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Detective Frog

Detective Frog, press shot
Detective Frog, press shot


Three strangers met by chance at a desert crossroads on a sanguine night. The resulting jam session became the humble beginnings of the greatest garage rock trio the world has ever seen. Ricky Business, lyrical genius and drummer extraordinaire. Bill Lizard, a guitarist so good they made him play bass. Jacob Riddle, writer of songs, shredder of axes, and vocalist renegade. Their powers collided to create a perfect storm of catchy riffs, harmonic melodies, progressive rhythms, and unbridled human coolness. Also, they’re really hot.

Detective Frog’s sonic influences center around garage and desert rock bands of the early 00’s. Most notable are The Misfits, Audioslave, and Queens of the Stone Age.


Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Genre: Garage/Desert Rock
FFO: Queens of the Stone Age, The White Stripes, The Misfits