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Lone Kodiak Release Ferocious New Single, “Inner Monologue,” Exclusively Premiered On Bravewords

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Lone Kodiak Release Ferocious New Single, “Inner Monologue,” Exclusively Premiered On Bravewords Lone Kodiak Release Ferocious New Single, “Inner Monologue,” Exclusively Premiered On Bravewords Lone Kodiak Release Ferocious New Single, “Inner Monologue,” Exclusively Premiered On Bravewords

Lone Kodiak Release Ferocious New Single, “Inner Monologue,” Exclusively Premiered On Bravewords

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The East LA Group Announces Upcoming Album ‘If We Have A Future’ for Early 2024

[LOS ANGELES, November 17, 2023] — East LA’s electrifying quartet, Lone Kodiak, erupts onto the music scene with their explosive new single, “Inner Monologue,” premiering exclusively on Bravewords. This groundbreaking release is a bold manifesto of artistic authenticity, capturing the hearts of audiences and charting the band’s raw, impassioned journey to self-discovery. Defying the norm, Lone Kodiak rebels against the pressure to conform to transient market trends and algorithmic dictates.

Accompanying this momentous release is the exhilarating announcement of their upcoming album, If We Have A Future, set to shake up the musical landscape in early 2024. This album, poised to be the crowning achievement of Lone Kodiak, encapsulates the band’s unwavering dedication to authenticity and dynamic creativity. Meticulously sculpted since their pre-pandemic breakthrough, If We Have A Future promises to be a masterful convergence of raw emotion, artistic integrity, and groundbreaking sound, heralding a new era for the band and for music aficionados everywhere.

Building on this anticipation, “Inner Monologue” is the latest glimpse into the depth and intensity that If We Have A Future promises. This single stands as a potent defiance against the insidious self-doubt that pervades the artistic and personal realms, setting the tone for what is to come in this groundbreaking album. This track forges a narrative steeped in unfiltered honesty, breaking away from the allure of mainstream appeal to embrace raw, unadulterated truth. It navigates a deeply introspective journey, confronting and dismantling the internal critic. This process transforms a candid acknowledgment of inner struggles into a powerful declaration of identity, shunning the spiral of internalized shame and transcending traditional songwriting conventions that prioritize appeal over authenticity.

Of course, these themes are nothing without the sheer auditory magnitude and sonic force the band has at their disposal. In discovering what they truly like and love and want to make, the result is a sound that is undeniably theirs – unendingly tragic, unerringly unapologetic, and most importantly, utterly real. It’s the sound of a band that has stopped marching to the beat of anyone else’s drum and started embracing the rhythm of their own hearts. They’ve turned their backs on the notion of ‘appeal’.

The result is a body of work that doesn’t just echo in the ears but reverberates in the bones. It’s a clarion call to all those who have ever felt the need to mute their uniqueness in a world that often favors the generic. With such a dangerous move, of being authentic in the age of attention and algorithm, the band doesn’t want to step into the limelight; they want to set the stage ablaze with the fire of their genuine spirit, inviting listeners to join them in celebrating the beauty of unadulterated self-expression.

“Inner Monologue” is not just a standalone triumph but the latest crescendo in Lone Kodiak’s symphony of hits that have been resonating across the media landscape. From the seismic impact of “The Corner Booth” (feat. Chase Petra) to the soul-stirring “Let’s Hear it for The Kid,” and the electrifying reinterpretation in “Make It A Weapon (Catastrophzr Version),” each release has been a testament to the band’s evolving artistry and growing acclaim.

October’s “Werewolf Girl!” further solidified their place in the alternative rock pantheon. Premiering on Vents Magazine, this track intricately wove light and shadow, using its vibrant narrative to delve into profound themes, perfectly capturing Lone Kodiak’s signature blend of emotive storytelling and atmospheric melodies.

