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Indie-Folk Artist Lewis Turner Launch Debut Album “Of Fibre and Fixes”

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Indie-Folk Artist Lewis Turner Launch Debut Album “Of Fibre and Fixes” Indie-Folk Artist Lewis Turner Launch Debut Album “Of Fibre and Fixes” Indie-Folk Artist Lewis Turner Launch Debut Album “Of Fibre and Fixes”

Indie-Folk Artist Lewis Turner Launch Debut Album “Of Fibre and Fixes”

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The Colorado-based musician releases his 9-track Americana album, creating an endless wave of emotion.

Fort Collins, CO (August 21, 2023) – Indie-Folk artist Lewis Turner officially drops his debut album “Of Fibre and Fixes” on August 21st. The record features 9 tracks, two of which Turner has already released as singles. “Of Fibre and Fixes” showcases Lewis’ vast and evolving range as both a musician and deeply-rooted storyteller. The tracks on this record are seamlessly intertwined, each tune possessing its own unique sonic fingerprint. The album as a whole creates an endless wave of emotion that carries listeners through a journey of growth and change.

These songs are a timestamp of a very specific point in my life. My lyrics describe and reflect various themes, one in particular being ‘the unknown.’ I find myself falling back into cycles in life and relationships, and the album itself is a representation of this forever ebbing and flowing pattern.”
— Lewis Turner, Indie-Folk Artist

From soul-stirring ballads to foot-tapping Americana-infused rhythms, the album invites listeners to explore the intricate layers of Lewis’ musical evolution. At times, a haunting eeriness lingers, casting a beguiling spell that draws listeners into introspective realms. In other moments, a lush fullness envelops the music, surrounding the listener in a warm embrace of harmonies and arrangements.

It’s one thing to write a song but bringing a song to life is a whole different animal. The fascinating thing about making music is hearing what people connect to and resonate with. I’m excited to hear what comes through for the listeners, and how that feedback will help me grow as an artist. The collective experience we all share in being human is what makes music meaningful.
— Lewis Turner, Indie-Folk Artist


Production and mastering by Tyler Lindgren

Strings by Russick Smith

Lead guitar by Steven Beck

Mixing by Andrew Berlin (of Gregory Alan Isakov)

About the album:

Lewis Turner’s album, “Of Fibre and Fixes,” embodies a captivating fusion of diverse genres that colors his musical upbringing. Drawing inspiration from Turner’s eclectic musical palette, the album weaves a tapestry of soulful melodies, evoking a sense of nostalgia and depth within each track.

Of Fibre and Fixes” took shape during the formative years of Turner’s adolescence amidst a life-changing sailing voyage across the Pacific Ocean. As a teenager on the cusp of adulthood, Turner found himself grappling with profound questions of the unknown and the role identity plays in what makes us unique.

Turner’s experiences of sailing against the backdrop of endless horizons naturally wove themselves into the fabric of the folk-like melodies that define this project. “Of Fibre and Fixes” became a vessel through which Turner channeled his innermost thoughts, emotions, and uncertainties.

Under the guidance of producer and multi-instrumentalist Tyler Lindgren, each track evolved into a canvas on which the raw emotions and contemplations of teenage years were expressed. The layers and melodies within the album depict the waves of Turner’s nautical odyssey.

This album stands as both a reflection of Turner’s personal path through the tumultuous waters of adolescence and a chronicle of his encounters with the enigmatic aspects of life. The record invites listeners to embark on their own “introspective sail,” guided by the rhythmic currents of identity, doubt, and the quest for understanding.

Mixer Andrew Berlin enriched the album with his meticulous touch, unraveling and shaping the delicate nuances within each composition. Berlin’s craftsmanship created a sonic landscape that allowed the raw human themes to take center stage, providing listeners with an opportunity to immerse themselves fully in the album’s introspective atmosphere.

About Lewis Turner:

Lewis Turner’s musical style is a fluid blend of Folk and Americana, steeped in story-telling lyrics and grounded with harmonic instrumentals that ease the soul. Born and raised in Fort Collins, Colorado, Turner grew up listening to artists like Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Brandi Carlile, and Joni Mitchell, all inspirations for Turner’s journey as a professional musician. Turner made his official debut as a singer-songwriter with the release of his first single ‘Get Out Of My Head’ in November 2019. This release helped Turner gain local, national, and then global recognition, amassing over half a million streams by early-2020. Lewis is a passionate live performer, with a soulful voice that captivates audiences. He was a finalist in Sonic Spotlight 2021, where his infectious songs earned him airtime on 105.5 The Colorado Sound and a live set at Washington’s, an iconic Fort Collins venue. And as of Summer 2023, Turner was selected out of over 420 applicants as a Finalist in the Planet Bluegrass Songwriter Showcase, making him one of the youngest contestants in the 25-year history of the competition.

Turner has found his niche within the Indie-Folk genre and is about to release his debut 9-track studio album, “Of Fibre and Fixes.” The record just officially launched on August 21 and is now available to stream on all platforms. Stay tuned for all of Lewis Turner’s updates and announcements as he continues to rise within the Colorado music scene and beyond!

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