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Singer-Songwriter Lola Kristine Unveils “chapter two: when things fall apart”

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Singer-Songwriter Lola Kristine Unveils “chapter two: when things fall apart” Singer-Songwriter Lola Kristine Unveils “chapter two: when things fall apart” Singer-Songwriter Lola Kristine Unveils “chapter two: when things fall apart”

Singer-Songwriter Lola Kristine Unveils “chapter two: when things fall apart”

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This release marks part 2 of Lola’s 5-part chapter series, taking listeners on a journey of healing and self-discovery

LAGUNA BEACH, CA (November 10, 2023)Lola Kristine, the renowned artist known for her soulful and melodious compositions, is set to tug at the heartstrings of her audience with her latest work, “chapter two: when things fall apart.” This release is scheduled for release on November 10, 2023, and promises a musical exploration of themes like heartbreak, forgiveness, love, and more.


Lola Kristine is releasing 5 chapters of song pairings before launching her forthcoming album, CHAPTERS. Taking the helm as the primary producer and songwriter, Lola invites her audience into a more profound exploration of her soul’s expression through the formation of this record.

CHAPTERS unfolds as a narrative composed of five distinct chapters, each narrating a poignant piece of her path to redemption. Commencing with her journey of passionate infatuation and the ensuing heartbreak, the album delves deeper beneath the surface to reveal the essence of a fierce, untamed spirit.


“chapter two: when things fall apart” is making waves in the entertainment industry as her song “Just Friends” finds its way onto the soundtrack of the popular Canadian TV show, Children Ruin Everything Season 3, Episode 4, airing on CTV. The episode is scheduled for release on October 18th, 2023, providing Canadian audiences with a captivating sonic backdrop to the show’s narrative.

For fans across the border, the good news continues, as this Canadian broadcast will be followed by an anticipated airing in a few months on Roku and CW.

This placement marks a significant milestone in Lola Kristine’s music career, showcasing her growing presence in both the Canadian and American entertainment landscapes. Stay tuned for a mesmerizing fusion of visuals and music as “Just Friends” enhances the viewing experience for fans on both sides of the border.

“chapter two: when things fall apart” features Lola Kristine’s evocative lyrics and poignant melodies that work in tandem to paint a vivid picture of the human experience. Her music seamlessly crosses genres, offering a fusion of soul, folk, adult contemporary, Americana, R&B, and more – creating a unforgettably unique sound. Lola Kristine’s second chapter touches on a wide array of themes, from toxic relationships and denial, to the refining power of pain and loss. Her songs are a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and its capacity for love even in the face of heartbreak and despair.

The powerful fire of pain and loss served as a reawakening, leaving me in a place where I can still feel love for those who have hurt me.”

Lola Kristine, Singer-Songwriter

ABOUT “chapter two: when things fall apart”

This release unfolds like a compelling narrative, with key tracks such as “Just Friends,” “Sheets,” and “Wish You Love” guiding listeners through the highs and lows of love and loss. “Just Friends” captures the desperate plea for a lover to rekindle the electric connection they once shared, while “Sheets” offers a haunting melody, a reflection on lost dreams and fading memories. This part of Lola’s journey represents an emotional zenith that is reached with “Wish You Love,” a song born from the depths of sorrow and anger. Lola Kristine’s artistic journey in crafting these songs and her commitment to their authenticity is a testament to her talent and resilience.


Producer: Lola Kristine
Co-producer: Justin Busch
Mixing: Tyler Norris with ma6io
Mastering: Duncan Ferguson with The Voltage Exchange
Executive Producer: John Ward

Just Friends” – Songwriters: Laura Kristine Hennicke and Justin Busch; Vocals, keyboard, background vocals, synths: Lola Kristine; Bass: Jesse Stern ; Drums: Tom Kendall Hughes; Guitars: Jon Conley.

Sheets” – Songwriter: Laura Kristine Hennicke; Vocals, piano, background vocals, synths, drums & bass production: Lola Kristine; Acoustic and electric guitars: Sarven Manguiat; Background vocals: Sarven Manguiat.

