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Sean Lafontaine Unveils New Raucous Single, “Thorn”

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Sean Lafontaine Unveils New Raucous Single, “Thorn” Sean Lafontaine Unveils New Raucous Single, “Thorn” Sean Lafontaine Unveils New Raucous Single, “Thorn”

Sean Lafontaine Unveils New Raucous Single, “Thorn”

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Explosive Prelude to Upcoming EP “Thorn Sliver Smolder”

[Duluth, January 26, 2024] — In an evocative blend of mystery and musical prowess, Sean Lafontaine releases “Thorn,” the first single from his much-awaited EP “Thorn Sliver Smolder.” Available today, “Thorn” marks a pivotal moment in Lafontaine’s artistic journey, setting the stage for the upcoming releases of “Sliver” and “Smolder.”

In the creation of “Thorn,” Lafontaine embarked on a transformative musical journey, beginning over two and a half years ago. Initially titled “New Distortion,” the track was an incomplete rough cut that gradually evolved into something profoundly distinct. “Once I created the correct drum track and made the foundation, it started to take on a personality much different than anything before,” Lafontaine reflects.

But the inspiration behind renaming “New Distortion” to “Thorn” transcended typical creative processes, bordering on the metaphysical. Lafontaine experienced the recurring presence of a distinct personality, a metaphysical being named “Thorn,” as if it was being beamed in from an unseen realm or emerging from a hidden fabric of reality. This entity, both enigmatic and powerful, seemed inextricably linked to the evolving frequencies of his music.

What I saw, what I kept seeing, were these three figures. I kept trying to draw them, kept trying to capture them,” Lafontaine shares. It was as though these beings chose to reveal themselves through the chords and rhythms he created, guiding the transformation of the track. This unbidden, almost otherworldly, inspiration breathed life into the music, with “Thorn” shimmering forward, aligning itself with the frequencies and emotions that Lafontaine channelled into his creation.

Sean Lafontaine "Thorn" single artwork
Sean Lafontaine “Thorn” single artwork

This evolution of sound and concept culminated in the track being renamed “Thorn.” It represents a symbolic leader, dedicated to alleviating the persistent annoyances and challenges – the metaphorical ‘thorns’ – in people’s lives. And as the leader of the trio, he is the first to be released from the upcoming EP, a sonic force that seeks to eliminate life’s incessant disturbances.

“Thorn,” the latest offering from Lafontaine, wastes no time in asserting its presence, kicking in the door with ferocious energy and a no-holds-barred attitude. It’s as if the track is the raucous soundtrack to a roadhouse situated at the fiery gates of hell, where the night never ends and the intensity never wanes. With bombastic production that encapsulates the sheer transcendence of its guitar work, “Thorn” is a relentless assault on the senses. The level of shredding and riffing isn’t just impressive; it’s a visceral experience that demands your full attention. Listening to the guitar work, your face inevitably contorts in awe—if it doesn’t, you might as well be six feet under. The track evokes a wild image: Stevie Ray Vaughan and Robert Johnson, fueled by a backroom high, stepping into the spotlight for a blistering guitar duel. “Thorn” isn’t just a song; it’s a full-blown musical inferno, burning with a passion and power that’s rare to behold.

The upcoming EP “Thorn Sliver Smolder,” exclusively instrumental, is anticipated to showcase Lafontaine’s masterful storytelling through music. Each track promises a unique journey, weaving a tapestry of emotions and stories without words. “Thorn” sets the tone for this exploration, inviting listeners into Lafontaine’s world of intricate melodies and profound narratives.

Lafontaine’s current album, M.M.I., recovered from its initial release in the late ’90s and re-released in October 2021, provides context to his evolving musical saga. It encapsulates a journey marked by personal and professional upheavals, showcasing his resilience and creativity. Already enjoying a great deal of fanfare, it’s likely that Lafontaine’s current discography is only going to continue to swell with the arrival of his new single and upcoming releases.

Listen to “Thorn” today and prepare for the journey that “Thorn Sliver Smolder” promises. The EP’s subsequent singles, “Sliver” and “Smolder,” will be released over the next few months, each unfolding a new chapter in Lafontaine’s musical narrative.

For more information, to listen to “Thorn,” or to explore Sean’s journey further, visit Sean Lafontaine’s Media Kit.

Sean Lafontaine
Sean Lafontaine

About Sean Lafontaine

In the relentless march of time, where dreams risk being consumed by reality, Sean Lafontaine emerges as a beacon of artistic resilience and unwavering creativity. Born in 1971 in Detroit and honed on the barroom floors of Duluth, Minnesota, his music journey mirrors his survival against the odds. An outsider, Lafontaine’s music echoes his tumultuous life, transforming personal strife into a tapestry of Rock, Hard Rock, Prog Rock, Metal, and Post Rock.

His guitar, more than an instrument, was his sanctuary amid chaos, articulating the unspoken struggles of his youth. Influenced by legends like Robert Johnson and Led Zeppelin, his music is imbued with authenticity and the grit of his working-class roots. Lafontaine’s compositions often carry themes that reflect on his experience as an outcast.

Growing up, his bond with music was initially shaped by rare demos – getting his hands on Metallica’s Kill ‘Em All before anyone else had heard them. Exactly how, no one knows. Fast forward a few years when he started working the doors at iconic venues like The Cabooze and The Joint. These experiences enriched his artistic palette, blending the energy of punk with progressive rock’s intricate melodies.

The 2000s marked a period of loss and rediscovery for Lafontaine. Despite the economic downturn costing him much of his equipment and unreleased work, he persevered, finding new expression and evolving his music. His LP M.M.I., lost and then re-released in 2021, encapsulates this journey.

Now, Lafontaine is set to unveil his latest EP, “Thorn, Sliver, Smolder,” a narrative-driven instrumental masterpiece reflecting his artistic evolution. Each track is an immersive experience, echoing his journey from outcast to a purveyor of musical landscapes. For Lafontaine, music transcends being an art form; it’s a lifeline, a voice for the voiceless, and a symbol of hope. His story and music remind us that creativity’s light never dims, even in the darkest times. Stay tuned for an experience that resonates with the core of human existence.

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