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One Hundred Moons Drop Cover of Soundgarden’s “4th of July”

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One Hundred Moons Drop Cover of Soundgarden’s “4th of July” One Hundred Moons Drop Cover of Soundgarden’s “4th of July” One Hundred Moons Drop Cover of Soundgarden’s “4th of July”

One Hundred Moons Drop Cover of Soundgarden’s “4th of July”

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First of Two 90’s Hits Covered by Group Premiered Yesterday on Canadian Beats

[Toronto, ON – March 08, 2024] Emerging force One Hundred Moons unveils their latest single, a mesmerizing rendition of Soundgarden‘s “4th of July,” from their eagerly anticipated EP “TAKE TWO.” This EP promises a nostalgic yet fresh take on ’90s classics (including a hot reinterpretation of another yet-to-be-revealed banger). Their version of “4th of July” showcases the band’s ability to take shoegaze, dream pop, and post rock sounds and apply them ingeniously to classic tracks that are sure to bring listeners back.

Celebrated for their self-titled debut album’s success and their nomination as Mississauga Music Awards Finalists for Best New Band, One Hundred Moons continues to push musical boundaries. Their history of rich musical endeavors highlights a remarkable transition from metal/punk roots to a refined sound marked by DIY ethics, impeccable craftsmanship, and technical prowess, ensuring live performances replicate the complex layers of their studio recordings.

NJ Borreta, with roles encompassing drums, keys, and guitar, had this to offer regarding the group’s latest effort: “Having grown-up in the nineties, our musical tastes were shaped by the artists of that era so the impressions that they left on us are reflected in our song writing. We wanted to capture the intangible reverie of that era and apply our take on it. We thought about which artists and songs from that era we could pay our tribute and went with two tracks that were originally very different from each other: with Soundgarden bringing forth one of their sludgiest songs ‘Fourth of July’.”

Which is no small feat: One Hundred Moons crafts a sonic landscape that is as vast as it is meticulously constructed, showcasing a level of technical prowess that sets them apart in the contemporary music scene. Their sound, a complex tapestry woven with elements of shoegaze, dream pop, and post-rock, demonstrates not just a mastery of their instruments, but an innovative approach to composition. Utilizing loop pedals with a precision that borders on the supernatural, they create layers of sound that are both ethereal and grounded, inviting listeners into a world that is immersive and infinitely intricate. This is music that doesn’t just resonate; it transcends.

It’s likely what’s garnered them the groundswell of support they’ve been enjoying since their debut in 2021. In their 2021 review, No Clean Singing heralded One Hundred Moons’ self-titled album as a journey of unexpected delights and sonic exploration, writing, “You’ll be caught by surprise at the almost post-metal drudgings of ‘Simulated Machines’ and downright flabbergasted by the late-career-Mogwai-meets-Morricone instrumental ‘Future Retro’.” They went on to add, “It’s these fun little discoveries spread throughout the album that elevates it from ‘a very good shoegaze album’ to a downright amazing musical experience.

As “TAKE TWO” gears up for digital release, One Hundred Moons invites fans and newcomers alike to immerse themselves in their dream-like interpretations of ’90s hits. With live shows on the horizon from now until May, the band encourages audiences to stream the EP, attend performances, and stay tuned to their social media for more surprises to come.

Experience the intangible reverie of One Hundred Moons’ music and join them in celebrating the release of “TAKE TWO.” It’s not just a tribute to the ’90s; it’s a gateway to the next big thing in indie music. Don’t miss out – the journey begins now.


One Hundred Moons "TAKE TWO" album artwork

About One Hundred Moons

ONE HUNDRED MOONS is a Toronto-based psychedelic band that has emerged in the Canadian music scene. Comprising of four members – Collin Young, Jen Vella, Justin Hunt, and NJ Borreta – this quartet crafts ethereal compositions that take listeners on a mesmerizing sonic journey. Their music is characterized by cascading walls of reverb drenched guitars, enchanting vocals, and hypnotic rhythms. Drawing inspiration from both the shoegaze luminaries of the past and the electronic experimentation of the future, ONE HUNDRED MOONS paints a vast textured soundscape.

Formed in the heart of Toronto’s eclectic music community, 2021 saw them unleash their immersive live experience. In the world of post-rock, they stand out from the crowd immediately, pushing the boundaries of what the genre can achieve.

ONE HUNDRED MOONS invites you to join them on a cosmic journey through their otherworldly melodies and introspective lyrics. Prepare to be spellbound by the atmospheric compositions that linger in your mind long after the last note fades.

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