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Lone Kodiak Release Long-Awaited Debut Vinyl ‘If We Have a Future’

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Lone Kodiak Release Long-Awaited Debut Vinyl ‘If We Have a Future’ Lone Kodiak Release Long-Awaited Debut Vinyl ‘If We Have a Future’ Lone Kodiak Release Long-Awaited Debut Vinyl ‘If We Have a Future’

Lone Kodiak Release Long-Awaited Debut Vinyl ‘If We Have a Future’

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Album Release Show Nearly Sold-Out at Permanent Records Roadhouse Tonight!

[LOS ANGELES, February 9, 2024] – Today is a defining moment as Lone Kodiak unveils their eagerly awaited debut album, If We Have a Future. It’s the climax of a journey that started with the groundbreaking single “The Corner Booth (feat. Hunter Leigh Allen of Chase Petra).” Dropped on July 7, 2023, that track marked the band’s foray into uncharted territories of sound and emotion. Each subsequent release has been a stepping stone, building up to this grand crescendo.

Lone Kodiak’s If We Have A Future encapsulates their extraordinary journey in the alt-rock scene. The album artfully navigates between the epic and the intimate, drawing comparisons to bands like Band of Horses and Deftones. The album’s opener, “Let’s Hear It for the Kid,” starts off like a hauntingly beautiful funeral dirge, setting a tone of cinematic splendor reminiscent of Young Widows. This leads into “Breads on Oak,” which balances punk rawness with tragic, epic atmosphere.

The band is remarkably adept at balancing hopelessness and resilience, with tracks like “Water Under The Bridge (I Jumped Off Of)” and “Obvious States” delving deep into personal turmoil and existential reflections. “Cold Shoulder” portrays despair at its deepest, while “The Corner Booth” and “XOXO” offer more upbeat, groove-laden contrasts. “Canary” and “Inner Monologue” showcase Lone Kodiak’s mastery in building tension and delivering cathartic releases.

The album concludes with “Werewolf Girl!,” a cheeky yet profound finale that captures the band’s essence: creating something extraordinary out of life’s absurdities. This vinyl release is not just an album; it’s a testament to Lone Kodiak’s exceptional artistry and their ability to succeed in a complex, often confounding world.

With If We Have A Future, Lone Kodiak has created a masterful convergence of raw emotion, artistic integrity, and groundbreaking sound. The album is an unfiltered odyssey through their musical evolution, a bold declaration of creative rebellion, and a relentless testament to artistic metamorphosis.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of Lone Kodiak’s landmark event tonight at Permanent Roadhouse Studios. With only 500 copies of their vinyl masterpiece If We Have A Future available – which are already selling fast – this is an exclusive opportunity to own a piece of alt-rock history. For those who can’t make it to the show, or missed out on preorders, you’ll have to wait: the album will only be going live on all streaming platforms later this month.

For your chance to listen to the album in full NOW, you can stream it privately here.

Be sure to nab your spot at the show, grab your limited-edition vinyl, and experience the band’s raw and revolutionary spirit. The group has been single-handedly turning the alt-rock scene on its ear: for proof, look no further than the coverage they’ve been receiving below.

Lone Kodiak "If We Have A Future" album artwork
Lone Kodiak “If We Have A Future” album artwork

Recent Press

Ghost Cult (Album Premiere)

The respected platform gave eager listeners an exclusive early access to the long awaited debut album.

Flex Music Blog (Feature Article)
Lone Kodiak dazzled in a feature article on Flex Music Blog, where they unpacked the layers behind their latest tracks, showcasing their dynamic artistry and the compelling stories that fuel their music.

Music Crowns (Interview)
In an intimate sit-down with Music Crowns, Lone Kodiak revealed the inspirations and aspirations driving their unique sound. This insightful interview gave fans a deeper look into the band’s creative heart.

BraveWords (Single Premiere)
Listeners were privileged with an exclusive, inaugural preview of the explosive single “Inner Monologue” over at the highly esteemed BraveWords.

Apologue Podcast (Feature Interview)
In this engaging interview, Parker delved into the band’s creative process, the stories behind their evocative songs, and shared personal insights, offering fans a unique perspective on the band’s artistic journey.

Vents Magazine (Single Premiere)
Vents Magazine hosted an exclusive premiere for “Werewolf Girl!.” The magazine heralded Lone Kodiak’s innovation in combining emotive resonance with sonic audacity.

Idioteq (Premiere)

Lone Kodiak was featured on Idioteq for a premiere, earning praise for their unique take on alternative rock and bringing fresh energy to the genre.

Click Roll Boom (Single Review)

This UK outlet found “The Corner Booth” to be a magnitude of exquisite musicianship and potent songwriting: “Intimate and accessible while also lavish and anthemic, Lone Kodiak’s raw energy and rich melodies demand you take notice.” – Amy

It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine (Single Premiere)

The European magazine rolled out the red carpet for “Let’s Hear It For The Kid,” describing Lone Kodiak as evoking “the grand intimacy of a powerful animal lumbering through a vast, unforgiving wilderness.”

These are just some highlights. For the full list of the band’s placements, including such publications as American Songwriter, Atwood Magazine, Pop Matters, and much more, check out their media kit.

If you’d like to see YOUR outlet added to this list, contact us.

About Lone Kodiak

There’s something singular about Lone Kodiak.

Founded by Portland natives Dainéal Parker (vocals, guitars) and Daniel Alden (bass), the group found revelation with the inclusion of their drummer, Josh Harris. Drawing inspiration and comparisons alike from iconic bands like The Cure, Hum, The Smashing Pumpkins, Explosions In The Sky, Young Widows, and Deftones, the group embarked on a creative journey during the pandemic, molding a distinct sonic identity that has marked them out as the next new act to watch.

Whether trying to nail down their sound or find another group as hardworking as them, the band stands alone as their namesake would against a barren backdrop. And, of course, the East LA outfit doesn’t fit in with the pomp and bluster of the Hollywood rock scene, unconcerned as they are with clout, glory, or grandeur.

The quartet (with guitarist Ben Palmer squaring the circle) combines the grit of East LA with the sublime wildness of the Pacific Northwest – a group that is at once solitary, capable, dangerous, and self-assured.

Click Here for Lone Kodiak’s Official V13 Promo Media Kit

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