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Matthew Morgan to Release Powerful Alternative Folk Album: Timepiece

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Matthew Morgan to Release Powerful Alternative Folk Album: Timepiece Matthew Morgan to Release Powerful Alternative Folk Album: Timepiece Matthew Morgan to Release Powerful Alternative Folk Album: Timepiece

Matthew Morgan to Release Powerful Alternative Folk Album: Timepiece

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The Columbus-based Alternative artist officially launching his 10-track record today

Columbus, OH (October 20, 2023) – Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, Folk artist Matthew Morgan is poised to make an indelible mark on the music scene with his highly anticipated follow-up album, Timepiece. This extraordinary collection of songs showcases Morgan’s captivating storytelling prowess while addressing contemporary issues of social justice, LGBTQI+ diversity and acceptance, Black Lives Matter, equal rights, and the ongoing impact of the pandemic.

Timepiece defines Morgan’s modern indie-folk storytelling style. This ten-song album delves deep into the intricacies of the post-pandemic world, celebrating diversity and acceptance while shedding light on the struggles faced by marginalized communities. Through his easy-going and soulful style, Morgan weaves a narrative that resonates with listeners, offering both comfort and powerful messages of change.

We need other hearts to make us strong.

Matthew Morgan, Singer-Songwriter

Musically Timepiece creates a collage of melancholy sentiments with an optimistic overtone. Morgan’s tenor voice is supported acoustic richness and orchestral instrumentation – resulting in an intimate, captivating emotional journey.

Timepiece is not just an album – it is a call to action, and invitation to explore complex societal issues through the lens of heartfelt music. This record holds powerful messages and thought-provoking themes, leaving a unique impact on society as a whole.

Morgan ignites his passion for social justice through the music he creates. Each song is infused with earnest reflections on injustice and acceptance, resonating with listeners of all backgrounds. Morgan uses Timepiece as a platform to voice universal understanding of the struggle for equal rights and racial violence. Morgan shares his thoughts on the album’s title track below:

The song “Timepiece” is the true story of two boys who had their friendship cut short by parents who couldn’t accept their love for each other. Our world should celebrate love in all its many forms!

Matthew Morgan, Singer-Songwriter

Matthew Morgan


But, oh the heart doesn’t lie,
it just counts up the wishes in each person’s mind.
It’s a timepiece of spotless design,
but it’s not always on time.

About Timepiece:

Timepiece was recorded over the span of three years with producer, Jay Alton (Columbus, OH) and features a host of top-tier instrumentalists including; Chris Shaw (violin, bass, and percussion), Chris Bosca (pedal steel and mandolin), along with Jill Crist (cello). The album was mixed by Alton and mastered by Brian Lucey at Magic Garden Mastering (Michael Buble, The Black Keys).

Timepiece is a tour de force in heart-felt storytelling that is unafraid to explore contemporary issues of social justice in a post-pandemic world, celebrating diversity and acceptance. With the opening track “Isolation” Matthew reflects, “I always thought I could face life’s challenges alone, but then I discovered we need other hearts to make us strong” expressing that being aware of vulnerability can make life richer. A signature of Matthew’s songwriting is being unafraid to explore social justice topics such as gender identity in the robust ballad, “Sunny” and a poignant statement that black lives still matter in “The Good Life”

The album’s title track, “Timepiece” is a truthful narrative about same-sex love thwarted by parents’ rigid views. “Victory Song” gives listeners courage to persevere and overcome life’s challenges. Overall, the tracks on Timepiece stop the clock on a culture that has become unrecognizable and helps us to remember that we all have the opportunity to be the change we need in the world.

The music pulls you in from start to finish like having a conversation with an old friend and only after you’ve signed on do you realize the strength of the message.

About Matthew Morgan:

Matthew Morgan is on a mission to prove to the world that alternative folk can be embraced by the LBTQIA+ community, that a singer-songwriter from the heartland can compose words expressing anti-racist sentiment, and that a great sounding country song can carry a deeper message without relying on overused and outdated tropes! Refusing to be labeled, or pigeon-holed into genderized, racialized, or any other “-ized” stereotypes he joins the ranks of simliar progressive singer songrwriters such as Orville Peck, Crys Matthews, and Willy Carlisle.

Matthew released his debut CD with Chicago’s acoustic indie label, CAUDog Records in 2012 immediately going on tour around the Midwest and Southern US states in cohort with his band, The Lost Brigade. The touring resulted in sold out shows headlining at Chicago’s famous Double Door nightclub and House of Blues and opportunities to share the stage with more notorious acts at music festivals including opening for Dave Davies (The Kinks) and Company of Thieves at Taste of Lincoln Ave (Chicago) and SXSW (Austin) in 2013.

Seeking a more introspective sound to his song craft Morgan parted ways with The Lost Brigade in 2014 and recorded a new solo EP that was released independently the following year. While The Lost Brigade’s sound was indebted to contemporary indie rockers like Wilco and The Decemberists, the “Empathy for Inanimate Objects” EP calls to mind the happier moments of Elliott Smith or the open-ended ponderings of Tom Brousseau. Empathy as a whole was very well received and Morgan garnered his first published reviews and the inclusion in the “Best of 2015” by the Nashville Music Guide. A new “Family” band was formed and the empathy tour resulted in venues of greater status including an opening slot for Ben Ottewell (of Gomez) and a chance to debut at Chicago’s premiere music club, The Metro.

Timepiece marks Morgan’s first full release since 2015 – showcasing his maturity as a song writer and storyteller. Timepiece officially releases on Friday, October 20th and will be available for streaming on all platforms.

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