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Indie-Folk Artist Jacob Everett Wallace Releases New Track “Wild Iron”

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Indie-Folk Artist Jacob Everett Wallace Releases New Track “Wild Iron” Indie-Folk Artist Jacob Everett Wallace Releases New Track “Wild Iron” Indie-Folk Artist Jacob Everett Wallace Releases New Track “Wild Iron”

Indie-Folk Artist Jacob Everett Wallace Releases New Track “Wild Iron”

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After a brief hiatus, the Oregon-based singer-songwriter returns with Americana-esque single that explores complexity.


Bend, OR (August 11, 2023) – Indie-Folk artist Jacob Everett Wallace is returning to the music scene with the release of his brand new single, “Wild Iron” available to stream on all platforms on Friday, August 11. “Wild Iron” explores complex ideas pertaining to freedom, community, purpose, and more. Wallace expresses emotions associated with breaking the mold of tradition and building a life for yourself away from the people you know and the place you once called home.


Too many irons in the fire
It’s a long way to reach
There’s no time for goodbyes
Just a moment left to grieve
All the things I’ve acquired
Turned into shackles choking me
I gotta be free, I gotta breathe
So I’m running wild, like wild iron

The Indie-Folk singer puts his storytelling skills to the test with this Americana tune, referencing freedom through motifs like being a “mustang,” a “maverick,” and a “wild iron.” Jacob Everett Wallace wants listeners to feel comforted in the notion that none of us know exactly where our paths may lead, but that fear of the unknown is part of what makes the journey exciting. The inspiration for this new track struck when Jacob suffered a hockey injury and was forced to stay home for a while to recover. It was the time spent re-connecting with family and community that made Jacob look at life from a new perspective while still staying true to his nonconformist ways. “Wild Iron” serves as a reminder that you can discover a true sense of home and stability by going back to your roots and slowing down once in a while to regain a stable foundation.

"Wild Iron" Cover Art
“Wild Iron” Cover Art

About Jacob Everett Wallace:

Jacob Everett Wallace is an independent singer-songwriter with a folk-forward sound that is carried by descriptive lyrics that carry listeners through complex stories of life and meaning. Wallace seeks the truth in anything he sets his mind to, including his work as a self-made entrepreneur, graphic designer, writer, songwriter, producer, audio engineer, and pastor. Originally from Texas, Wallace currently resides in Bend, Oregon. He has performed at all types of venues all over the US, as well as a few shows overseas. Charged with dynamic instrumentals and strong vocal range, Wallace endeavors to connect to listeners on a personal level with the music he creates. Wallace currently has two EPs under his belt, and is adding to his discography with his latest release “Wild Iron,” now available for streaming on all platforms!

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