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Country Singer Kim Brogli Releases Soul-Stirring Single “What a Waste”

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Country Singer Kim Brogli Releases Soul-Stirring Single “What a Waste” Country Singer Kim Brogli Releases Soul-Stirring Single “What a Waste” Country Singer Kim Brogli Releases Soul-Stirring Single “What a Waste”

Country Singer Kim Brogli Releases Soul-Stirring Single “What a Waste”

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The highly-anticipated new track officially launches on Friday, October 13

College Grove, TN (October 13, 2023) – Country Singer-Songwriter Kim Brogli is set to launch her new single, “What A Waste” on Friday, October 13th. The new song communicates various sentiments about addiction and sends a powerful message about its’ all-consuming destructive force. The official music video for “What A Waste” will launch on Kim’s Youtube channel the same day as the song releases.

Co-written with award winning songwriter James Dean Hicks, Brogli’s lyrics call for a re-evaluation of damaging patterns that ultimately end up hurting not only ourselves but also the ones that we love. With addiction and mental health related issues on the rise since the Covid-19 pandemic, Brogli uses the song to prompt those who need support to seek out help.

Kim Brogli "What A Waste" single artwork
Kim Brogli “What A Waste” Single Artwork

“What a Waste” Lyrics
You can’t feel love if you don’t love yourself
Or keep blaming all your pain on someone else
I pray that you’ll wake up
And see the choice is clear
Cause if you wake up one day and no one’s here
What a waste
What a waste
The time that you’ve lost can’t be replaced
If you let all your tomorrows
Turn into days of sorrow
And the tears of regret roll down your face
What a waste

When we wrote this song, both James (Dean Hicks) and I were discussing the hurt, scars, and pain associated with addiction. “What A Waste” is a reminder that it’s never too late to ask for help, no matter what circumstance you are in.”

Kim Brogli, Country Singer-Songwriter

“What a Waste” is the second single from Brogli’s upcoming debut EP The Fight, set to launch later this season.

About Kim Brogli:

An out of the box creative coupled a fierce drive, work ethic and unique ability to pull at your heart, Nashville based singer-songwriter Kim Brogli is making her mark among Nashville songwriters. The middle Tennessee native was always a writer and storyteller at heart. She recalls with laughter being the ADHD kid who was constantly in trouble at school, making the other kids laugh with her outrageous humor and telling stories that kept kids laughing or in suspense til the end. In the forth grade, Kim tried out for the school choir and didn’t make it. “I was a sensitive kid and have always been harder on myself than anyone else could ever be. So when I didn’t make the choir, I never sang again publicly. I just thought…I must be a terrible singer. It never dawned on me I was nervous and shy.”

She went on to graduate from The University of Alabama with a degree in French and International Business. After a successful career selling real estate, she bought guitars for her twin boys and ended up playing them herself. After getting her own guitar for Christmas that year, she began taking voice lessons and that led to putting her words on paper into song. After recording a few singles with her then vocal coach Kristen Smith, acclaimed producer, Will Gawley, found Kim on Instagram and said her soulful voice was reflective of those ‘70s songwriters. She has often been compared to Emmylou Harris, Alison Krauss, Lori McKenna and Sarah Jarosz.

They decided to record her debut EP, which includes four original songs she wrote or co-wrote with hit songwriter, James Dean Hicks. In it, she touches on subjects like faith, love, life lessons, self doubt, parenting and many other feelings she has processed on paper. She is slowly finding an audience in the Americana market. Her songs have the ability to bring tears and make you reflect upon the deeper meaning of life in a sweet, understated way. She performs mostly around Nashville at this time.

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