Wish You Love” – Songwriter: Laura Kristine Hennicke; Producer: Lola Kristine; Co-producer: Justin Froese and Justin Busch; Vocals, piano, synths: Lola Kristine; Acoustic guitar: Justin Froese; String arrangement and performer: Andrew Joslyn.

*In addition to release of chapter two, Lola Kristine is set to take her music on tour, connecting with her audience on an intimate and personal level.*


November 17, 2023, Friday: The Beach House SB @ 7:00 pm, Seal Beach, CA, United States

December 6, 2023, Wednesday: Le Papagayo Carlsbad @ 6:30 pm, Carlsbad, CA, United States

December 14, 2023, Thursday: LOLA KRISTINE FULL BAND at SKYLOFT @ 8:00 pm, Laguna Beach, CA, United States

December 21, 2023, Thursday: Lola Kristine at the Sheldon St. Louis @ 7:30 pm, St. Louis, MO, United States

Lola Kristine "CHAPTERS" single artwork

About Lola Kristine:

Lola Kristine is a singer, pianist and songwriter based in Laguna Beach, California. Known as “the little girl with the big voice,” Lola has been staggering audiences her whole life with the depth of soul she possesses in both her timeless songwriting and penetrating singing. Hearing her sing feeds your soul and reconnects you with what is right in the world.

From humble beginnings in St. Louis, Missouri, Lola has taken her music across the country, touring with noted musicians such as Premik Russell Tubbs (Santana, Sting, James Taylor), Jeff Haynes (Joni Mitchell, Herbie Hancock) and bass virtuoso Michael Manring. She has collaborated with artists from all over the world, including Kinobe (Uganda) in a series sponsored by American Voices. In 2022, a live video of Lola performing went viral on TikTok, hitting 4.5M views which boosted her online presence. She is gaining notoriety amidst legendary rockstars such as Mick Fleetwood and Don Cromwell of Air Supply.

She is currently living in Southern California, where she can be found performing at venues and clubs all up and down the coast.

Lola has also gained notoriety as a songwriter and original artist. She was a Top Ten Finalist in the 2015 Wildflower! Songwriting Competition in Richardson, Texas. She was chosen as “Artist of the Week” in Coming Up Magazine in May 2017. Her debut EP has received recognition from Los Angeles music blogs, local radio play and placement on prominent Spotify playlists. Her song “Bring My Baby Back to Me” was a selected as a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition. Her 2020 album project From Darkness to Light gained international attention with top plays in UK and Indonesia. Each single was accompanied by a blog post. In 2022, Lola collaborated with long time friend Justin Froese on a project called “Willow and the Wave.” They released an album of meditative and inspiring pieces.
When off the stage, Lola works as a studio musician: session singing, arranging, coaching and playing keyboard. She has worked with Grammy-award winning producers. You can hear her voice on Season 5 Episode 3 of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow as Ava Sharpe’s voice singing “Poison” on the CW network. She was featured on Todd Mosby’s Open Waters (winner of ZMR’s Best Contemporary Instrumental Album) produced by Will Ackerman. She also plays a unique new instrument called the handpan and is a sponsored Novapans artist.

Lola is a Summa Cum Laude graduate from Webster University with a degree in Jazz Performance and Composition. When she is not performing, Lola coaches, teaches private lessons and holds workshops. She also loves surfing and yoga.

Lola’s true passion lies in the healing art of music. She first fell in love with music in the church. Her music is the most pure form of her soul’s expression. Her desire is to use music as a unifying and activating force. She is finding ways to bridge her passion for music with the causes she believes in. Lola wrote ‘Power of the People’ inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020, premiering it at a protest in Anaheim, CA. She created a music video with footage from the protest that was then featured in Voice of OC news. Lola’s powerful song ‘We Are One’ was featured on lran TV Network as part of the Woman Life Freedom movement in 2022.

Her next project, entitled CHAPTERS, will be released over the coming months. This is the first full-length album she has written and produced as a solo artist.

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