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Headline: Minneapolis’s creative force, founder of Gnarly Odds, Dom Rivers is crafting a unique sound influenced by Kanye’s genius and J. Cole’s authenticity. His music, a tapestry of Hip-Hop and soul, tells stories of resilience and aspiration. A true visionary, Dom’s journey is a blend of artistry and entrepreneurship.

Hailing from Salt Lake City, Dre is a rapper known for his authentic storytelling, akin to J. Cole’s compelling narratives. His music is a rich blend of Hip-Hop and soulful beats, echoing the depth of Tupac and the introspection of Kendrick. Dre’s verses are journeys of self and society.

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Genre: Hip Hop, Rap
FFO: Kanye West, Drake, Vic Mensa, Jack Harlow, Travis Scott J. Cole, and Mac Miller




Dom Rivers:
MN’s music maven blending Kanye’s innovation & J. Cole’s soul. Founder of Campus Heroes | Producer | Visionary

Dre Taylor:
Utah’s lyrical storyteller, echoing J. Cole’s realness & Tupac’s passion. Indie Soul in every verse | Rapper | Poet

Dom Rivers:
Minneapolis’s creative force, founder of Campus Heroes (formerly Gnarly Odds), inspired by the likes of Kanye WestBig Sean, and The Weeknd. His music, a tapestry of Hip-Hop and soul, tells stories of resilience and aspiration. A true visionary, Dom’s journey is a blend of artistry and entrepreneurship.

Dre Taylor:
Hailing from Salt Lake City, Dre is a rapper known for his authentic storytelling, akin to J. Cole‘s compelling narratives. His music is a rich blend of Hip-Hop and soulful beats, echoing the depth of Tupac and the introspection of Kendrick. Dre’s verses are journeys of self and society.

Dom Rivers:
Dom Rivers is a Houston native and Minnesota raised producer, artist, and the visionary founder of Gnarly Odds, now renovated into his new venture Campus Heroes. His music, a rich tapestry woven from the threads of hip-hop, indie, and soul, tells stories of resilience and aspiration. Inspired by the likes of Kanye West, Big Sean, and The Weeknd. Dom crafts sounds that transcend traditional genres, reflecting his journey from adolescence to triumph. With his hands on the pulse of the industry and a bewildering knack for innovative production, Dom isn’t just creating music; he’s shaping a movement. His work embodies the spirit of a true creator – bold, authentic, and relentlessly pushing the boundaries of sound, confidence and storytelling.

Dre Taylor:
Dre Taylor is a Salt Lake City native who’s carving a unique path in the hip-hop world from his base in Minnesota. Known for his authentic storytelling and lyrical depth, Dre’s music resonates with the soul of J. Cole and the intensity of Tupac. His journey in music is marked by heartfelt narratives that speak to both personal experiences and wider societal themes. From performing at local shows to crafting verses that mirror life’s complexities, Dre’s artistry is a blend of raw emotion and polished skill. He’s not just a rapper; he’s a poet of the streets, a voice for the unspoken, and a beacon for those seeking catharsis and connection in music. Dre Taylor is on a mission to leave a lasting mark on the hip-hop community and beyond.

Dom Rivers:

Dom Rivers, the Minneapolis-based visionary behind the music and creative company Campus Heroes (formerly Gnarly Odds), embodies the essence of a multi-faceted artist. His journey, marked by personal tragedy with the loss of his father at an early age, has been a path of resilience and creativity. Raised by a music-loving single mother, Dom’s extensive exposure to a diverse music collection laid the foundation for his eclectic taste and artistic aspirations.

From the solitude of his childhood, filled with imaginative play and musical exploration, to transformative summers in Houston, Dom’s exposure to a world different from his Minnesota roots profoundly impacted his artistic development. This journey wasn’t linear; initially sidelining his musical passion for more conventional pursuits, Dom’s true calling eventually resurfaced, leading him to embrace music production and songwriting, drawing inspiration from icons like Kanye West, Big Sean, and The Weeknd.

Dom’s foray into the music industry accelerated with his move to Minneapolis. Here, he began to build his career, culminating in the founding of Gnarly Odds, a platform that later evolved into Campus Heroes – both iterations being a vision for creating and sharing music. His tenure at significant music venues and collaborations with industry professionals in Minneapolis was a period of immense growth, sharpening his production skills and expanding his artistic network.

