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One Hundred Moons


Headline: ONE HUNDRED MOONS is a Toronto-based psychedelic band that has emerged in  the Canadian music scene. Comprising of four members – Collin Young, Jen Vella, Justin Hunt, and NJ Borreta – this quartet crafts ethereal compositions that take listeners on a mesmerizing sonic journey. Their music is characterized by cascading walls of reverb drenched guitars, enchanting vocals, and hypnotic rhythms. Drawing inspiration from both the shoegaze luminaries of the past and the electronic experimentation of the future, ONE HUNDRED MOONS paints a vast textured soundscape.

Formed in the heart of Toronto’s eclectic music community, 2021 saw them unleash their immersive live experience. In the world of post-rock, they stand out from the crowd immediately, pushing the boundaries of what the genre can achieve.

ONE HUNDRED MOONS invites you to join them on a cosmic journey through their otherworldly melodies and introspective lyrics. Prepare to be spellbound by the atmospheric compositions that linger in your mind long after the last note fades.


Location: Toronto, Ontario
Genre: Shoegaze, Dream Pop, Post-Rock, Psychedelic
FFO: My Bloody Valentine, Portishead, Slowdive, Radiohead, PJ Harvey, Explosions in the Sky, Mono