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Jarrid Lee Shares Family’s Story on National Day for Truth & Reconciliation in New Guest Blog

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Jarrid Lee Shares Family’s Story on National Day for Truth & Reconciliation in New Guest Blog Jarrid Lee Shares Family’s Story on National Day for Truth & Reconciliation in New Guest Blog Jarrid Lee Shares Family’s Story on National Day for Truth & Reconciliation in New Guest Blog

Jarrid Lee Shares Family’s Story on National Day for Truth & Reconciliation in New Guest Blog

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Stories of resilience & determination echoed on upcoming single “I Don’t Back Down,”due Oct 10th

[SEP 30, 2023 – SASKATOON, SASKATCHEWAN] – Renowned Plains Cree musician Jarrid Lee is set to captivate your hearts and stir your souls with the release of his anticipated new single, “I Don’t Back Down,” available everywhere Oct 10th. Known for his genuine country rock music that reverberates with the authenticity and energy of his Indigenous heritage, Jarrid Lee is using the spotlight of National Day for Truth & Reconciliation to both illuminate his family’s history with Canada’s residential schools and announce this soul-stirring single. In a time where resilience and truth are more important than ever, Jarrid crafts melodies that are as evocative as they are electrifying. With a reputation built on his unwavering love for hockey, his country, and his community, Jarrid Lee is an artist who continually proves that he’s not just here to play music—he’s here to make history.

Jarrid’s retelling of his family’s past is captured in the Guest Blog for Canadian Beats. In this blog, he candidly shares his family’s haunting history with Canada’s residential schools—a narrative he courageously insists on bringing to light. This is not your typical narrative; it’s a gripping, soul-baring account that lays bare his family’s painful history with Canada’s residential schools. Grounded in his Plains Cree roots, Jarrid’s words weave a tapestry of resilience, loss, and the unwavering commitment to bring hidden truths into the light. It’s an indispensable part of the conversation around National Day for Truth & Reconciliation—a part that demands to be heard.

In the spirit of resilience and amplifying voices that too often go unheard, Jarrid Lee has chosen National Day for Truth & Reconciliation to announce his upcoming single, “I Don’t Back Down,” available on October 10, 2023. This is not a divergence from the sombre reflections of the day, but rather an extension of its core message—fusing music and storytelling as tools of enduring strength and transformation.

“If you ask me what National Day for Truth & Reconciliation means to me, I’ve got a simple answer for you:

I wouldn’t be here.

Simple as that. If my mom didn’t survive residential school, I wouldn’t be here.

-Jarrid Lee, Country Musician & Indigenous Artist

Lee’s signature style in country rock music offers a rugged yet heartening melody that parallels the lives and landscapes he sings about. An authentic and humble Indigenous creator, Jarrid crafts his songs with genuine country rock grit and plainspoken grace.

The track serves as an anthem for resilience, and the often painful love we bear for our origins. It harmonizes perfectly with Jarrid’s intimate Guest Blog. This isn’t just about pressing play; it’s about pressing for change. Pre-save “I Don’t Back Down” on all streaming platforms today. Amplify a voice that rises above the din, especially on a day dedicated to truth and reconciliation.

What Can You Do?

Pre-Order “I Don’t Back Down”: Make sure this important story reverberates in homes and hearts across the nation.
Read and Share the Blog: As soon as it’s published, Jarrid’s narrative will be essential reading. Pass it on to share the truth.
Engage on Social Media: Amplify Jarrid Lee’s cause with likes, shares, and comments. Use the hashtag #IDontBackDown and #TruthAndReconciliation to be part of this essential dialogue.

Engage, embrace, and echo the truth. It’s high time we all refuse to back down.

Jarrid Lee’s Achievements: A Showcase of Talent and Resilience

EPs & Albums:

  • Launched debut 5-song EP, ‘Up on Stage
  • Released full 6-song album ‘It’s Time,’ currently up for Album of the Year for 2023 through SaskMusic

Nominations & Awards:

  • Garnered 6 SCMA Nominations
  • Received 2 SaskMusic Nominations
  • Won Songwriters Award for “Small Town” through CKRM “Spirit of Saskatchewan”
  • It’s Time” album nominated for Summer Solstice Indigenous Music Awards for “Country Album of The Year” (June 6, 2023)
  • It’s Time” album up for EP of The Year at Josie Music Awards in Nashville, Tennessee (Oct 22, 2023, at the Grand Ol Opry)

Chart-Topping Songs:

  • Up on Stage” reached #1 on Sirius XM 165 The Indigiverse and Canadian Indie Country Countdown
  • Let’s Get Gone” peaked at #8 on Top 40 IMC, reaching audiences in Ireland and Australia
  • It’s Time” reached #6 on Top 40 IMC and was featured in Willie Littlechild’s presentation for Truth & Reconciliation of Canada to the United Nations as a symbol of hope
  • That’s How You Country” reached #1 on the Canadian Country Countdown

Media Appearances:

Additional Accolades:

  • Inducted into the MBC Hall of Fame for Real People Playoff with “Up on Stage
  • Song “Let’s Get Gone” featured world-renowned fiddle player Jake Clayton, who is also Tanya Tucker’s full-time fiddle player
  • Charted on Sirius XM CBC Country 171, spot #43
  • Charted on Country Thunder Radio in Australia top 30 countdown at #6
  • Debuted on Glasgow Country Radio in Ireland

For more information and latest updates on Jarrid Lee, please visit Jarrid’s Official Website.

Jarrid Lee
Jarrid Lee

About Jarrid Lee

If you find yourself captivated by the compelling narratives and soulful performances of artists like Don Amero, Brett Kissel, and Jason Benoit, then it’s time you let Jarrid Lee’s music grace your ears. Imagine the heartland storytelling of Prairie States meeting the emotive vocal depth of Chris Stapleton, or the relatable themes of Duane Steele juxtaposed with the infectious energy of Luke Bryan. That’s the evocative soundscape Jarrid crafts in his authentic country-rock anthems.

Proudly Plains Cree, Jarrid’s music is an evocative blend of country rock, rooted in both his Indigenous heritage and his unwavering love for hockey, his country, and his community. He crafts authentic anthems that resonate with resilience and a fierce will of intent, infusing every note with grit and earnest emotion.

With a growing catalogue that’s garnered him SCMA and SaskMusic nominations, not to mention chart-topping singles like “Up on Stage” and “That’s How You Country,” Jarrid Lee’s music is as real as it gets. Yet, his true essence lies in his humility. While his songs often blaze through the country rock airwaves, reaching as far as Australia and Ireland, he is a musician who would never claim the spotlight for himself. His work in advocacy speaks volumes, often serving as a rallying cry for social change, notably in the sphere of Indigenous rights.

Jarrid Lee is more than just a musician; he’s a voice for change—a soft-spoken luminary who would tell you he’s just doing what he loves. But make no mistake, his music has the power to touch souls and inspire a new wave of thinkers and changemakers. Listen, and you’ll understand why.

Follow Jarrid Lee and be part of a journey that melds melody, meaning, and an undying spirit of community.

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