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Claire Reneé to Launch Long-Awaited EP: Journal Entries 1-4

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Claire Reneé to Launch Long-Awaited EP: Journal Entries 1-4 Claire Reneé to Launch Long-Awaited EP: Journal Entries 1-4 Claire Reneé to Launch Long-Awaited EP: Journal Entries 1-4

Claire Reneé to Launch Long-Awaited EP: Journal Entries 1-4

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The LA-based musician releases 4-track project today

LOS ANGELES, CA (September 29, 2023) – Rising R&B artist Claire Reneé is dropping her new EP, Journal Entries 1-4, today. The release is composed of four emotionally-charged singles that inspire and resonate with listeners of all genres.


Stay Away – Produced by Jaye Locke; Co-produced by Sean Silverman

Sadder Days – Produced by Jaye Locke; Co-produced by Silas Wong

Waste My Time – Produced by Jaye LockeI

Don’t Wanna Wait – Produced by Sam Hoffman and Claire Reneé

Journal Entries 1-4 flows through various life scenarios and circumstances that lead us to express ourselves in some way. Thoughts, emotions, and experiences are backed by unique emotions, often helping us to navigate through love, relationships, and figuring out who we are.
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Journal entries can reveal so much about the past, whether that is looking back on a challenge you overcame or realizing how stuck you were in that moment of struggle Looking back on dated words is a bittersweet moment of pride that makes you realize your inner strength and determination to carry on.”

Claire Reneé, R&B Singer

Journaling has always been a nostalgic passion for Claire. Each entry represents one point in time, and if you look back on your words while in another chapter of your life, the things you can uncover are awe-striking. Claire Reneé created each song and melody, pouring her soul into each sentiment. Each track on the EP will have a corresponding lyric video, and eventually a music video – so stay tuned!

‘I Don’t Wanna Wait’ allowed me to question the notion that everything has to a cosmic sign or message for a person or moment to be meant for you. External ideas, forced timelines, and projections don’t need to be a part of your timeline.”

Claire Reneé, R&B Singer


I don’t need to wait for a spaceship to arrive
Message in the clouds
Light rays beaming from the sky
I don’t wanna wait for
A perfect moment in time
My life is not a movie
I’m just trynna get mine

About Claire Reneé:

Claire Reneé is a classically trained dancer who sings from the soul. Singing a combination of R&B, soul, jazz, and pop while being heavily influenced by hip-hop, this singer/songwriter’s raspy yet graceful vocals, along with her unique harmonies, always provide an incredible vibe and sound. This multi-talented artist has quite a unique background. Claire began dancing at the early age of 4 and trained at highly esteemed dance schools such as The Dance Theater of Harlem and Alvin Ailey. Her natural ear for music and performance led her to study at Berklee College of Music and The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music.

Claire Reneé’s recently released nine-track album “Wings” is inspired by relationships and how we cope with both the beautiful and challenging sides of it, touching on certain experiences that help us navigate these situations.

Claire confides, “The human experience encompasses lots of different emotions. There may be some anger, sadness, clarity, visits from spirit guides, and even epiphanies. We lead out by honoring that we want to change or see a change in our lives. That includes doing work on ourselves while reminding ourselves we will always push through and even find our Wings. Getting to the other side brings light and even empathy to the very same ones who hurt you, couldn’t show up for you, or wronged you in the past.” Claire’s recently released single “Sadder Days” as well as her newest song “Waste My Time” are now available for streaming on all platforms!

Claire’s EP, Journal Entries 1-4, is out today! Stay tuned for all updates and announcements via Claire’s social media paces linked below.

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