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New York’s Art Punks Tea Eater & Chicago Garage Rockers Waltzer Unite To Release Split 7″ Vinyl

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New York’s Art Punks Tea Eater & Chicago Garage Rockers Waltzer Unite To Release Split 7″ Vinyl New York’s Art Punks Tea Eater & Chicago Garage Rockers Waltzer Unite To Release Split 7″ Vinyl New York’s Art Punks Tea Eater & Chicago Garage Rockers Waltzer Unite To Release Split 7″ Vinyl

New York’s Art Punks Tea Eater & Chicago Garage Rockers Waltzer Unite To Release Split 7″ Vinyl

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[New York, NY – September 15, 2023]: New York’s art punks Tea Eater & Chicago-based garage rockers Waltzer unite for a special limited edition split 7″ vinyl & digital release today.

Tea Eater’s latest single “Cosmic Coconut,” cracks open the cosmic egg, immersing us in all the VHS blue that seeps out. The last and longest track off of the NYC art punk in ’s anticipated album, Obsession, produced by Drew Vandenburg (Of Montreal/Faye Webster/Bambara), and featuring Vram Kherlopian and bass and Alex Tuisku on drums, blends surf rock bass, doo wop backing vocals, fuzzed out slide 12 string guitar shredding culminating in a wall-of-sound crescendo reminiscent of Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd.

The accompanying music video brings frontwoman Tarra Thiessen (of bands Gustaf & Sharkmuffin) back to the mall of her pre-teen years, only to be pursued by her childhood collection of McDonald’s beanie babies, descending from the sky in a coconut shell. Shot and edited by Jay Malone at The Palisades Mall in Nyack, NY, using a VHS camera, the video draws inspiration from 1980s horror film Possibly in Michigan and Chopping Mall. They will be hitting the road with Waltzer following the 7” release with a backing band including Lindsey Ann Lawless on bass, Vram Kherlopian on lead guitar, and Abdon Valdez on drums.

Waltzer has a suitcase packed full of freaky, fun, dance-inducing chaos and a soft serve twist of sung and spoken vocals. Ready to begin their journey into junior album territory with their much anticipated new single “Act Like Me.” Always racing against the clock, and creating art without traditional resources. The energy behind the music and visuals feel exactly how they were made – just risky enough to thrill you with an adrenaline rush. “Act Like Me” feels like trespassing in an abandoned building, being struck by color and detail as you quietly slink around each corner; eyeing the doors to escape; carefully listening for cops and squatters. Energy that encapsulates listeners with enough fear and awe to satisfy the thrill seeker in anyone. Just know that when you start dancing, crying, or doing both in unison- it’s entirely intentional.

Tea Eater and Waltzer "Cosmic Coconut" single artwork
Tea Eater and Waltzer “Cosmic Coconut” single artwork

Waltzer is the musical moniker of Sophie Sputnik– formerly a swampy southern suburbanite, now Chicago based indie rock musician. She’s backed by three very powerful players, Sarah Weddle on drums, Aunt Kelly on bass, and Kristyn Chapman (AKA Krispy) on lead guitar. They released an album called Time Traveler over the pandemic, shortly after moving to Chicago in 2018 to escape the humidity and conservative egos of the “sunshine” state.

Time Traveler was inspired by her deep adoration for Orbison, Etta, and Harrison. Songs like “Lantern” and “Destroyer” found their soul in producer Chris Devlin‘s (of Rookie) home and recorded on tape at Treehouse records- which has had much success locally and nationally. Waltzer has toured the US extensively including festivals like Boise’s Treefort, SXSW and more. Notable collaborations include Puddles Pity Party covering their hit song “Destroyer” and Wayne White (Beauty is Embarrassing + Peewee’s Playhouse) helping to create a music video for “Eugene.”

They hope to write songs that speak to people who wrestle with death and failure. Although the lyrics get heavy, Waltzer’s stage performance has a sarcastic undertone which reverberates through the record with the intent to help the listener stay afloat. Her message is clear, “Life is really weird and hard / I’m messed up too / Let’s get through it together and laugh at all the weird stuff.”

“Cosmic Coconut” and “Act Like Me” are scheduled for release on September 15, 2023, via A Diamond Heart Productions/Amethyst Trax (Symphonic Distribution) and La Fam Recordings. They will be celebrating the 7” release on September 19 at Alphaville in Brooklyn with support from Heavy Halo, and Tetchy and will embark on a US tour to the south and midwest to promote their 7” at the end of September.

‘Cosmic Coconut’/’Act Like Me’ (Pre-save)

Cosmic Coconut Music Video

Act Like Me Music Video

Cosmic Coconut/Act Like Me Split 7” (private) Soundcloud playlist

One Sheet


9/19 Brooklyn, NY @ Alphaville with Tetchy and Heavy Halo

9/21 Providence, RI @ Lost Bag with Scaffolding

9/22 Jersey City, NJ @ Art House with The Vaughns and Cantations

9/23 Baltimore, MD @ Joe Squared with Adjective Animal and $100 Girlfriend

9/24 Asheville, NC @ Fleetwoods with Floral Hygienists

9/25 Atlanta, GA @ 529 with Fun isn’t Fair and Ugly Joy

9/26 Athens, GA @ Flicker Theatre with Commune and Honey Puppy

9/27 Charlotte, NC @ Snug Harbor with Lofidels and Paint Fumes (DJ)

9/28 Cincinnati, OH @ The Comet with Future Wife

9/29 Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle with Edit McKenna and Trak Qwn (DJ)

Tea Eater online:

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Waltzer online:

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | TikTok | YouTube | Bandcamp

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