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Racyne Parker to Unveil Haunting New Single “Make It Out Alive”

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Racyne Parker to Unveil Haunting New Single “Make It Out Alive” Racyne Parker to Unveil Haunting New Single “Make It Out Alive” Racyne Parker to Unveil Haunting New Single “Make It Out Alive”

Racyne Parker to Unveil Haunting New Single “Make It Out Alive”

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The Denver-based singer-songwriter is releasing her new song next Friday, October 13

Denver, CO (October 13, 2023) – Americana artist Racyne Parker is releasing her new single, “Make It Out Alive,” on October 13th – just in time for “spooky season.” Both chilling and melancholic, this song transports listeners through a rich and raw narrative about facing inner demons, finding closure, and leaving the past behind to make way for a brighter tomorrow.

A weeping and mournful pedal steel opens the song, introducing listeners to the dark and lonesome world that “Make It Out Alive” has sculpted. A hypnotic acoustic guitar embellished with a solitary whistle completes the rugged and desolate ambience. There is an old-soul presence in Parker’s voice as she shares her compelling tale of resilience and transformation.

After experiencing a sudden and inexplicable loss last year, I needed a place to contain the anger that I was feeling. I needed a place where the scales were balanced – that place didn’t exist in the real world, so that place became ‘Make It Out Alive.’

Racyne Parker, Indie-Folk Singer

“Make It Out Alive” taps into a Country-Western soundscape, blending ominous vocals with echoing banjo and cello accents. As the chorus unfolds like a flower, Parker reaches peak emotional depth and beauty.

Racyne Parker "Make It Out Alive" single artwork

“I wanted the song to feel more nuanced than anything I’ve done before. I didn’t want to hide what I felt at that time, but I also didn’t want this song to be weighed down by where it came from.”

Racyne Parker, Indie-Folk Singer

“Make It Out Alive” Lyrics
No surprises, last page first
Upfront, no lies, truth until it hurts
Another chapter, another verse
Forked tongues, pretty words, unspoken bridges burned
I should’ve known, never could
Dare I say, got me good
I think I won’t, you think I would
Leave well enough alone

*The release of “Make It Out Alive” will be followed by a lyric video that releases on October 30th – further embellishing the song’s narrative.

About Racyne Parker:
Originally from Southern Oregon, Denver-based singer-songwriter Racyne Parker draws inspiration from country, modern folk, indie rock, and pop influences, to deliver catchy lyrics, warm vocals, and a contemporary style that fits in well on playlists next to Kacey Musgraves, Taylor Swift, and Caylee Hammack.
An engaging and low-stakes performer, Racyne is bound to play a song that you know while also introducing new songs to you that you’re sure to love.
Her honest and original tunes draw on her experiences with living in and leaving a small town, navigating uncertainty in love and life, and finding joy in the little moments.

An up-and-comer in the Denver music scene, with lots of new music on the way, Racyne hopes to build community, create joy, and remain true to herself through the music that she makes.

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