Overcoming personal adversities, including the loss of a close friend, Dom has continually refined his craft. His works, like the notable single “Playing Both Sides,” showcase his evolution as a producer and artist. Now, with unparalleled access to a professional recording studio and a renewed focus, Dom Rivers is poised to elevate to new heights. His story is one of relentless improvement, authenticity, and a commitment to making a meaningful impact in the music industry.

Dre Taylor:

Dre Taylor, emerging from the close-knit community of Salt Lake City, Utah, and now based in Minnesota, is an artist whose music is a testament to his journey and inspirations. Raised in a supportive family environment, Dre’s upbringing was split between the guiding hands of his mother and father, a local rapper known as D Taylor. This early exposure to the music industry and the hard-working ethic of his father laid the foundation for Dre’s musical aspirations.

Dre’s path in music is marked by a blend of personal exploration and deep community ties. His experiences performing at significant events like opening for Mark Battles and participating in local galas with his group Glow Up provided early platforms for showcasing his talent. These performances not only honed his skills but also solidified his desire to connect with audiences on a deeper level.

Ambitious and driven, Dre’s goal extends beyond personal success. He seeks to gain exposure and build a solid fan base, weighing the prospects of aligning with a record label against the independence of a solo artist’s journey. Influenced by the authenticity and relatability of artists like J Cole, Dre’s music resonates with the struggles and triumphs of everyday life, speaking to a broad audience while maintaining a deeply personal touch.

Dre’s vision is clear – to become a hero in his city and prove his doubters wrong. His music is a blend of heartfelt narratives, skillful lyricism, and a dedication to genuine expression. With a focus on gaining recognition and impacting the industry, Dre Taylor stands as a promising artist with a compelling story, ready to leave a lasting imprint on the world of music.

Dom Rivers:

In the heart of Minneapolis, amidst the bustling urban landscape, emerges an artist and visionary who is redefining the contours of the music industry. Dom Rivers, the founder of Campus Heroes (formerly Gnarly Odds), is not just another name in the endless sea of producers and musicians; he is a phenomenon, a confluence of raw talent, unwavering determination, and innovative genius.

Born into a world shadowed by tragedy with the early loss of his father, Dom’s journey began in a single-parent home, where his mother’s vast music collection became his first playground. From the vinyls of soulful classics to the CDs of groundbreaking hip-hop, his childhood was an odyssey through diverse musical landscapes. This early exposure laid the groundwork for what would become a lifelong passion for music and storytelling.

As a young boy in Minnesota, Dom’s creativity knew no bounds. He spent countless hours immersing himself in different art forms, from assembling intricate wood sets to balancing basketballs while immersed in rhythm and lyrics. His unique childhood activities were not just pastimes; they were the early signs of a mind that could balance complex ideas with the finesse of a maestro.

The transformative summers spent in Houston opened Dom’s eyes to a different world. Here, in the pulsating heart of Texas, he was introduced to a music scene that was as raw as it was vibrant. Artists like DJ Screw, Pimp C, and Slim Thug left an indelible mark on his young mind, shaping his understanding of music as not just an art form, but a cultural movement.

Yet, Dom’s path to music wasn’t a straightforward one. Initially, he veered towards more conventional pursuits, but the call of music was too potent to ignore. Inspired by the likes of Kanye West, he began to explore the realms of music production and songwriting. This journey wasn’t just about creating music; it was about finding his voice, a unique sound that blended the influences of his past with the innovations of the present.

The move to Minneapolis marked a turning point in Dom’s career. Here, in the city’s thriving music scene, he began to carve a niche for himself. Working in major music venues and collaborating with industry professionals, Dom honed his skills, not just as a producer but as a visionary. It was during this period that Gnarly Odds was born, a platform that later evolved into its current iteration, Campus Heroes, both of which embodied his philosophy of pushing boundaries and redefining norms.

Dom’s music is a tapestry of his experiences, a blend of hip-hop, soul, indie, and lo-fi. Each track tells a story, a narrative woven from the threads of his life’s journey. Songs like “Playing Both Sides” showcase not just his evolution as a producer and artist but also his ability to capture the essence of human emotions and experiences.

Adversity has been a constant companion on Dom’s journey, but it has only fueled his creative fire. The loss of a close friend and the challenges of navigating the complexities of the music industry during a global pandemic have deepened his resolve to succeed. For Dom, music is not just a career; it’s a mission, a way to connect with others, to share stories of resilience, and to inspire.

