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New Song Alert: Ámaris Releases “Different” – A Powerful Journey Through Change

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New Song Alert: Ámaris Releases “Different” – A Powerful Journey Through Change New Song Alert: Ámaris Releases “Different” – A Powerful Journey Through Change New Song Alert: Ámaris Releases “Different” – A Powerful Journey Through Change

New Song Alert: Ámaris Releases “Different” – A Powerful Journey Through Change

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London-based electronic artist launches new track today

London, UK (November 10, 2023) – Electronic music artist Ámaris, who is also known as Amaris Emersleben, is back with her latest single, “Different,” set to release on November 10th. This hauntingly beautiful track, nestled within the electronic and electronica genres, explores profound themes of mental health and personal transformation. It is a testament to Ámaris’ unique ability to provide comfort and solace through her music.

“Different” expresses the struggle of breaking free from toxic circumstances. It soothes listeners during moments of sadness and ignites inspiration for fresh starts, serving as a powerful reminder to embrace new beginnings. The heart and soul of this track lie in the realization that new beginnings can be overwhelming, encapsulating the emotions that come with change and the feeling of drifting in uncharted waters.

I believe in the power of escapism for the sake of our sanity. As a creative, I see my role as providing an avenue for people to escape from the challenges and complexities of their lives, even if only for a while.”

Ámaris – Electronic Artist

The cover artwork for “Different” is a striking visual representation of the song’s essence, having been photographed during a shoot in an actual river. This intentional choice mirrors the feeling of “drifting” that often accompanies moments of introspection and rumination. Originally planned for inclusion in Ámaris’ synth-pop album Love and Oceans, which was released earlier this year, “Different” has found its own unique space in the spotlight.

About Ámaris:

Amaris Emersleben, also known as “Ámaris”, is a music producer (“Love and Oceans”, “Dream World”), fantasy author (“Lagoona: A Journey through the Reef”), and actor. Her most recent album “Love and Oceans” was released in 2023.

Amaris grew up in Switzerland as the daughter of a teacher and a Swiss musician and professor for music. Her family is from the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Switzerland, which is why she grew up with English, German, and Dutch. After her parents’ divorce, she moved to Zurich where she attended school.

Amaris received her formal training at drama school in Zurich, and at the Stage & Musical School in Frankfurt, Germany, where she started to listen to electronic music for her dance studies, which made her discover the genre. Being new to subjects such as Jazz Dance, and Modern Dance, Amaris needed to train in the evenings in her free time to achieve the levels of the other students, with which her new-found passion for electronic music helped. She then started the dance floor project “Geiko– female electronic dance music”, the first album of which was released in 2014. Although she had already released music earlier, this was her first official album.

After returning to Zurich to complete a degree in Business Law and to work as a playlist manager for Sony Music, she later moved to London where she started working on her synth-pop-influenced album “Neon Colours,” which was well-received by critics. In 2018, she released “Aquamarine”, an album inspired by the oceans. In 2020, Amaris released “Dream World”, with the song “Dream World” receiving 100k streams on Spotify alone. In 2023, she co-produced the documentary “On Tape- Ask the Music Producers” together with L.A.-based director Maria Corso.

Amaris’ skills in combining genres such as electronica, R&B, and pop have defined her music as being genre-defying. “Creativity is my fuel,” says Amaris, “I can rely on it. I’d say that this is probably my actual skill.”

Amaris is very vocal on the protection of the oceans, and is an ambassador for the non- profit organization Big Blue Ocean Clean-up, which works to reduce plastic waste in the oceans. Her fantasy story “Lagoona: A Journey through the Reef” raises awareness for the disappearing coral reefs and ocean pollution.

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