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V13 Promotions Launches Publicity Division

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V13 Promotions Launches Publicity Division V13 Promotions Launches Publicity Division V13 Promotions Launches Publicity Division

V13 Promotions Launches Publicity Division

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Promotes Erin Browne as Publicity & Marketing Manager

Vancouver, Canada [JANUARY 11]V13 Promotions (V13 Promo), the Artist Development Agency founded by members of PureGrainMedia and sister to its flagship Music, Entertainment, and Culture website, V13 Media, is thrilled to announce the official launch of its publicity division. This natural expansion of the company’s scope of services is accompanied by Marketing & Publicity Intern, Erin Browne, stepping into the role of Publicity & Marketing Manager.

Joining V13 Promo back in the Summer of 2023, Erin has contributed her multifaceted skillset, passion, and firm ambition to the company, breaking new ground at the time as their first Marketing and PR Intern. Working diligently to alleviate and innovate, Erin has provided the support and structure required to bring the best out of the collective team. The torch will now be passed on to the capable hands of Angelique Randt, who will be succeeding in the role of Creative Business Intern for parent company PureGrainMedia.

Now, as V13 Promo approaches the one-year mark since its inception, the company’s unbridled success, paired with overwhelming consumer demand, has lent itself to extend into a fully-fledged publicity division. The new branch aims to further the company’s means of meeting the needs of those seeking to be heard. V13 Promo not only strives to develop and build up artists but also to have their craft recognized and celebrated.

Erin’s determination and a keen eye for identifying an opportunity for growth, not just for herself but V13 Promotions as a whole, is the key reason we’re able to create and launch an entirely new publicity division with her running its helm.” Doug Chong, Director of Sales and Marketing, comments, “She is a prime example of what hard work and quick evolution can do for one’s career within a very competitive industry. She’s a force to be reckoned with, and we’re lucky to have her.”

Erin adds, “The team at V13 Promotions have been, and remains, invaluable guides and mentors along our mutual path of unfurling growth. Their commitment to empower and elevate extends beyond clients, permeating the very marrow of the culture. I’m extremely optimistic about this next chapter as I continue to flourish in tandem with the company, expanding on our shared vision and purpose.

V13 Promo is proud to acknowledge the invaluable contributions of our supporters and partners during our pivotal development phase. We are deeply grateful for the generosity and commitment shown by our esteemed colleagues and collaborators. In recognizing these contributions, we extend our heartfelt thanks to (in no particular order): Adam Gonshor, Anders Rödskar, Atomsplitter PR, Bob Bradley, Dylan Tarre, Ian Danzig, Jenna Melanson, Jon Asher, Keith Chachkes, Metal Tim, Mitch Schneider, Nick Balazs, Noah Itman, Dawn Jones and the Pressed Fresh Collective Team, Randy Radic, Sam Jones, Shaun Zizi, Stephanie Maksimow, BraveWords, and LambGoat.

Whether it was through partnership, a generous helping hand, or an offering of sage advice, each of you has played a vital role in the success of our inaugural year.

As we close out this incredible year, V13 Promotions invites you to be a part of our exhilarating journey into the future. The coming year promises groundbreaking developments, innovative ventures, and unparalleled opportunities within the realms of music, entertainment, and culture.


The V13 Promotions Team

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