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Creature Creature


 Headline: Headline: Brighton’s Creature Creature, an alt-rock/punk force, emerged with a fervor to shake up the music scene. Comprised of Scully (lyrics/vocals), Zeus (guitar), Seb Cole (keyboard/backing vocals), Dave Cobley (bass), and Matt Hill (drums), they debuted with Two Finger Tantrum in 2020. Despite a pandemic-induced setback, they’ve shown remarkable resilience, channeling their energy into their upcoming Tommy Gleeson produced EP, “The Noise,” born of a collaboration with Billy Lunn. Renowned for a dynamic sound that draws from diverse influences like Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes to Royal Blood, their music is a rich tapestry of modern beats and old-school rock. Notably, Creature Creature’s affinity for cinema permeates their work, with tracks like “Video Nasty” and “No Time To Die”. Lauded for their captivating live performances, they are poised for a resurgence, their narrative marked by perseverance, innovation and a compelling fusion of music with undying resolve.


Location: Brighton, England
Genre: Alt-Rock, Alt-Punk
FFO: Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Royal Blood, IDLES, Dinosaur Pile-Up