Today, Dom Rivers stands at the forefront of the Minneapolis music scene, not just as an artist but as an entrepreneur. Campus Heroes is more than a music label; it’s a movement, a testament to Dom’s belief in the power of music to transform lives. His studio, equipped with the latest technology, is a sanctuary where ideas are born, and visions are realized.

What sets Dom apart is his commitment to authenticity and innovation. He’s not content with following trends; he’s setting them. His approach to music production blends the traditional with the experimental, creating sounds that are both familiar and refreshingly new.

As he continues to produce and collaborate with other artists, Dom’s influence is steadily growing, reaching beyond Minneapolis to the wider world. His story is not just one of talent and success; it’s a narrative of overcoming odds, of turning personal loss into artistic triumph, and of unwavering commitment to one’s craft.

In Dom Rivers, we find not just a musician but a symbol of what it means to be an artist in the modern world. His journey is a reminder that music can be a force for change, a tool for storytelling, and a platform for expressing the deepest human emotions. Dom Rivers is not just making music; he’s writing the soundtrack for a generation.

Dre Taylor:

The Lyrical Luminary from Salt Lake City

In the diverse landscape of modern hip-hop, Dre Taylor stands out not just as an artist but as a storyteller, weaving intricate tales of life, struggle, and hope. Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, Dre’s journey in music is a mosaic of personal experiences, cultural roots, and an unyielding passion for authentic expression. Now based in Minnesota, he is not just crafting songs; he is etching his unique mark on the hip-hop world.

Dre’s narrative begins in the close-knit community of Taylorsville, Salt Lake City, where the towering mountains and the tight bonds of family and friends shaped his early life. His upbringing, split between the loving care of his mother and the musical influence of his father, a local rapper, laid the foundation for his foray into music. Dre’s childhood was steeped in a mix of church gatherings, sports, and an environment where music was a constant presence, thanks to his father’s passion for the craft.

This early exposure to a blend of gospel, soul, and hip-hop planted the seeds for Dre’s musical aspirations. However, it was the authenticity and storytelling in the lyrics of artists like J. Cole and Tupac that deeply resonated with him, molding his approach to music. Dre’s style is not just about rhythm and rhyme; it’s about conveying experiences, emotions, and the truths of life through his verses.

Dre’s journey into the realm of performance and recognition began modestly, with notable shows including an opening act for Mark Battles and a unique gala event with his group Glow Up in Salt Lake City. These early stages of his career were not just performances; they were the stepping stones to understanding his art and connecting with his audience. It was in these moments, on stage, feeling the energy of the crowd, that Dre realized the power of live music and the impact of direct engagement with listeners.

But Dre’s aspirations extend beyond personal success. His goal is to gain exposure, build a solid fan base, and possibly align with a record label that resonates with his vision. However, the independent route also holds a special appeal for Dre, reflecting his desire for creative control and a direct connection with his audience. He seeks not just to make music but to create a legacy – to be a hero in his city, to prove his doubters wrong, and to be a source of inspiration for those who dare to dream.

Dre’s music is a reflection of his life and the world around him. His songs are imbued with the stories of his youth, the lessons learned from family, the inspirations drawn from his surroundings, and the realities of everyday life. His lyrics are a blend of introspection, social commentary, and heartfelt narratives, creating a resonant and relatable soundtrack for a diverse audience.

The authenticity in Dre’s music is not just in his lyrics but in his approach to the art form. He sees rap not just as a genre of music but as a competitive sport, a field where one continually strives to improve, innovate, and stand out. His admiration for artists like J. Cole is rooted in their ability to evolve, to stay true to their art, and to connect with their audience on a deeper level.

Dre’s path is not just about navigating the music industry; it’s about overcoming personal and societal obstacles. He aims to break stereotypes, to bring a fresh perspective from his unique upbringing in Utah, and to challenge the norms of what a hip-hop artist can be. Dre Taylor is on a journey – a journey to carve out his niche, to tell his story, and to inspire others through the power of his music.

As Dre continues to evolve as an artist, his commitment to authenticity, storytelling, and connecting with his audience remains steadfast. He is not just a rapper; he’s a poet, a thinker, a dreamer, and a realist, all rolled into one. In Dre Taylor, the hip-hop world has not just found a new voice but a new narrative – one that speaks of resilience, authenticity, and the relentless pursuit of one’s dreams. Dre Taylor is more than an artist; he’s a beacon for a new era of hip-hop, where the power of story reigns supreme.



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