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Least We Got Shoes Release Second Single “Hangman” from Upcoming Debut Album ‘Chapter 1’

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Least We Got Shoes Release Second Single “Hangman” from Upcoming Debut Album ‘Chapter 1’ Least We Got Shoes Release Second Single “Hangman” from Upcoming Debut Album ‘Chapter 1’ Least We Got Shoes Release Second Single “Hangman” from Upcoming Debut Album ‘Chapter 1’

Least We Got Shoes Release Second Single “Hangman” from Upcoming Debut Album ‘Chapter 1’

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[Shipley, March 1, 2024] — Least We Got Shoes, the self-proclaimed purveyors of “boxcar rock,” are poised to unveil their highly anticipated second single, “Hangman,” as a precursor to their forthcoming debut album, Chapter 1. Following the resounding success of their debut single, “Don’t Go,” which made waves with its premiere on Pop Off, the band is ready to captivate audiences once again with their distinctive sound and evocative, poignant storytelling.

“Hangman” is effortlessly captivating, beckoning listeners into a world inspired by spaghetti western films and the harsh lifestyle of a cowboy. Striding rhythms and haunting melodies gallop astride frontman Wayne Frear’s fiery delivery of his pitch-black verses. Least We Got Shoes’ ability to seamlessly blend influences from various musical genres into a cohesive and captivating sonic experience means this is all delivered with an edge that defies categorization, offering listeners a thrilling journey through sound.

In crafting this anthem, Least We Got Shoes has tapped into a universal longing – the yearning for freedom, for adventure, for a life lived at the edge of possibility. “Hangman” is a call to arms, an invitation to explore the uncharted territories of our own lives. It’s a reminder that, even in our modern world, there remains a wildness within us all, waiting to be unleashed. It’s a journey that straddles time, a bridge between the dusty trails of the Wild West and the asphalt paths of our digital age.

Formed in Shipley, Least We Got Shoes has quickly garnered attention for their unique brand of boxcar rock, characterized by its raw energy, soulful lyricism, and unapologetic authenticity. Comprising Frontman Wayne Frear, guitarist Ben Martin, Bassist Andy Parkinson and Drummer Johnny C, the band has established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the UK music scene, captivating audiences with their electrifying live performances and infectious charisma.

Gearing up for a bustling year filled with live performances and new music drops, Least We Got Shoes is gearing up for the growing excitement behind Chapter 1, committed to crafting deeply resonant tunes for their fans. With “Hangman,” they invite audiences to embark on a sonic journey through the untamed landscapes of their imaginations, where every note serves as a testament to the enduring power of storytelling through song.

“Hangman” is available on all major streaming platforms. Stay tuned for further updates on Least We Got Shoes’ debut album Chapter 1 and follow the band as they continue to captivate audiences with their unrivaled passion and creativity.

Least We Got Shoes "Hangman" single artwork

About Least We Got Shoes

Hailing from the hardworking streets of Shipley, West Yorkshire, Least We Got Shoes is a band steeped in authenticity. Their music, a gritty fusion they call ‘boxcar rock‘, blends rock, bluegrass, Americana, and dashes of metal and punk, creating a sound as true to their roots as the ground beneath their feet.

Frontman Wayne Frear embodies the band’s spirit. His lyrics, drawn from his own life, are honest and unfiltered, echoing the likes of Johnny Cash in his straightforward take on life’s absurdities. Ben Martin, or B.D., brings a bluesy depth to their sound, influenced by his working-class upbringing and shaped by legends like Eric Clapton and B.B. King.

Bassist Andy Parkinson, a fellow Shipley native, swapped his mechanic tools for the bass guitar, now running two local music venues. His journey echoes the self-made path of musicians like Bruce Springsteen. Drummer Johnny C adds an eclectic beat, with a background as varied as their music, drawing on influences from family trips to the Himalayas to the raw energy of The Clash.

Together, these four musicians have created an album that’s a mix of real-life tales and larger-than-life adventures. Their songs capture the essence of freedom-seeking drifters, the resilience of cowboys, and the audacity of Vegas’s night owls. It’s music for the wanderers, the rebels, and anyone who’s ever felt on the outskirts of the mainstream.

Least We Got Shoes isn’t just playing songs; they’re narrating stories from the fringes of life. They invite listeners to join them in embracing the raw, unpolished truths of existence, shared through the powerful rhythm of ‘boxcar rock’. Their music is a call to the wild, a homage to the spirit of those who walk their own path, resonating with the heartbeat of working-class Shipley and beyond.

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