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Racyne Parker to Launch New Alt-Country Single “Willow Tree” On January 18

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Racyne Parker to Launch New Alt-Country Single “Willow Tree” On January 18 Racyne Parker to Launch New Alt-Country Single “Willow Tree” On January 18 Racyne Parker to Launch New Alt-Country Single “Willow Tree” On January 18

Racyne Parker to Launch New Alt-Country Single “Willow Tree” On January 18

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This sonic “friend-to-lovers” tale mesmerizes listeners with dreamy instrumentals and heartfelt lyrics

Denver, CO (January 18, 2024) – Indie-folk singer Racyne Parker is set to release her latest sonic creation, “Willow Tree,” a soulful journey through the enchanting stages of a friends-to-lovers romance. The track, rooted in Country, Alt-Country, Folk, Americana, and Singer-Songwriter genres, captures the essence of falling in love and the enduring power of relationships.

Inspired by classic love stories in films such as “Love and Basketball,” “The Man in the Moon,” and “The Notebook,” Racyne Parker decided to craft her own narrative. “Willow Tree” tells the story of two childhood friends growing up together, facing the trials of life, and ultimately finding love that withstands the test of time, much like the movies that have always captured Racyne’s heart.

I love love, and wanted to write a song where it all works out despite the usual hiccups. Turns out, even a happy love song turns out a bit melancholic.”

Racyne Parker, Indie-Folk Singer

While the song may seem lyrically simple at first, “Willow Tree” weaves a tapestry of complex emotions, blending elements of angst, longing, melancholy, and joy. The delicate vocals, ambient pedal steel, simmering mandolin, compelling rhythms, and enchanting guitar riffs create a musical experience that gracefully balances wistful nostalgia with a happily-ever-after vibe.

Produced by Randall Kent of Deaf Dog Studios in Nashville, Tennessee, the song features a talented ensemble, including Regan Akers on bass, Brian Cox on drums, and Blake Mohler on pedal steel. The result is a versatile sound that effortlessly crosses over into singer-songwriter, folk pop, and indie playlists.

An official lyric video for “Willow Tree” will be released on VEVO alongside the song on January 18, 2024. Furthermore, the song is part of a more extensive project by Racyne Parker, with details set to be unveiled later in the year.

About Racyne Parker:

Originally from Southern Oregon, Denver-based singer-songwriter Racyne Parker draws inspiration from country, modern folk, indie rock, and pop influences, to deliver catchy lyrics, warm vocals, and a contemporary style that fits in well on playlists next to Kacey Musgraves, Taylor Swift, and Caylee Hammack.

An engaging and low-stakes performer, Racyne is bound to play a song that you know while also introducing new songs to you that you’re sure to love.

Her honest and original tunes draw on her experiences with living in and leaving a small town, navigating uncertainty in love and life, and finding joy in the little moments.

An up-and-comer in the Denver music scene, with lots of new music on the way, Racyne hopes to build community, create joy, and remain true to herself through the music that she makes.

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