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The Labra Brothers Release Captivating LP: ‘Home’

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The Labra Brothers Release Captivating LP: ‘Home’ The Labra Brothers Release Captivating LP: ‘Home’ The Labra Brothers Release Captivating LP: ‘Home’

The Labra Brothers Release Captivating LP: ‘Home’

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Sibling band The Labra Brothers launch their standout LP – a fusion of Latin and Americana sonic profiles

Youngstown, Ohio (November 3, 2023) – Latin sibling band, The Labra Brothers, are thrilled to announce the release of their upcoming LP: Home on Friday, November 3rd. This record promises a musical excursion that masterfully merges the two distinct genres of Latin and Americana, showcasing the brothers exceptional talents in creating soulful, heartfelt compositions.

Home is a diverse compilation of musical styles, heavily influenced by Latin American genres like merengue, cumbia, and mariachi – all while retaining the Labra Brothers soulful Latin-Funk sound. The album features acoustic undertones and an upbeat percussion section, reinforcing the authenticity of the more traditional-leaning songs. The addition of accordion, trumpet, and violin adds a lively texture, complementing the honest and relatable songwriting and lyrics that solidify the album.

It was such a great experience putting this project together. We had an opportunity to work in multiple studios with great engineers, producers, and musicians. We’re stoked for our listeners to hear these new songs, which we think are the most accurate representation of the Labra Brothers to date.

– The Labra Brothers, Latin Sibling Band

Home features a compelling mix of English and Spanish tracks, demonstrating the band’s connection to their Latin roots while appealing to a broader international audience. Tracks like Lonely, Los Días, and Not Far From Home explore themes of love, relationships, and the longing for home, resonating with listeners on a deeply emotional level. As a special addition to the album, the band has included two altered versions of previously released songs, Not Far From Home (now offering a version en español), and Be Cool (live acoustic version). The mariachi-infused title track, Home, features powerful 4-part harmonies, now made possible by the band’s addition of the fifth Labra brother, Victor.

With this LP, The Labra Brothers invite listeners to you experience a musical work of art that spans the globe, stirs deep emotions, and immerses you in their distinctive musical world.

The Labra Brothers "Home" album artwork
The Labra Brothers “Home” album artwork by Mollie Crowe

LP Credits:

Produced by: The Labra Brothers, Danny Svenson
Recorded & Mixed at: Bearcave Recording Additional recording with: Todd Maki

Lonely” Cover Art by Mollie Crowe

About The Labra Brothers:

The Labra Brothers are a Latin Funk sibling band from rustbelt Northeast Ohio. Influenced by the diverse music taste of their parents, the brothers developed a distinguished sound that combines blues, funk, and Latin. After falling in love with playing their own renditions of their favorite music, the band decided to put their talents to work within their original creations. Consisting of Adrian Labra on vocals and guitar, Cristian Labra on vocals and bass, David Labra on vocals, guitar, and sax, Antonio Labra on percussion, Danny Svenson on keys, Victor Labra on vocals and percussion, and Matt Hayes on drums, the band quickly discovered their ability to effortlessly interlock in an instrumental groove with each other. The Labra Brothers continue to release music and have established themselves regionally as a dynamic and diverse powerhouse of musical presentation. With four-part sibling vocal harmonies at the forefront, their versatility has become more evident with each new original studio recording they release. The Brothers had an eventful 2022, during which they played a direct support role for Average White Band, and were voted Best Latin by the Cleveland Music Awards. This year (2023), The Labra Brothers opened for Los Lobos, and were awarded Editors Pick for Best Latin Fusion Band in Cleveland Magazine. Check out The Labra Brothers new single, Lonely, launching on Friday, October 13. Stay tuned for the bands LP: Home releasing on November 3, 2023.

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