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The Erly Unveil Dynamic LP – Culture Fever – A Musical Journey Through Time and Emotion

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The Erly Unveil Dynamic LP – Culture Fever – A Musical Journey Through Time and Emotion The Erly Unveil Dynamic LP – Culture Fever – A Musical Journey Through Time and Emotion The Erly Unveil Dynamic LP – Culture Fever – A Musical Journey Through Time and Emotion

The Erly Unveil Dynamic LP – Culture Fever – A Musical Journey Through Time and Emotion

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The diverse 11-track record features tracks steeped in Jazz-Rock, Disco, Soul, and more

Niles, MI (November 3, 2023)The Erly, a four-piece ensemble hailing from Niles, Michigan, is proud to announce the release of their highly-anticipated LP titled: Culture Fever. This record is set to take listeners on a sonic rollercoaster through the realms of Jazz-Rock, Disco, Soul, Roots-Rock, and Adult/Contemporary genres. Female empowerment, mental health struggles, identity, and several other complex themes are woven into the lyrics and instrumentation on this record, creating an unparalleled depth to The Erly’s sonic profile.


Culture Fever boasts a total of 11 captivating tracks featuring vocals from each member of the band – including Alyssa (keys), Collin (bass), Trevor (guitar), and Fran (drums). The LP was meticulously crafted in 2022 at Dr. Richard’s Audio in Valparaiso, Indiana. Under the guidance of producer Nick Rapley (known for his work with Bartees Strange and Lizzie No), The Erly expanded their sound beyond the confines of a typical four-piece band. The addition of horn and string arrangements, expertly arranged by Harris Karlin and Brian Moore, brought a rich and dynamic dimension to the LP. Notably, the band collaborated with horn and string players from eight different cities, ensuring that every instrument and sound on the album was produced by a human being.

We took our time to craft songs that will impact the listener sonically, as well as deliver an emotional punch lyrically.

The Erly, Michigan-Based Jazz Rock Group

This LP is like a breath of fresh air, transporting listeners to the nostalgic aura of the 1970s. These songs represent the kind of music that makes you want to take the long way home on a warm summer night. Guitar-driven Jazz Rock tracks like “Flame the Main” and “Faces in the Attic” were written to tackle unsettling feelings of resentment, addiction, and avoidance coping. “Take it As it Goes” and “Tracing Circles” reflect the sentiment of yearning for “something more” in everyday life. “Paralyzed” and “Somewhere in My Mind” bring culture and soul into this record, throwing it back to the iconic Disco era of the 1970s. Rounding out the LP with some down-to-earth melodies, “The Right Way” and “Red Roof Inn” tug at the heartstrings with smooth rhythms and harmonies.


1- The lead vocals for “Flame The Main” and “What To Do With You” were completed in one take each.

2- The Erly drew inspiration from at least 30 different artists across a wide range of genres.

3- “The Right Way” was spontaneously written in the recording studio during downtime.

4- Alcohol and other substances were consumed during the recording process to capture the desired character, both vocally and musically.

5- The original title for the song “Somewhere in My Mind” was “Culture Fever.” The band felt it was too good of a name for one song, so they made it the album title.

6- “Culture Fever” took the entire year of 2022 to record, with weekend recording sessions spread out over multiple months.

7- The album tracks were run through an analog tape machine before mastering, adding a warm and vintage touch to the sound.

The Erly

About The Erly:

Michigan-based Indie-Soul group The Erly combine sonic elements from the ‘60s and ‘70s Rock, Pop, and Funk, creating a fresh “Modern Disco” sound and vibe of their own. Fueled by collaboration, friendship, and timeless good vibes, the quartet would fit right in at Woodstock ‘69 or at the indie nerve center that is SXSW. Most of The Erly’s music features clean guitar work, layered vocals, and groovy undertones that energize even their most solemn-sounding tracks. The band is composed of Drummer Fran Gleason, Bassist Collin Mattiford, Guitarist Trevor McDonald, and Keyboardist Alyssa Serviss, with all 4 members featured on vocals. The Erly was created in 2018 when Mattiford and Gleason decided to expand upon their pre-established musical duo. Since their formation in 2018, The Erly has released two full albums and four singles with more music on the way. “Paralyzed” dropped mid-August and “Flame The Main” is slated to launch on September 20th, both of which will be featured within The Erly’s upcoming record, Culture Fever – available on November 3rd, 2023.

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