

As the lyrics poignantly declare, “It’s hard to say when I lost my hope… It’s hard to make plans when I don’t know if we have a future.” These words resonate with listeners on a profound level, capturing the universal struggle to find meaning and connection in a world that is simultaneously ever-changing and static.

The “Obvious States” video offers viewers a glimpse into Dainéal Parker’s personal journey as he embarks on a new chapter of his life, flanked by his bandmates, only now in their roles as groomsmen. Set against the breathtaking majesty of Scotland’s rugged Highlands, the video is a testament to the enduring power of love and the hope it inspires, even in the face of the unknown. It’s also a testament to the genius the band possesses, in leveraging Parker’s own wedding for the music video. While it is a potent, visually luscious subject for the video, it goes further than that: it also acts as a fitting metaphor for the uncertainty that a wedding (band) could invoke.

It’s this conflict, between a sure thing and the great unknown, that’s become the calling card for the East LA group. Once the darling of the indie rock world, the band turned their backs on the easy route of manufactured hype and synthetic appeal, and instead launched themselves into the unknown. It’s a decision that has prompted a level of hype that’s already blown well past anything they’d been able to achieve for themselves in previous years.

With its sentimental visuals and earnest performances, the “Obvious States” video is sure to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression. As Lone Kodiak continues to carve out their place in the indie rock scene, this latest release reaffirms their status as one of the most compelling and thought-provoking bands of their generation.

Lone Kodiak "If We Have A Future" album artwork

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These are just some highlights. For the full list of the band’s placements, including such publications as American Songwriter, Atwood Magazine, Pop Matters, and much more, check out their media kit.

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About Lone Kodiak

There’s something singular about Lone Kodiak.

Founded by Portland natives Dainéal Parker (vocals, guitars) and Daniel Alden (bass), the group found revelation with the inclusion of their drummer, Josh Harris. Drawing inspiration and comparisons alike from iconic bands like The Cure, Hum, The Smashing Pumpkins, Explosions In The Sky, Young Widows, and Deftones, the group embarked on a creative journey during the pandemic, molding a distinct sonic identity that has marked them out as the next new act to watch.

Whether trying to nail down their sound or find another group as hardworking as them, the band stands alone as their namesake would against a barren backdrop. And, of course, the East LA outfit doesn’t fit in with the pomp and bluster of the Hollywood rock scene, unconcerned as they are with clout, glory, or grandeur.

The quartet (with guitarist Ben Palmer squaring the circle) combines the grit of East LA with the sublime wildness of the Pacific Northwest – a group that is at once solitary, capable, dangerous, and self-assured.

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