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Nessa P to Electrify Fest Fest 4, Alongside Headliner hellogoodbye

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Nessa P to Electrify Fest Fest 4, Alongside Headliner hellogoodbye Nessa P to Electrify Fest Fest 4, Alongside Headliner hellogoodbye Nessa P to Electrify Fest Fest 4, Alongside Headliner hellogoodbye

Nessa P to Electrify Fest Fest 4, Alongside Headliner hellogoodbye

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New Project in the Works…

[Los Angeles, California – Aug 25, 2023]: Nessa P is confirmed as part of the lineup for Fest Fest 4 at Temblor Brewing Company, in Bakersfield, California, where she will deliver an out-of-the-norm DJ set. Joining her on the festival’s three stages will be a handpicked lineup of over 40 bands and artists, including the melodic charm of Hellogoodbye, the genre-fusing artistry of Andrés, the whimsical sounds of Fatty Cakes and the Puff Pastries, and the hard-hitting rhythms of Blade Trip, Cheridomingo, and Scoundrel.

This diverse array of talent underscores Fest Fest’s commitment to showcasing both emerging voices and established luminaries in the music world, and explains why it’s grown to become a beacon for diverse and avant-garde musical exploration. It’s fitting, then, to include Nessa P on the lineup, an artist whose multifaceted approach to music defies easy categorization.

Her upcoming live performance at Fest Fest 4 is poised to be an electrifying spectacle, showcasing her unique blend of rock-inspired melodies and pulsating EDM rhythms. But it’s not just the sound that sets her apart; Nessa P will be taking a departure from the conventional with an extraordinary DJ set, offering an immersive and unforgettable experience for those in attendance.

Career Highlights:

  • Production of electronic dance music, infused with funky electric rhythms that defy easy classification.
  • Collaboration with drummer Melanie Verrico in the band Jezabel.
  • An indefinite solo project, marked by acclaimed singles released in 2023 including “FEEL,” “LIFE,” and “Space Parade.”
  • A significant presence in the EDM scene, with recent attendance at Tomorrowland to deepen her understanding and influence her unique sound.
  • Ownership of Órale Audio studio, where she fosters creativity by producing music for other artists.

In the realm of contemporary music, few artists embody the kaleidoscopic diversity of Nessa P. A virtuoso who defies conventional boundaries, she navigates the musical landscape with preternatural fluidity. From her eclectic production of electronic dance music, to her collaborative endeavors and indefinable solo project, Nessa P’s oeuvre is a rich tapestry that resonates with a broad auditory palette.

Equally adept at keys, vocals, guitar, bass, synths, and beat-making, Nessa P is a dynamo who’s both mastered the stage and supported others through playing various instruments on tour dates. Her transition from rock-inspired music to an EDM-influenced catalog encapsulates her pursuit of exploration and innovation. With a particular love for the Maschine+ from Native Instruments, Nessa P exemplifies quick creativity and innovation in music production.


I feel like I know who I am, and where I’m going… while I am always nervous about what others will think, this next project is about not giving in to fear or other types of programming that we’ve learned through socialization and other types of conditioning. In this part of my life, I’m daring to ask the universe for things, and to believe in myself enough to feel that I deserve good things to happen to me!

Nessa P, artist & producer


Her ownership of Órale Audio studio further attests to her multifaceted prowess, where she not only nurtures her own soundscapes but also acts as a catalyst for other artists. Nessa P’s music is a living testament to her dynamic range, a harmonious dance of the old and the new, the known and the unexplored. In an industry often confined by labels and genres, her work is a compelling reminder of the endless possibilities of sound, and the magic that ensues when an artist is unafraid to traverse them.

V13 Promotions is thrilled to announce the signing of Nessa P, an artist that transcends genres and convention, to its roster. Nessa P is poised to embark on an exciting new creative venture signalling a fresh direction that holds significant promise for both the artist and her fans. The details of her upcoming project are under wraps, but what can be revealed hints at a thoughtful fusion of visuals, lyrics, and sound. This endeavor aims to present a cohesive artistic expression, reflecting Nessa P’s multifaceted background. V13 Promotions is excited for the coming months, when more details can finally be revealed.

Fest Fest Flyer

About Nessa P:

Nessa P, a multi-instrumentalist and dynamic force in the contemporary music scene, has carved a niche that transcends genres and defies classification. With a background rich in collaboration and solo exploration, her work is a harmonious blend of electronic dance rhythms, rock influences, and an indefinable passion for innovation. A graduate in music from Bethany University, Nessa has spent years living among professional musicians, learning, playing, and evolving. Her EDM-influenced catalog, marked by hit singles such as “FEEL,” “LIFE,” and “Space Parade,” signifies a bold transition in her artistic journey. As the owner of Órale Audio studio, she not only shapes her own soundscapes but fosters creativity in others. Now partnered with V13 Promotions, Nessa P is set to embark on an exciting new chapter, promising to deliver a cohesive and groundbreaking masterpiece that continues to push the boundaries of musical expression. Her upcoming performance at Fest Fest Four and teased collaborations hint at an exhilarating future, solidifying her place as an artist unafraid to explore the endless possibilities of sound.

For media inquiries, interview requests, and booking, please contact:

Lance Marwood

Co-Founder & President, V13 Promotions

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