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Alt-Pop Sensation Tim Qualls Launches Album: Feel

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Alt-Pop Sensation Tim Qualls Launches Album: Feel Alt-Pop Sensation Tim Qualls Launches Album: Feel Alt-Pop Sensation Tim Qualls Launches Album: Feel

Alt-Pop Sensation Tim Qualls Launches Album: Feel

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The new record features 10 emotionally-charged songs that touch upon themes of family, love, and self-discovery

Houston, TX (October 20, 2023) – Houston-based Alt-Pop artist Tim Qualls is making waves in the music industry with his soon-to-be-released album Feel. This record, featuring ten compelling tracks, is a testament to Qualls’ distinctive musical approach and creative vision. Notable among these tracks are “History” and “Grave,” each delivering a distinct emotional and sonic experience.

I hope this piece of art can reset the bar for me musically and really set a new tone for my listeners.

Tim Qualls, Alt-Pop Artist

Qualls is renowned for his rootsy, soulful, and ornate music style, characterized by its emotional and embellished elements. The inception of his latest album was sparked by the creation of the song “Stay,” a pivotal moment in his musical journey.

Once the artist was able to gain full control over his music, he was able to dedicate himself to crafting a unified piece of art that demonstrates his range as a musician. Feel signifies the culmination of a 15-year journey, with the songs eloquently recounting his life experiences and emotions. Tim Qualls takes immense pride in this collection of songs, aspiring to establish a new standard for himself as an artist and songwriter.

Tim Qualls by Kirby Belancourt
Tim Qualls by Kirby Belancourt



“STAY” is an uplifting and bittersweet love song that evokes deep emotions. The lyrics express a yearning for someone to remain by your side, and the song is driven by the gentle melody of the piano and resonant electric guitar, creating a moving musical landscape.


As the title track of the album, “FEEL” is a somber reflection on the uncertainties of one’s emotions when faced with a profound connection. It serves as an ode to a loved one, with stripped-down vocals and instrumentals that lay bare the depth of feeling.


An epic piano arrangement defines “FAMILY TIES,” a heartfelt tribute to the importance of family and the longing felt when separated from loved ones. This song is a musical expression of gratitude and relaxation, highlighting the significance of familial bonds.


“I SWEAR TO GOD I TRIED” is an emotional ballad infused with cello elements. It delves into the complexities of love, including the conflicts and moments of doubt. The song explores the desire to persevere in a relationship despite the challenges and concludes on a hopeful note, building up to a positive resolution with emotional string elements.


“HISTORY” is a synth ballad that beautifully celebrates the enduring strength of long-term love. It reflects on how adversity can fortify love and relationships, showcasing the idea that love can conquer all. The song’s unique blend of piano ballad tenderness and pop energy, complemented by evocative lyrics and layered instrumentals, inspires listeners to take on the world.


“THIS WORLD” offers an upbeat and dynamic sound with prominent synth elements and percussion driving the rhythm. Dark overtones set the mood, and the track features layered vocals and echoing effects, creating a dynamically engaging musical experience.


A jazzy tune, “SAFE” exudes a sultry and romantic atmosphere, with smooth guitar melodies and a powerful bass line. The song is a love-filled composition that enchants the listener.


In “MINE,” the listener embarks on a dystopian journey, on the verge of a new awakening within a relationship. The chorus adds depth to Tim’s strikingly powerful vocals, creating a captivating and thought-provoking soundscape.


This heartfelt journey through life’s ups and downs is about finding something that guides you, whether it’s a person, passion, or purpose. Qualls’ soulful vocals capture the desire to hold onto moments of happiness and clarity, creating a nostalgic and introspective vibe.

About Tim Qualls:

Houston-based songwriter Tim Qualls, delivers rootsy soul music that is grounded in family, heartache, and a positive outlook on life very few write about. Influenced by legends like Ray Charles, Jamie Cullum, and John Mayer, musicians compare him to a “soul artist that croons on the piano.” His productions have been compared to Adele, Sam Smith, and Ryan Tedder. Once awarded Houston Press’ “Best New Act” award, Qualls continues to deliver new music every year. Tim has been featured on Spotify playlists such as LIFE SUCKS, DINNER MUSIC, SOULFUL BLEND, and COZY BLEND. “Forever,” “Grave,” and “History” will be featured Qualls’ upcoming debut album. “History” will be available for streaming on all major platforms on September 29!

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