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For the Dreamers: Lone Kodiak’s Latest Single “Let’s Hear It For The Kid” Drops Today

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For the Dreamers: Lone Kodiak’s Latest Single “Let’s Hear It For The Kid” Drops Today For the Dreamers: Lone Kodiak’s Latest Single “Let’s Hear It For The Kid” Drops Today For the Dreamers: Lone Kodiak’s Latest Single “Let’s Hear It For The Kid” Drops Today

For the Dreamers: Lone Kodiak’s Latest Single “Let’s Hear It For The Kid” Drops Today

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Experience the Raw, Defiant Power of Lone Kodiak’s Tribute to Creatives and Risk-Takers

[LOS ANGELES, August 18, 2023]Lone Kodiak celebrates the release of their exhilarating new single, “Let’s Hear It For The Kid,” out today. It’s the second single from the East LA quartet since their triumphant return to form with “Corner Booth”, released last month on July 7th. Fresh off the buzz of that offering, this latest track salutes the underdogs and dreamers who dare to defy societal norms and expectations.

Born from a late-stage creative process and influenced by iconic bands like Pixies and Dinosaur Jr., “Let’s Hear It For The Kid” marks a thrilling divergence from Lone Kodiak’s typically refined sound. The raw and rebellious single is an invigorating blend of anarchy and joy, with a pulverizing intro, captivating hooks, and an innovative in-studio distortion that signals a new direction for the band.

Lone Kodiak "Let's Hear It For The Kid" single artwork
Lone Kodiak “Let’s Hear It For The Kid” single artwork. Art credit: Paul Villalobos (@crypt_keeperr)

Lead singer, lyricist, and guitarist Dainéal Parker describes the song as a mix of storytelling, a rallying cry, and crowd work. With the vocal styles of Elvis, Johnny Cash, and Prince serving as inspiration, the lyrics weave an engaging narrative of a maverick’s journey, encapsulating a spirit of risk-taking and relentless pursuit of passion.


Let’s hear it for the kid who is smart but gets bad grades, who is talented but disorganized, who is creative but unfocused, who works hard but burns out quickly, who drops out, quits, runs away, and despite the risk, starts something new in pursuit of what could very much be pure fantasy.”

-Dainéal Parker, Guitarist/Vocalist


“Let’s Hear It For The Kid” is a testament to Lone Kodiak’s versatile musical talent. Produced by Kyle Mangels and recorded at Big Bad Sound in Los Angeles, the band’s latest release is set to be a milestone in their musical journey.

Join Lone Kodiak in celebrating the release of “Let’s Hear It For The Kid” today, and stay tuned for more exciting news about their upcoming projects.


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The band teamed up with Canadian Beats Media to share an exclusive first listen of their highly anticipated single “The Corner Booth” on July 6, a track that showcases their signature blend of immense punch and enchanting tonal tapestries.

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Reviewing the latest single from the band, this UK outlet said: “Emotional and powerful, ‘The Corner Booth’ is a magnitude of exquisite musicianship and arousing songwriting. Intimate and accessible while also lavish and anthemic. Lone Kodiak’s raw energy and rich melodies demand you take notice.” – Amy

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Their release also got picked up as a news story on several outlets, including Zone Nights and V13 Media.

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About Lone Kodiak

There’s something singular about Lone Kodiak.

Founded by Portland natives Dainéal Parker (vocals, guitars) and Daniel Alden (bass), the group found revelation with the inclusion of their drummer, Josh Harris. Drawing inspiration from iconic bands like The Cure, Hum, The Smashing Pumpkins, Explosions In The Sky, and Deftones, the group embarked on a creative journey during the pandemic, molding a distinct sonic identity that has marked them out as the next new act to watch.

Whether trying to nail down their sound or find another group as hardworking as them, the band stands alone as their namesake would against a barren backdrop. And, of course, the East LA outfit doesn’t fit in with the pomp and bluster of the Hollywood rock scene, unconcerned as they are with clout, glory, or grandeur.

The quartet (with guitarist Ben Palmer squaring the circle) combines the grit of East LA with the sublime wildness of the Pacific Northwest – a group that is at once solitary, capable, dangerous, and self-assured.

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