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Alt-Pop Artist Karisa Unveils New Song “Hostage of Paradise”

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Alt-Pop Artist Karisa Unveils New Song “Hostage of Paradise” Alt-Pop Artist Karisa Unveils New Song “Hostage of Paradise” Alt-Pop Artist Karisa Unveils New Song “Hostage of Paradise”

Alt-Pop Artist Karisa Unveils New Song “Hostage of Paradise”

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Exploring themes of mental health, Karisa’s latest single balances melancholy and joy while delving into love and lust

Toronto, ON (November 10, 2023) – Chart-topping alternative artist Karisa is gearing up to release her latest single, “Hostage of Paradise,” on November 10. A compelling blend of Pop, EDM, Alternative, Synth, and Dance-pop genres, the song promises to captivate audiences with its intricate narrative and unique sound.

“Hostage of Paradise” delves into the complex theme of mental health, juxtaposing the feelings of sadness and melancholy with moments of joy and beauty. With lyrics that explore the depths of love and lust, KARISA’s latest single plays with the contrast of words and descriptive visuals. It masterfully creates an image of beauty that is continually undermined by darkness.

The new track narrates the story of a tragic beauty, trapped in a place or state of mind that appears lavish yet harbors darkness. Despite the wonder in the physical world, the lyrics reveal an underlying sadness that challenges the exterior world’s beauty and perfection. “Hostage of Paradise” serves as a musical depiction of being a hostage to one’s own mind, trapped in a place of darkness and sadness, even amidst the world’s physical beauty.

Karisa "Hostage of Paradise" single artwork

Hostage of Paradise represents the internal struggle of melancholy; that despite beauty in the world, your state of mind is ultimately where your perception exists.

Karisa, Alternative Artist

“Hostage of Paradise” draws its inspiration from the classic synth sounds of the 1980s and pairs them with percussion inspired by early 2000s beats. This unique blend of soundscapes promises to transport listeners through a captivating musical journey.

My goal while writing this song was to capture the contradiction between depression and happiness, how both can exist and be at war in ​one’s mind.”

Karisa, Alternative Artist

Co-produced by KARISA and sound engineer CL3VR (Lucas Vuco), “Hostage of Paradise” showcases the artists’ combined expertise, resulting in a track that promises to be a highlight in their respective careers.

As an added treat for fans, the official music video for “Hostage of Paradise” is set to debut in January 2024, providing a visual accompaniment that is sure to enhance the emotional depth of the song.

About Karisa:

Toronto-based Alternative Pop Singer Karisa has heavily relied on music and art throughout various stages of life. Karisa comes from an artistic family filled with creation and individuality. She recalls her love of music starting to bloom when she was a child sitting at the piano, recording herself singing. Karisa’s first live performance was at a dive bar in Toronto’s Kensington Market. This experience sparked Karisa’s urge to become an established singer-songwriter and share her music with the world. She prides herself on creating music that expresses the emotion behind various experiences in life – the good, the bad, the ugly, and all that falls in between. Karisa hopes to create songs that provide listeners with a slice of happiness or comfort when they need it the most. Her single “Next To You” is now available to stream on all platforms! Karisa’s most recent release, “Hostage of Paradise” drops on Friday, November 10.

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