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Taigenz’s Lyric Video Brings “Knock My Door” to Life, Cartoon Style

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Taigenz’s Lyric Video Brings “Knock My Door” to Life, Cartoon Style Taigenz’s Lyric Video Brings “Knock My Door” to Life, Cartoon Style Taigenz’s Lyric Video Brings “Knock My Door” to Life, Cartoon Style

Taigenz’s Lyric Video Brings “Knock My Door” to Life, Cartoon Style

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Cartoon Adventure Meets Afrobeat Rhythms

[MONTREAL – November 30, 2023] – After captivating audiences with the sultry and enigmatic music video for “Knock My Door,” Taigenz takes a playful leap into animation with his latest lyric video. This fresh take on the hit single, known for its fusion of hip-hop, Latin American, and Afrobeat influences, reimagines Taigenz as a Saturday morning cartoon hero in the vein of Batman Beyond.

In a striking departure from the steamy and intense narrative of the original video, the new lyric video features a light-hearted and whimsical interpretation. Taigenz is portrayed as a part-time caped crusader and full-time billionaire playboy, echoing the animated allure of the Batman Beyond era. This creative direction brings a refreshing and entertaining perspective to the single, showcasing Taigenz’s versatility and sense of humour.

Taigenz Knock My Door lyric video still

Echoing the earlier music video’s narrative depth and complex emotions, this animated version adds a layer of fun and playfulness, while maintaining the core themes of the song. It’s a testament to Taigenz’s artistic range, highlighting his ability to navigate between serious and more lighthearted expressions of his music.

In a unique testament to his dedicated fanbase,Taigenz recently experienced a remarkable milestone when a fan generously paid $100 for his latest single on Bandcamp. Getting a cartoon character version of himself is the cherry on top for what has been a standout year for Taigenz, catching the eye of various media outlets and gaining notable mentions that underscore his growing impact in the music scene. His journey through the year has been chronicled by several news platforms, each highlighting different facets of his artistic evolution.

But the recent flurry of media attention surrounding Taigenz is just the latest chapter in a story of growing recognition and acclaim that’s spanned several years. In the winter of 2020, Taigenz began to gain traction with a notable review from Earmilk, setting the stage for future coverage. By spring of 2021, his journey and insights as an emerging artist were spotlighted in an interview with the Canadian Music Incubator.

Taigenz Knock My Door lyric video still

Last year saw Taigenz’s name frequently in the headlines, especially during the warmer months. Publications like Word Is Bond regularly covered his single releases, painting a picture of an artist continually evolving and refining his craft. Additionally, features in The Warmup and 45Tours in the early part of the year further cemented his status as an artist to watch in the industry.

This pattern of consistent and varied media coverage laid the groundwork for 2023’s series of accolades. The year kicked off with a bang, as Canadian Beats premiered his new single, followed by features in Living Life Fearless and V13 Media that highlighted his unique blend of cultural influences. As the year unfolded, Music Crowns spotlighted Taigenz. Further recognition for Taigenz poured in from the UK, highlighted by features in Wonderland Magazine and Fame Magazine. The momentum built up to a crescendo with CTRL Plus Space and Moosic Entertainment featuring him, underscoring his burgeoning reputation as an entertainer and innovator.

This continuous stream of attention from various media outlets over the years is a testament to Taigenz’s growing influence and the broad appeal of his music, marking him as an artist who captivates and engages audiences with his innovative approach to music and storytelling.

Taigenz, press shot

About Taigenz:
Taigenz, a Montreal-based hip-hop artist, captures the essence of multicultural dynamism through his music. With roots tracing back to Cameroon, his artistry serves as a vibrant amalgamation of diverse influences ranging from Trap to R&B and Afro-beat. The young artist’s vocal tone has been likened to 50 Cent, while his lyricism and visuals draw comparisons to Wale and Burna Boy. In 2019, Taigenz made a significant impact with his album Life Ain’t Free, which was distributed through Slammin Media/Believe Distribution Services. The album’s standout tracks, such as “Lemme Ball” and “Speak The Truth,” have accumulated over 100,000 streams from diverse international markets, including Brazil, Turkey, and Spain.

Taigenz is not just a recording artist; he’s a comprehensive performer. Since the onset of the pandemic, he has remained consistently engaged with his fanbase through virtual performances, skits, and live streams. His work has been recognized, notably winning “Best Infused Hip-Hop Song” at the Indie Grind Music Awards for his 2021 standalone single “Foolish Money.”

In 2023, Taigenz is making waves with his latest single, “Knock My Door.” The track has been grabbing headlines, thanks to a slew of press attention and exclusive premieres from Canadian Beats, CTRL Plus Space, Music Crowns, and Moosic Entertainment, to name a few. With this release, Taigenz is not only raising the bar in hip-hop but also proving his knack for creating music and videos that resonate with listeners and viewers alike.

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