Now, all eyes are on the horizon as Lone Kodiak prepares to unveil their debut full-length album, If We Have A Future, slated for release in 2024. Expected to be a raw, unfiltered odyssey through their musical evolution, If We Have A Future is shaping up to be more than just an album – it’s a bold declaration of their creative rebellion. This record is set to carve a new path in the alternative rock landscape, serving as a relentless testament to artistic metamorphosis and a defiant challenge to industry status quos.

Dive into the Lone Kodiak phenomenon, as celebrated by Idioteq, Ghost Cult, Buzzbands LA, and It’s Psychedelic, Baby Magazine. Tune into their latest feature on the Apologue Podcast. Witness for yourself the indomitable spirit of a band that, despite pressures to conform, has boldly embraced their authentic sound. Join the conversation, explore their discography, and be part of the journey as Lone Kodiak redefines the essence of alternative rock. The question isn’t just whether they’re the next big thing – it’s whether you’re ready to be part of their groundbreaking journey.

Lone Kodiak "Inner Monologue" single artwork
Lone Kodiak “Inner Monologue” single artwork

Recent Press

BraveWords (Single Premiere)
Listeners were privileged with an exclusive, inaugural preview of the explosive new single “Inner Monologue” over at the highly esteemed BraveWords.

Apologue Podcast (Feature Interview)
Dainéal Parker, Lone Kodiak’s vocalist and guitarist, recently appeared on the Apologue Podcast. In this engaging interview, Parker delved into the band’s creative process, the stories behind their evocative songs, and shared personal insights, offering fans a unique perspective on the band’s artistic journey.

Vents Magazine (Single Premiere)
For the release of their roaring new single, “Werewolf Girl,” Vents Magazine hosted an exclusive premiere, capturing the essence of the track with acclaim. The magazine heralded Lone Kodiak’s innovation in combining emotive resonance with sonic audacity.

Idioteq (Premiere)

Lone Kodiak was featured on Idioteq for a premiere, earning praise for their unique take on alternative rock and bringing fresh energy to the genre.

Canadian Beats (“Passport” Feature)

The Canadian media outlet not only exclusively premiered “The Corner Booth” but followed up with a detailed “Passport” piece for their next single, “Let’s Hear It For The Kid,” highlighting the band’s captivating blend of immense punch and tonal richness.

Click Roll Boom (Single Review)

This UK outlet found “The Corner Booth” to be a magnitude of exquisite musicianship and potent songwriting: “Intimate and accessible while also lavish and anthemic, Lone Kodiak’s raw energy and rich melodies demand you take notice.” – Amy

Ghost Cult (Guest Blog)

The respected platform invited Lone Kodiak to share insights into their creative process and influences behind “Let’s Hear It For The Kid,” offering readers a behind-the-scenes look at the band’s electric new track.

It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine (Single Premiere)

The European magazine rolled out the red carpet for “Let’s Hear It For The Kid,” describing Lone Kodiak as evoking “the grand intimacy of a powerful animal lumbering through a vast, unforgiving wilderness.”

These are just some highlights. For the full list of the band’s placements in the past couple of months, check out their media kit.

If you’d like to see YOUR outlet added to this list, contact us today for an interview or more details!

About Lone Kodiak

There’s something singular about Lone Kodiak.

Founded by Portland natives Dainéal Parker (vocals, guitars) and Daniel Alden (bass), the group found revelation with the inclusion of their drummer, Josh Harris. Drawing inspiration and comparisons alike from iconic bands like The Cure, Hum, The Smashing Pumpkins, Explosions In The Sky, Young Widows, and Deftones, the group embarked on a creative journey during the pandemic, molding a distinct sonic identity that has marked them out as the next new act to watch.

Whether trying to nail down their sound or find another group as hardworking as them, the band stands alone as their namesake would against a barren backdrop. And, of course, the East LA outfit doesn’t fit in with the pomp and bluster of the Hollywood rock scene, unconcerned as they are with clout, glory, or grandeur.

The quartet (with guitarist Ben Palmer squaring the circle) combines the grit of East LA with the sublime wildness of the Pacific Northwest – a group that is at once solitary, capable, dangerous, and self-assured.

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